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  2. Overdueleaf

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    crescent moon rising silver tipped needles pierce air heaven's tears rain down
  3. Goddess of the Mist

    Grizzly bear kills soundgathering musician

    I learned to be very wary of bears after living in Alaska. I didn't go out there without my bear mace. Now I live in Florida and there are plenty of black bear. Some are skinny which makes me think they must be hungry!
  4. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Here's what Hanukkah is pixiii. It occurs around the same time as Christmas but is a whole different celebration. They don't celebrate the birth of Christ as they view him as a prophet and not the messiah. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanukkah
  5. Hammerclaw

    Grizzly bear kills soundgathering musician

    Bears don't have to be provoked; they just have to be curious and/or hungry. Solo journeys into the wild are fraught with potential dangers. One becomes part of and subject to the ecosystem and it's denizens aren't aware that we are suppose to be the paragon of animals and lords of creation. I'm sorry for the poor chap, to have such a beautiful adventure end so tragically and horrifically.
  6. Thing is, maybe alien civilizations have been sending signals for years and years, thing is maybe we do not have the technology to pick up/understand those signals. Maybe there are there but we can't detect them. Who knows right? Like others have said, even tho we could pick up something positive the distance...the ol' mighty distance, it ruins pretty much everything. It would be fascinating tho.
  7. pixiii


    Thanks for the update @Robotic Jew is that for the nypost one too, do you know offhand?
  8. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Good point Michelle, I think perhaps when I thought of Jewish people, I think of the little hats some Jewish people wear in the movies and tv shows. But I don't think all Jewish people wear those, so for all I know, my neighbour could be Jewish and just doesn't wear a little hat! Oh that's lovely about the Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas. I actually just learn what Hanukkah meant by your post! Thankyou!
  9. lost_shaman

    Climate Change is a Hoax

    Climate Emergencies: Tree rings make bad thermometers, The Roman Warm period, the Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age, raw U.S. Temperature data, the Pause, Current Global Temps falling during an El Nino. Yes Climate Emergencies abound!
  10. Robotic Jew


  11. 81% left over, and as I mentioned the 9% isn't filtered for kooks, misinterpretation and exaggeration. The true number is smaller. I'd say that leaves a lot of wiggle room for interpretation. Why do so few experience this phenomenon if its a human condition? Anything genuinely anomalous will stand out regardless. Hallucinations aren't considered so special when not part of the death process. It seems ridiculous to elevate that due to superstition.
  12. Your second link worked perfectly for me. I see the "waffle patterns" but as you said, they looked like other sampling errors I've seen.
  13. He'll be replaced with a dummy mummy.
  14. Well there is more than one inconvenient mummy in China. And if the tomb of the 'Greatest Chinese Emperor' of them all contained an inconvenient mummy...better that they don't open it as to not take that chance.(opinion)
  15. stereologist

    The Band of Holes - New Information!

    Here is a cool thing - giant writing on the sea floor http://www.googlesightseeing.com/2009/01/weirdness-on-the-ocean-floor/
  16. You should know? I or Tony, have posted plenty of graphs, to support his claims from gov, sites!
  17. stereologist

    The Band of Holes - New Information!

    Abitofanerd, all you have to do is to copy the URL line and paste that into the message. That captures the coordinates and the zoom level.
  18. Why would that be troubling? They've faked artifacts before. If you get an inconvenient mummy, the state just makes up an excuse and runs in a ringer.
  19. Graves were involved. My ancestors. Reburials turn into a zoo. Having grave goods laying around the library also upset the grandchildren.
  20. hacktorp

    Whistle Blower Leaks Googles Political Bias

    ^^Those are a lot of words that unfortunately make very little sense. I'm sorry that you are offended someone might suggest Google could face antitrust action, but this is a very widely-discussed topic at the moment (all dated today): States to Move Forward With Antitrust Probe of Big Tech Firms https://www.wsj.com/articles/attorneys-general-to-move-forward-with-antitrust-probe-of-big-tech-11566247753 The Justice Department is working with states on tech investigation, antitrust chief says https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20814033/justice-department-makan-delrahim-tech-facebook-google-antitrust-law-states HUGE GROUP OF STATES CONSIDERING ANTITRUST PROBE OF FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, AMAZON, AND APPLE https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/08/tech-antitrust-investigation-state-attorney-general Maybe it was my use of the word "utility" that has you all hot and bothered, but that, too, is being used to describe Google by many people who are aware of what is being looked into concerning big tech firms. You seem to take this Google stuff personally...that's great; I'm glad for your devotion to them. But try not to get too attached to Google...with their ties to the Chinese, they will not only get investigated for antitrust violations...but espionage as well. And who ever told you that you have no other options for internet provider? There are literally hundreds to choose from.
  21. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Just saw this Tiggs. So they do have to file a passenger manifest and all the passport numbers?
  22. Piney

    The Mooch is best mates with the Clintons

    He's a bloody idiot.......
  23. Manwon Lender

    3 mass shootings allegedly thwarted

    It also possible that his threatening statement was like a suicide note not meant to be found until after the fact. However according to the link you posted, he had been threatening that community center for sometime, his last threat was just the straw that broke the camels back. But you are right at this point he has ruined his life, because he is going to be tried for hie actions. You see in the links I posted these threats are Federal Crimes. Which if found guilty of he will lose many of his civil rights. One of which is the right to own a firearm legally which will make his day I am sure. I think in the end his smile will turn into a frown. Oh and by the way, it appears you don't like to open links but here is one really worth reading. https://www.heritage.org/the-constitution/report/true-threats-and-the-limits-first-amendment-protection
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