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  2. Stop eating so much Corn Flakes. It might help you to not look so foolish and make it clear you haven't got a clue.
  3. I kind of remember that, and if I remember correctly, some doofus paid big, big money for it. I weep for humanity.
  4. I guess I've stuck too closely to Japanese anime to really get into that sorta thing. It's a different world over there. With anime you simply have the original characters. There aren't any alternate renditions. Rather than rebooting with alternative versions of this and that, they just extend the series on forever and ever. That isn't without it's own problems, but you get what I mean. The original characters don't ever change. Lol, two other series I don't care for either. Partly for the same reasons. Really now? I don't keep up with any American comics so I wouldn't know. I really only know all that I do about super heroes because my dad was super into them. They were never my thing. I really only care for the MCU, and a few other blockbusters, but beyond that I don't really care. I have heard however the controversies over SJWs entering the comic book world and hitting it big time. It's a real shame. I blame a lot of the problems of the new Star Wars on SJWs infecting the series as well.
  5. Paranormal Experiences Come From Another Dimension, Claims Scientist
  6. I'll be take points off your man card for this.
  7. You're a racist because it's all you talk about. Every one of your posts are written to imply that you are superior and shows how well the brainwashing has worked in your case. You are the definition of intolerance.
  8. Yup been reading westerns now for 63 years, and i am sure they have influenced my own code Even joined a pistol club and learned short gun safety, as well as accurate shooting out to 50 metres (all shots in the head or body centre) just in case. Never needed it but had it if needed. Grew up with long guns; shooting hunting and trapping from pre teen years, to supplement family food supplies
  9. So this is because I pointed out that Kellog's racist views are in the Urantia Book?
  10. I'm here, by the way. Let's dance!
  11. Oh, really? How am I brainwashed if I went to a Quaker seminary, studied Tendai Buddhism and was trained by a Lenape "Wisdom Keeper" and how am I a racist if all I hang out with is 2 Amish guys, a Russian Jew and a Irish Presbyterian Minister?
  12. Praise god and pass me the ammunition My personal understanding is that god expects us to use our talents and to take responsibility for ourselves, including our behaviours. It is a good question but i can only answer it from a personal perspective eg i maintain insurance on everything, and while we had guns primarily because it was a farm. i also saw them as a form of insurance Insurance has helped us survive financially, but god also provides in many different ways such as physically and emotionally, giving power strength, courage, and taking away anger fear depression etc. He is the only external powerful entity who can guide protect, and teach you, with the knowldge wisdom and power of a god. Living with my wife, and both elderly and young people under my protection, and a long time from any outside help I saw it as my responsibility to be able to protect all of us. Apart form snakes there are few land animals in Aust dangerous to humans, but there is always danger on a remote rural property from weirdos and just opportunist thieves etc. We had 4 to 6 dogs most of our time and they deterred many night time callers, who drove up without lights, but took off when the dogs started up
  13. Is there only one book on that subject?
  14. Spoken by a well brainwashed reverse racist.
  15. Eh, there's the core elements that get reinterpreted. But it's not much different than Doctor Who or James bond. Everyone has their favorite. Except lately Marvel has just decided to say screw it and throw out the parts people like and make everyone act like complete psychos. DC did that for a year or two then course corrected. Marvel made their flagship characters active psycho killers then blamed their falling sales on SJWs.
  16. I hope it's all going well, but you missed a prime opportunity. Had you let Likely Guy steal you van, he would've had to do the cleaning out. Then, when he was done, you could've stolen it back.
  17. You, who promote a book from a extinct UFO cult, and read nothing else are talking about brainwashing? "If you read a book, and don't read any other books to prove or disprove what was written, you might as well not read the book at all" Emma Peaslee Engle Your either trying to restart the Urantia Cult or your power of reason is that shot out and you are "self brainwashed".
  18. Depends on the atheist, that's not what I said. Read it again. I said new atheism is supported by knowledge and it is. All the sciences support the conclusion of a natural universe, not a created one.
  19. Well this arises from a need of people to go along the mainstream flock, that is the way of zen existance that makes life warm and fuzzy. Ideas and worldviews slowly and gradually implanted into minds from various trumpets of propaganda orchestra become a norm of living and anyone questioning this norms becomes a weirdo - so that's pretty simple alright.
  20. That's the only kind of losing I will acknowledge.
  21. So what, that's instinct. Ultrasound, with frequencies higher than those the average person can hear, may enhance seed germination. Experiments on chrysanthemums suggest that audible sound can alter levels of growth hormones in cells. What's more, the roots of maize seedlings appear to turn towards sounds at a certain frequency. Researchers in Korea have also found that some frequencies increase the expression of some genes. Now top that off with the fact we exhale carbon dioxide, which is what pants thrive on. Might plants react favourably to our attentions? Sure but I'm not seeing mystery there. I see plenty of valid explanation.
  22. No although that would help recreate a natural and balanced ecosystem on earth Heaven is a human concpet and thus dependent human perception for the conditions to be fulfilled If your mind believes oyu are living in conditions which fulfil those you believe to exist in heaven, then you are living in heaven.
  23. That's dumb. Good thing I'm not emotionally invested in the character. Kinda hard to get emotionally invested anyways, considering there's a billion and one different versions of him. It's the same with every superhero essentially. There essentially is no character since it's constantly being rebooted with changes. That's about all there is to know. The rest will change in the next reboot.
  24. The Hee bee Jeebees one? Yeah, that was tight.
  25. Yeah, everyone wants a mummy they're seeing to be a pharaoh or a royal in general. In almost all cases, that's not going to be the case.
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