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  2. Pavlov conditioning.
  3. Is lostsoul still around?
  4. This basically means that Nationality refers to people which can have various ethnic and cultural origins but only live in the same Country/State/Republic.
  5. You develop the little pocket in you intestines that get fill with 'stuff'. Too much stuff and they rupture. Leading to infection or death. Thats pumpkin pie.
  6. Atamarie Sir.. xx Thankyou for your Information.. Very Interesting... And...Yes.... Blood is a very Important Factor..!!! Thankyou Mr Argon... Mo..xx
  7. Who was right? these speeches and debates from 1975 and 1991. We've had the fullness of time to see who was right and wrong. What side of History are you on today?
  8. One element is missing here and maybe the most important one - common BLOOD ties.
  9. Only problem with that is that the Mongols started the conquest of China in the early 1200 and finished the conquest of China in 1279. While the great wall of China had been started in 221 BC and went through multiple stages of being rebuilt, expanded, rerouted, and at times largely ignored and unkempt it wasn't built as it is currently known till the Ming dynasty in 1369 to keep the Mongols out after being pushed out of China and it worked.
  10. The wall is not pointless, but it would not be terribly effective. It might stop handfuls of people (usually the REALLY BAD ones) from coming across easily, but already like 90% of those who are in the US illegally simply got a Visa and then didn't go home. They came over in a car on the highway... legally, not through the desert on foot. The wall would be more of a symbol then an actual defense.
  11. Ethnicity vs Nationality Where nationality means one’s country of origin, ethnicity refers to racial ancestry. To make it clearer, a person born in India and living in the US, will only have an Indian nationality, and not an American nationality. If a person from an Italian family was born in Greece, then that person would have an Italian ethnicity, and not a Greek ethnicity. Nationality is a word that pertains to the state of origin. Nationality can be defined as the relationship between a person and his or her state of origin. Nationality also means that a person has the protection of the state where he or she was born. Ethnicity can be defined as a group of people who regard themselves to be different from others. The ethnic groups are united by common traditional, cultural, linguistic, ritualistic, behavioral and religious traits. On the other hand, nationality does not pertain to these characteristics, as one can come across people that have different cultural, traditional, ritualistic and religious traits living in the same country. Read more: Difference Between Ethnicity and Nationality | Difference Between
  12. So what are the odds of each DACA protected person being picked up and deported anyway? If I am reading this right, then roughly 225,000 people were deported last year, so to deport those 800,000 DACA Dreamers would roughly take 4 years. If ONLY the Dreamers were targeted and not even their families. Basically the threat of these people being deported is close to zero. Then they stay here long enough and get a green card and then possibly citizenship... Just like everyone else that comes here. Shutting down the government (Even if it is only the Non-essential) to protect people that DON'T NEED PROTECTION is ridiculous. Is this not TRUE?
  13. Hi Sir..xx It is No Sin, unless you think it is.. And... I am certain you are doing your Best...and Well done to you... Keep it up.. Head up and Smile... Life's what we make of it.. You are Awesomeness..!!! Arohanuikiakoe.. Mo..xx
  14. EMERGENCE OF THE NATION-STATE...(2) "Status" has to do with our "relation to others". So we see that a state is a much more Abstract Concept than a Nation or Country. It describes the Political affiliation of a group of People, but says nothing about their Geographic Location. While it may make logical Sense for neighbour's to band together Politically, it is completely unnecessary to the Concept of a State. Thus you can have more than one state within the Same Territory, or a State can have Multiple Territories.. Then why is this word " State" used so often to describe Geographic Entity? Enter The Grand Illusion....of the Nation-State.. The Modern World has been Organized so that Political States are limited to the Geographic Boundaries, defined by NATIONS... Thus the Laws of a Particular State only apply if you are within its Corresponding Nation.. But...didn't the Nation already have Laws, and Why the need to distinguish between the Nation and the state, if they are both within the same territory.... Mo..xx
  15. unusual praise from yourself. Same arguments. Tony Benn MP. speaking 1975. Many years later an in his 80's Well, we done it Tony, its just a shame you never lived to see Brexit.
  16. When transcribing a video to digital, and then resaving it for youtube, etc... there are innumerable issues that can cause distortions, artefacts, even frame/partial frame sequencing errors. If anyone here has done a proper, real analysis - one that shows the methodology used, any assumptions, etc - then please post some details. I ain't bothering to look at a video based on a one line claim about 'proof'. A proper analysis would normally require access to the original footage. If not, it would need to have full details of all the processing steps and settings for each transcription or resave... Without that, any guesses about why the frame content jumps around are just that - guesses. I'm not for a moment defending the god-awful footage (which for a number of other reasons I believe is completely fake..), but you don't get to debunk stuff by using handwaved claims of 'analysis'.
  17. I feel like we NEED a helicarrier. You know what they say about the Movies, that tech seen there eventually shows up being real.... Now we'll just need Sam Jackson to helm the helicarrier.
  18. Well look, this is supposed to be a government of compromise and consensus. You may not get everything you want because just about half the country wants something else. That's where compromise comes in on both sides and both sides seem to have forgotten how to do that. Plenty of blame to go around. Yes for the president too. He is supposed to be the great deal maker. One reason we elected him. He is supposed to be a savy businessman. Funny thing, I am for secure borders, every country should have them. But a wall is pointless. Genghis Khan proved that about 800 years ago. Wanna stop drugs, stop drugs. Wanna stop laborers, stop laborers. A wall doesn't do either. Wanna follow Preaches plan for dreamers do that. Do something Mr. great deal maker.
  19. That is not the way the Bible tells it. However, if that is what happens, I'll feel free to adapt. And if that is a sin, I'll ask forgiveness when the time comes. I'm doing the best I can to live as a "good" person. Love back at you Friend.
  20. I do believe. Though I've never seen them myself, I've spoken to many who have.
  21. EMERGENCE OF THE NATION-STATE..!!! We learned in School that the countries on the Globe are Nation- States, and that this is a relatively new phenomenon in history.. What is New about this arrangement is something we were not told. Because Americans, Australians, and others call the Various regions within their NATIONS "States", most think of a State as merely Territory within a Nation. As it turns out, the Words " Nation" and "State" mean very different things, and their combination into the Idea of the " Nation-State " may be the Greatest Illusion foisted upon Mankind... State. "n, 1 the existing condition or position of a Person or Thing " Concise Oxford Dictionary Eight edition, State, "Government.. In its most enlarged sense, it signifies a self-sufficient body of Persons United together in One Community .Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1856 State, condition of Persons, if we inquire into its Origin it will be found to come from the Latin " status" which is derived from........ Statio, which signifies the place where a person is located, stat, to fulfill the Obligations , which are Imposed upon Him/ Her..Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1856.... Mo..xx
  22. If you wanted to be generous, you could perhaps suggest that Mad Dog Mattis and his cronies have indeed Accomplished their Mission and have completely rid the world of terrorism. Or the alternative theory is that Mad Dog and the entire crew of dogmatic bellicose warlords that comprise this, as well as most recent Administrations, have absolutely no concern about terrorism at all - they know that it presents a minimal threat to themselves, and now they've given up any remaining pretence that that's ever been their primary concern and it's all, as it's always been, about pursuing their agenda of global dominance.
  23. Today
  24. Yes. A compulsive gambler is one example. If you are interested I have an experiment that I think you are a good candidate for. All it takes is two months of thinking on your part. Let me know if you're interested?
  25. I hope that the Big Woo Mafia did not take out Rafterman?
  26. Thought addicts? Interesting.
  27. They knew what he wanted. I knew. Most people here know. I’m sure that if you try really really hard, even you know. But they showed how much they disrespected the man. That tells Trump how he's going to approach this. I think what everybody understands (and that goes for Trump’s base) that there will have to be some kind of amnesty. Not blanket. It’s going to have to be on a case by case basis. Some will stay but many will go. Give them a year to register and anyone caught after that is deported. Those that are in the service or a first responder gets a pass to the head of the line (one time exemption) Those in college or are in business and have kept a clean record, go to the end of the line but they get a renewed green card to stay. Those that are not productive or commit crime get deported. Pretty much common sense. Plus, we have two sticking points. Progressives want cheap votes and Republicans want cheap labor. A deal is going to have to consider both of these. For instance, all immigrants can’t vote for 5 years. Those receiving amnesty can’t vote for 20 years. Plus, amnesty recipients can’t be exploited as cheap labor. Before all of this, the wall must be built. I think Trump will modify his demand on a wall along the full length of the border as long as a means of closing it is accomplished via high and low tech means. They will need to close the anchor baby loophole in the 14th Amendment and end chain migration. Of course, allow the immigrant to bring in their spouse and children. And they can’t sponsor anyone until after 5 years after becoming a citizen and then only one. Immigration reform will tackle these issues. All of this must happen but it has nothing to do with funding operation of the government. The more time the Progs waste keeping the government closed, the less time they have to save DACA. Note, DACA doesn’t include all Dreamers. And the people are smart enough to realize what the Progressives are doing. Schumer is looking like the fool he is. The Republicans may control government but many are Establishment. That means that the Progressives aren’t the minority people think. People see this as a fifth column and Trump is dealing with it.
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