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  2. Climate change protesters Rebel in the UK

    Well he may have 10 years. I doubt it though.
  3. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I wasn't claiming anything...only asking you for more information. If you haven't any, that's okay. I still like you.
  4. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Oh, but is that good enough for those who are straining so hard to prove they're so much more than just people?
  5. Climate change protesters Rebel in the UK

    I wonder what it is exactly that people expect a government to do about the climate changing?
  6. Assange to be kicked out of London embassy

    Assange is not only psychotic, but so too an egregious international traitor. His actions directly and severely harmed the intelligence communities of many nations. What was his intent? What was his goal? Surely not journalistic, because "journalists protect sources" and he clearly obliterated that. So, Assange is an international traitor.
  7. Mysticism Help Needed

    I guess seeing the light tend to make people a little strange.
  8. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    eclipse -> preemption
  9. Notre-Dame cathedral

    Likewise it takes extreme naivety and willful blindness to not consider it a possibility.
  10. Creme Egg 'addict' has tattoo on her back

    Since I don't want to sound gay...no comment
  11. Word Association from the Last Letter

    life -> embryo
  12. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    All right, this was strange. edit: Apparently, I can't respond to quoted posts of others. Well, fine. I'll do without quoting. @DieChecker I don't think Mueller missed anything. I also don't think it will be possible to misinterpret it or sweep it under the rug for much longer. Time will tell if I was too optimistic. @hacktorp Oh, come on. Claiming you can't notice any Russian propaganda effort for Trump must be humiliating. If I was trying to save Trump's political case, I'd go with explaining how Russians are your true allies, not with claiming you can't see freaking kozačok dancing elephant in the room.
  13. General tournament chat

    You should be able to get your password resent to your Email address. Most sites have an "I forgot my Password" link.
  14. Either Creme Eggs are getting sweeter or I am.
  15. Word Association from the Last Letter

    thrill -> life
  16. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    I hate latest fashion people ...... why can't people just be people?
  17. Mysticism Help Needed

    You are right. It seems he has seen the light . . . . Of the number 47 bus and it got him right between the eyes.
  18. Me too, and maybe the point was missed by the interviewer that the Paris Hilton news was exactly that, ignoring the important stuff and distracting as many as possible from reality.
  19. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    That is very dishonest. Then you need think of perception before you speak. We don’t know that. We know that Russia was probably one of the hackers. At this point it may not matter if it was Hilary’s server or the DNC? It’s like blood in the water, eventually every shark takes a nibble. If someone got into Hilary’s server, that probably provided a way into the DNC server. I thought you just said that Trump wasn’t giving orders? Anyone not afflicted by TDS knew that was sarcasm. Good then remember that. Hardly. He’s a bull in a china closet for sure. But he wouldn’t have built an empire if he was a moron. Only people that have an irrational hatred of him would think that.
  20. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    morning is wiser dawn light allows no hiding place for the foolish
  21. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    I would have thought my point was clear. Read my post again ... I'm not arguing - others are - about democracy in the UK. What exactly are they talking about when they invoke the word? Or say that democracy in Britain is, or isn't, dead?
  22. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    JHK writes some pretty good stuff sometimes...and this paragraph jumps out as both graphic and entertaining: An Empire of Bullsh!t https://kunstler.com/cluster****-nation/an-empire-of-bull****/ Tofu fried in olestra...eeeew!
  23. ouija ouija

    Anybody seen acute today? :lol:

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    2. acute


      The moral is..... Turn it off & on again.

    3. acute


      Oh... I still can't post an update (you'll all be pleased to know)

    4. XenoFish


      No, I'm afraid I haven't seen Acute. 

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