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  2. I don't believe you

    I can't even fathom the mind of god. Since there is no set god, and not proof of it, and every religion has its own idea of it. It's more a philosophical question than a science based one. Since there isn't a set idea of god then no one know god, which means people are just making it up. If you can't define god, then why do people define god? If god can not be know, why do people claim to know? I mean who think of stuff like this?
  3. right, the boobs thing bugs a lot of people, patterson was arrested for the camera theft. seems davis made that gif you like but when it was made it was to show the creature as real but it had the reverse effect and a lot of believers in the pgf jumped like a rat from a sinking ship, it screams man in fur suit, with silly diaper butt. its a fun enigma here, people see what they want to see. a few people one really good ( belvin ? ) made suits, not to copy the video but rather show any movement is fake hair, padding, etc, one used only stuff you could get back them and is a bf believer he just thinks the film is a ridiculous fake, my biggest point is and i say believe in bigfoot all you want but think twice about betting the farm the pgf is a real creature or basing your belief on this film, like i dont base opinions on eye witness or tracks both are too weak and faulty.
  4. I don't believe you

    Nope. My brother-in-law says I'm much more than that.
  5. I don't believe you

    You sinner
  6. I don't believe you

    Oh come now Sheri darling. Look at all the proof. You've seen it. Surely a person such as myself barely has any working brain cells. Since I can not possible comprehend anything at all ever. I mean what the hell have I been doing all this time. (that's sarcasm) How dare I even question such spiritual masters?
  7. I don't believe you

    You too, lol.
  8. Our cops use 40s. 9s don't stop dope fiends. Nor cougars, that's if you can hit them. I carried a 45LC as a cop and a cowboy. Nothing charged about it. I told you how I felt as a former ranch outrider. Somebody knows that territory well. Whether it's cowboy, rock hound or geologist. Those are valuable geodes and that fence looked well treated. Next question. On the Apache Cave video. When did we start using acrylic enamel?
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    And according to the islanders' right to self determination. Anyway, completely irrelevant to the point EMM made unless someone was tried for treason in the US during that conflict. Can't imagine they were as you had no part in it.
  10. I don't believe you

    Oh stop pretending.
  11. I don't believe you

    Why do you say that?
  12. I do not do facebook, but i can imagine a whole bunch of people going a bit crazy if facebook went off line. I think they should remove it for month and see how people evolve in that short space of time, but they must not tell them it would go back online. But i do not think it will make much difference in the long run, there will be the initial panic then people will sign up elsewhere.
  13. I don't believe you

    I've come to the conclusion due to the past couple of pages that I must be an epic moron. Yep, a bonafide idiot.
  14. I don't believe you

    Oh, knock it off Will, you are only a legend of the pulpit kind in your own mind. Lol
  15. I don't believe you

    Help yourself.
  16. I don't believe you

    When? About four or five posts ago, because the poster didn't state that in the post I commented on.. I assumed the poster was reacting to comments by others, if so why not address the comments directly?
  17. I see the suit moving as the man walks and swings his arms. How can you possibly see muscles flexing? As he turns round to look at his friend the suit turns too, hence the part between the neck and shoulder blades move too. There are no signs of muscles moving.
  18. Now we need to cull Facebook from the Net.
  19. I don't believe you

    Preaches Will...
  20. Religion versus Fiction

    It was fun to review the old thread (and hand out some deserved but delayed likes and laughs - better late than never). Welcome, too, to the adult swim, S v. S, rather than the kiddie pool, S, R & B, where the old thread appeared. I'm not getting the double standard which concerns you. Fiction acknowledged as such by both the author and the reader is a different category of effort than (what a typical atheist would call) fiction or mythology both offered and received as history or other truthful revelation. I think there are some atheists who find Gospel-Acts just fine when viewed as mythology. Maybe you personally don't like fiction, or recent fiction, or the mystery genre, etc etc, but those judgments don't follow systematically from disliking religious works. Even if they do follow from some general principle for you ("I dislike everything except non-fiction and post-enlightenment but pre-1970 fiction"), why couldn't another atheist have different tastes?
  21. I don't believe you

    He said "everyone here"
  22. Odd shadow

    Yes, there were. To respect their privacy I'll only be posting cropped/adjusted versions of the photo already posted and one other that is very similar, but won't post the one they sent me showing others. But yes, there were at least a few other people in an adjacent room. IIRC (I'll recheck this when I refind the USB..) none had obviously dark clothing. I'll be commenting on that when I finally get back to offer a short summary of what I found. To summarise that summary , there just isn't enough information to be sure what it was. It does look strange, and my best guess is a person or persons in shadow and/or wearing dark clothes and with dark hair, but I'll be perfectly honest - I find it very hard to identify the shapes. So.. Unexplained. Yay! Kudos to the photographer and the OP for the way they were extremely forthcoming with information and photos, all of which were good quality - what a change from the norm that was!!!
  23. I don't believe you

    He can disagree all he wants. He is nothing compared to our almighty isseM.
  24. I don't believe you

    Click here. Harte
  25. I don't believe you

    With such fine examples such as yourself and a few others. I see no motivation to become an "enlightened" being. Too much work maintaining a false positive and my belief perseverance isn't strong enough for it. Plus I don't feel like pretending I know "god".
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