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  2. Well the demise of morals and sanity follows nicely the rise of atheism and demise of religion. Nothing new under the sun in historical terms. The civilization is dying and Dawkins is singing like the Nero was singing watching the Rome burning.
  3. it is obscure, I saw it listed as taken in as evidence. Some Maid movie in which the heroine commits suicide the same way allegedly. idk. this is just a sad case and nobody wins. No matter what, nobody wins.
  4. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  5. One more day this week so off to bed. You all have a good night.
  6. Yes but you will always be you. Can you remember a time when you were not you? Personality is more than ones thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Those are things people do. Those are things personalities do. A machine cannot have thoughts, emotions and behaviors personally. A machine can be programmed to DO things but a machine can never be programmed to BE a person.
  7. I don't do much tv anymore, but I do listen to a lot of podcasts. I really, really recommend the Parapod. It's two British comedians, one a believer the other a skeptic. The believer presents a claim and the skeptic trashes it. It's in fun, and it's absolutely hilarious. Only real quibble is I think most skeptics here could present a stronger case than Barry does.
  8. I don't know anything about any film, but whatever it is, it doesn't matter to me.
  9. those ticks can be really well attached :/ lmao. Poor dog.
  10. its a word he made up in other words to make him sound all knowing and mysterious..
  11. I finally found something worse than watching a bad team do a ghost investigation video :/ try watching one of the psychic doing a walk through of haunted building videos. OMG. just no. just no.
  12. Biden hasn't been arrested for pedophilia yet, but he might be all set for an assault with a dead weapon charge.
  13. Yes, if you've seen've seen them all. I guess tho, there will always be those who think theirs is more special than others ..
  14. Oh, this happened last night. My sister wants me to look at her dog and see if he has a tick. I look at the spot she's indicating. Then I pause. Then I look at her. And I try to keep a straight face. She spent the last several minutes trying to rip off the poor dog's nipple. I made it maybe five minutes before bawling out laughing and petting the poor dog.
  15. Will, you are in error, a personality (ones thoughts, emotions, and behaviors) are influenced by ones social environment and physical environment too. A personality is not static ( unchanging) it depends on the situation ( environment). For example: you will act different depending on who is present, what kind of relationship you have, how you are feeling etc. you might be predisposed to certain traits but a lot of factors influence that and they can change and affect behavior based on circumstances. We would not consider ones personality without their environment. They go hand in hand. We look at it all the person, the social influences and the environment. Some aspects of our personality wouldn't even kick into gear unless there was an environmental trigger.
  16. But Swede, one doesn't have to know anything to make up their own facts. cormac
  17. Kid you need to start talking to people with respect. All your cussing and contempt is yawn worthy and if we are being frank I think you’re full of shlt, don’t see the big picture and overall don’t really know what the hell youre talking about. You want what feels good, not what actually works.
  18. oh so I keep missing you? too bad, then lol.
  19. You'd miss my stalking
  20. Usually snoozing on my keyboard. I haven't been on much but I did derail the Ark of the Covenant thread for a while a few daze ago.
  21. Pardon me? How does accepting the gender you were born with, and being perfectly fine with it, constitute a new term?
  22. Always the same old loop. Materialists think that eventually their probing into the workings of the physical brain will somehow make their illusions about universe and life valid.
  23. I need to turn my account to invisible then.
  24. yep I check and then go. I have a lot of private posts and spend too much time on those and that Rebecca Zahau trial right now
  25. I often look to see if anyones in here
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