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  2. I like to use "timeless."
  3. Made it around the sun 56 times so far.
  4. However old you think I am, I'm probably older than that.
  5. I'm nosey hold old are you both? I was trying to help a bride to be in a Facebook group I'm in, she was looking for a certain shoe style
  6. I had to actually put head to desk for that one.
  7. hahahaha that's rich. Got to remember that one
  8. Bad weather is causing delays and disruptions to train services in the Münster/Westphalia area. Please listen for further announcements.
  9. You don't know who Lovecraft is? We can't even chat anymore. Be gone.
  10. One test is do they think Lovecraft is love magic? I'm like...dude..just no.
  11. I'm still waiting for someone older than me to show up. I will say there are more people closer to my age here than most forums. Or maybe we just gravitate together?
  12. Well, that's my name.
  13. Yeah angels cause more problems because there are so many rules to being good. Much easier to sow chaos.
  14. You know all my references. It makes me not feel old.
  15. Yeah, I really wondered if I dreamt it. I had to look up the schedule.
  16. One of my favorite episodes. To serve man!
  17. She’s a reptilian of taste.
  18. Hey someone has to shut her up
  19. Also true That really would be creepy. Twilight zone stuff.
  20. What an extrordinary child you were...I admire you. I would say you were destined to be exceptionally and extrodinarly a higher being from the begining Mr Walker, Chosen to be a Teacher or Leader..To help guide other people maybe less fortunate than yourself....Well done you...
  21. It's a cookbook!
  22. This show I watched had a great story arc where these creatures set up clinics and cured cancer and all manner of diseases just so they could purify the food source. I thought sure enough that's the way it would be.
  23. Well obviously they don't. They just implicate the people around him in his campaign. I personally don't believe Trump colluded with the Russians. I think he's a moron and I think Putin thinks he is a moron too. You want to ruin a company or a country? Put a moron in charge. You don't collude with morons, you collude with their caretakers. That's the result I was expecting to see from this investigation and so far I haven't been disappointed.
  24. No no...I checked the schedule. It was actually on. I fell asleep with the TV on and woke up to the market scene.
  25. Mine is gagged often. Plus some people you wouldn't want to touch
  26. Whether this is an apparition or not, the image of the lady wearing blue seems to show she is standing on the rug in front of the doors. You can see the image fade away towards the floor but her 'feet' would be on the rug/carpet towards the far side of it from camera position. I don’t see her has crammed into the corner.
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