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  3. LightAngel

    It doesn't get any better than this :devil:



    Why don't you care?

    Why, why don't you care
    Smothered hope
    Why don't you care


  4. I had this dog a while back. Best dog I ever had. I've seen her plenty of times since she has passed. In dreams and in projections. I have wondered if our relationship had a deeper purpose. I'm sorry I really don't have any advice for the OP. If I have guides they don't really present themselves to me in dreams or projections. I have talked to many people, but no one has ever come right out and said they are a guide.
  5. Heard from Helen of Annoy today. Travelling OK. Would be good to get her back wouldn't it?
  6. Well (giggles) I wont want that indeed !!
  7. Thanks. I dont think this has to be stretched again ! Hope we could sound more logical !!!!
  8. Dozens ? Two where destroyed, and 18 damaged (of which most where repaired). Israel DID bomb Beirut in the 1982 campaign (to say nothing of extensive artillary shelling). It hasn't done so since because the PLO was defeated and forced to abandon Beirut and flee to Algeria. As a consequence, Beirut was no longer a military target. Your point about Vietnam is a good one. However, Lebanon doesn't have any jungles to hide in.
  9. The corset seen on Queen Elizabeth I's funeral effigy is to be unveiled as part of a new exhibition at Westminster Abbey. The delicate garment was supplied by the Queen's tailor, William Jones, to be used in the procession marking the death of the monarch in 1603. For 415 years the bodice has been carefully preserved by historians at Westminster Abbey and has recently undergone conservation work before it is placed on public display this summer. Read more:
  10. If their arrival was "stealthy", how could it have been subject to "..original arrangements" ? Arrangements with who ? The United Nations ? The Arab nations rejected that arrangement. How do hundreds of people arrive by "stealth" ? What did they do ? Disguise themselves as camels and then leap out at the last minute ?
  11. Yes. But, sometimes pests are just pests......... and they need to be destroyed!
  12. Of course there's more to learn, as long as the species is around there will be things to learn, but there's no good reason to doubt what we have learned to date. It's stood up to rigorous testing in everyday life like the device your using to read this now.
  13. Actually, you are being very extreme. You're telling an 18 year old College student that they're going to end up in a Nursing home incontinent and having to be fed after them telling you about getting drunk one night. That is extreme. And you're not even telling the truth "Once a lot of brain cells are gone, they're gone." That simply isn't true, do you have any clue how much and how for long, on a completely consistent basis, your average person would have to drink to suffer from irreparable brain damage to such an extent that they could no longer control their bladder, bowel movements and be able to feed themselves? Because it's a hell of a lot and for a hell of a long time. Full blown alcoholics brains go back to normal levels of funcitionality after only a couple of weeks through nothing more than sobriety.
  14. Its not well received by anyone that's what I'm telling you. It's not too controversial it's made up. Remember phlogiston? Sciences embraces new direction. That's not what this is. It's Pseudoscience. Morphic Resonance is just what Sheldrake makes up. There is nothing to support his claim
  15. The problem with the image is that there is no true reference point to this 'shelf'. So I'm not buying this. After 20 years of practicing evocation. I never once had a 'haunting'. No demonic house destroying presence at all. Even the spirit evocation did nothing more than give me a head trip. Yet here I am, a skeptic. You wonder why? Because none of it exist.
  16. Today
  17. I've just done some short reading about the subject and man i was wrong about Tesla. It might be kind of minor assumption regarding his major interest but it changed whole picture of Tesla's work in my mind.
  18. Most probably they are not capable but neither is Israel. IDF has made quite a few mistakes in Lebanon. Are you aware how difficult it is for the army to fight against Guerilla like groups? Did Vietnam made anyone learn a lesson? I suppose that you know about Vietnam very well, much better than me so it should be nice reference to make things clear. It's year 2018 which makes it even more difficult. Israel has best equipment and weapons but modern warfare is double edged sword. When Hezbollah got missiles ( such as modified Chinese made C-802, which damaged military vessel in 2006 making 40 million $ of damages ) reality changed and Israel realized that navy won't help anymore because of too much risk. I do not like to repeat my self as we discussed this earlier on many occasions but truth is that, when Nasrallah ( Hezbollah's leader ) said that if Israel bomb civilians in Beirut Hezbollah will bomb Tel Aviv since that day Israel did not strike Beirut. It's well known recent history. By comparing military might on the paper Israel should have taken over ME by now. But things are not so simple and resistance, which actually has good reason to fight and just reason to fight does have it's advantages. Dozens of destroyed and damaged Merkava's in 2006 tell their story too.
  19. I am also trying to make a 3 D animation.
  20. Well I am sure that parts of modern science are real, but i am not so sure that it holds a complete picture, i think it is more a half truth, but since i don't know too much about science i will stop at this.
  21. Look. Maybe his theories have flaws, but if scientists talk is not received well among other people, that doesn't mean his work is not valuable. We know from history that many valuable works received bad response in the beginnings. This is not an argument pro or contra, just a remark.
  22. Well that's easy enough to say. Wouldn't be so simple if say you were walking home one night and saw a flying saucer above you. Then it stayed around for a half hour. Flying all over the place like a bumble bee. I don't much care what anyone has to say about it. From those who say it completely baseless, to those who think they know certain aliens by name. I saw with my own eyes that UFO's exist.
  23. Remember Libya? Now Saif Gaddafi is expected to run for presidency. Remember WMD's? There were none. Do you really believe that anyone cares for the international law anymore? Most of them 'players' even mock it on daily basis.
  24. If you spent as much effort on learning real science you'd know exactly why I said that. And you would agree with me.
  25. They wanted to stay. Litani river is necessity for numerous reasons and it was well researched subject long time ago. How about 2006? Also Islamic propaganda? To dismiss information by saying how it is '' Islamic propaganda '' is such shallow remark.
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