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  2. isn't the legal drinking age in the states 21? if it is sounds a little crazy to allow someone to own a gun at age 18
  3. As someone who is living through it, absolutely
  4. Go jump in the lake. Play your games with someone else.
  5. Aaron Feis didn't wait on SWAT... and he wasn't even armed. Teachers tend to be protective of their charges and I can imagine the decision to try to take down a shooter to be an easy one for most who were trained with a weapon. There absolutely is a better way. Leave the second amendment alone and secure the schools, then put in the time and effort to find lasting solutions to the messed-up culture we've made for ourselves today.
  6. Manafort has a big decision to make. Accidentally fall down an elevator shaft onto a dozen bullets or spend the rest of his life in prison. If he's a smart man he'll probably go with witness relocation. Hank
  7. I saw an interview with him. He busted them for their dishonesty and duplicity. Even their hard news is inundated with bias. Hey, I agree that they should go after Trump when he deserves it. You and I are on the same page there. It's just that they can't or won't cover him in a fair and honest manner. That shows that it would be foolish to trust them. They squandered that trust.
  8. I'm actually really impressed the republicans are talking about raising the age to 21. I know it seems small but for that side of the aisle to show any willingness to touch that holy 3rd rail is a great sign of progress.
  9. How quickly people forget, by the way; Gooogle's spell checker doesn't recognize Osama and asks me if I mean Obama.
  10. even then, now you're drawing an analogy between Osama bin Laden and Some Russian Who May Have Been Loyal To Putin But There's Absolutely No Evidence Putin Actually Ordered Him To Do It who allegedly posted a few ads on facebook that may have been intended to "Provoke Dissent"?
  11. Of course you don't because you didn't bother to read what I was originally responding to, which was the claim these things happen because people don't have God. You could've read it and saved yourself "sounding like a clueless moron".
  12. I think you give the bias too much credit. I mean no doubt there is bias, that doesn't change the factual nature of what they're reporting just like foxnews' bias doesn't change the factual nature of the things they report. Now before you go and conjure up that list of like 6 stories that have actually been false I'm not saying mistakes don't happen. I'm just saying this is the perfect storm for networks like CNN. There is so much garbage happening in Washington right now that they don't have to act in a biased manner, all they have to do is report the news. As for the town hall I have to confess to assuming that questions in those settings were always scripted, apparently I was wrong though Florida Shooting Survivor Not Given Scripted Question But Pulled For Speech At CNN Town Hall, Network Source Claims
  13. To clarify, the old policy of waiting for backup was for the era of hostage taking. As much as we like to criticize, law enforcement agencies are smart about strategy and tactics. Our best are brave, skilled, and still human.
  14. That's cute, but my point is that it's a complex situation due to our demographics and geography. You can't make blanket statements about our whole country without sounding like a clueless moron. I don't know what you mean by "invisible friend", but it sounds quite asinine. You make no sense.
  15. Solve it? No... save some lives? Absolutely. What's wrong with that approach?
  16. I have a friend that is an ICE captain. Their latest instructions are first officer on the scene goes in, doesn't wait for backup. That policy was designed for containment of a hostage situation. They have moved on with the world.
  17. That's not really true. Violent crime tends to be confined to the same places.
  18. not just for the reason you mentioned (very valid of course) but it doesn't seem right arming every teacher or even any teacher. maybe a security guard or even a police officer permanently stationed in a school might be a better idea. you know it seems that all these school shootings are done by current students and recently left ones. so how 'bout increasing the age of firearm ownership to say over 30?
  19. Nothing I said was "ignorant". Smart Hominids have always preferred our "Species" over other "Species". That will not change if we find ET life. If you are "worried" about "Racism" if we find ET life then you are a goofy Darwin Award constant! lol Again I lament the fact that you don't seem to want to have a conversation but rather throw ad hominems. I guess quid pro quo.
  20. No, I just haven't been driven insane by hate for Trump. I hear and see the Democratic propaganda news outlets for the liars that they are. Just look at CNN's *fake* discussion in which they used scripts. Even the New York Times came clean on their extreme bias during the presidential campaign.
  21. Well now thats something to look forward to, US joins the ranks of Iraq and Afghanistan. C'mon Aztez there has got to be a better way,
  22. If our education system were the best in the world and our educators were so proficient at their jobs that they had demonstrated the capability to take on more duties I would agree. As is though ? IDK I guess I don't really have an answer or position I'm just talking it out.
  23. Here is some information regarding before and after gun bans that have taken effect in United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. It took turning Britain into a literal police state to get homicide and other violent crimes under control, meaning taking away the power of the citizens and placing it into the hands of the state. The same didn't happen for Ireland, they didn't flood their state with police, the homicidal crime rate drop at 1975 and has been trending upwards ever since. The only nation that managed to make it work was Australia, a nation where the citizens are already spread thin and has very little major population centers at all which makes it easier to police the state. Plain and simple. Gun control has no significant impact on murder rates. Removing firearms does not typically create massive lawlessness. It is a moot point. Poverty has a greater correlation to violent crime than access to firearms. Education and poverty are directly linked as well. Next time you hear a left or right politician talking about enacting Gun Control, you should take lessons from history and look at the facts, it usually leads to nations being subject to dictatorship or taken over by invading nations. Our founding fathers understood this, that is way the rights of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Russia has been a recent prime example of this, they took away the citizens right to own rifles because they see rifles as a way for citizens to overthrow their government. An arm population is a dangerous population to the government if they decide to infringe upon the rights of the citizens.
  24. You admit that your position is based on your ignorance and moving the goal posts. Thanks for admitting your failure.
  25. Ok I'm following along and I'm a little confused. Can you clarify why we care?
  26. Perhaps it is time for it to move again? Toward not only an educator, but a Guardian as well.
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