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  2. Point out the quote where i said that please. Oh that's right I didn't. Considering I didn't say what you seem to think I did then I don't see how I am muddying anything. You really are a piece of work. I could present a ton of evidence that would point to a conclusion that it might indeed be physical but why bother? You wouldn't look, wouldn't take the time to understand and then will just misrepresent me anyway. I could point to evidence that it is spiritual in nature as well and I'm sure you'd jump all over that. Confirmation bias personified. Brain damage and it's affect on personality.
  3. True, but from the article it says it was spaced out over TWO YEARS. Even 80,000 posts is nothing over 2 years when looking at the enormity of Facebook, or Twitter. Say 129 million people were contacted... at least once, over 2 years time. Let's say someone saw a post on October 11, 2015 that was negative about Hillary Clinton. Is that going to affect that persons vote more then a year later? The very idea is pretty laughable. IMHO, it would require mass distribution of posts, over the last couple weeks before the election, with truly ruinous information included, in order to sway anyone's vote. And that is what is assumed to have happened with the DNC emails, right? But does that show any proof of Trump et al being in collusion? Also, the only issue really seems not to be that they ACTUALLY influenced the election, but that they tried, and did so at the Russian Gov behest. If it was Joe John Bob McHick who owned those 120 FB pages and sent out 80,000 posts, we would not be having any discussion about it would we? Again, should it be followed up on? Absolutely. Does it need to be Page One news for weeks and months and years? No, it probably had basically zero effect, if one looks at the facts of it logically. Is there actual proof of Trump or his campaign being involved, with the Facebook, or the DNC emails?
  4. Please can you supply where in your little research you found this.....and while you are at it, you may want to research (a lot) what subliminal messages are, you can start with Xeno's links.
  5. I agree. Put them up before the beak.
  6. Eldorado

    Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, you get rid of him at weekends.

  7. I am a trained historian and archaeologist, who could argue why history is no longer an art. I would, however, probably come across as rude and socially incompetent. Given you view the field of history as an art, can I assume you only hold an undergraduate degree?
  8. If the crime rate was higher in 1898 then there isn't a 'rise' in crime. So what's your point about their race? Are you saying that the tragedy of the death of a young person is in some way diminished because of their skin colour?
  9. acute

    Today, I will be reprogramming your cognitive processes, using flash-frames, blipverts, infrasound, and subliminal conditioning.

    I'll let you know (without you knowing it, of course) how you get on.

  10. Until recently, it was common to have town halls. They have been so disrupted, by people who refuse to let others speak, they are quickly becoming obsolete. Ya gotta keep up with the times.
  11. No it isn't the scientists. Its the people who have hired them to pretend the world is ending, all while completely ignoring very real and dangerous environmental hazards. Not that I'm one to support oil companies. I just don't see how taking more money from me makes my carbon print any better. I guess money pleases the carbon Gods
  12. No one is saying they should have their rights changed...i am saying if they are mentally psychotic and are receiving treatment and are portraying their guns on line then yes....take their 'toys' away. Teenagers are not adults and it is not new or a secret that teenagers can be very "sensitive". Put a gun in their hands and you have this: Things are not getting better so you can not brush it under the carpet and getting more arms is not the answer. These are teenagers ffs. Many now have seen their friends die, they are scarred from the horrors they have seen, they are grieving and have to rebuild their lives and i seriously do not think giving them a gun to protect themselves is the answer. As pointed out before....the adults need to step up and protect their children.
  13. The forces below, like pressure and the consequent heat, must be enormous. it has been speculated that at the center of Jupiter is a giant diamond core.
  15. If you've stopped ringing the bell, why?
  16. Right-handed forks.
  17. Seriously? It was a town hall , a produced and managed event, not a breaking news story. The questions in those things are almost always scripted. Do you honestly believe that everyone who said how great Trump was at his listening session today wasn't vetted for what they would say prior to being allowed to speak? Would that be OK with you if they were?
  18. Even if they were Subliminal messages have been repeatedly shown to have no effect whatsoever on anything.
  19. The question begs. Who DESIGNED science?
  20. That's got nothing to do with gravity. Aren't you the person who claims you can talk to cats?
  21. I wonder how many times does CNN have to be caught before they start acting like a real unbiased news organization.
  22. Great find, being from that neck of the woods, I've been there a few times and along the wall, it's beautiful in spring, summer and Autumn...fricken wet and freezing in winter...
  23. Who says it has to be only one? Our aura could be made up of the spiritual, the emotional, and the inspirational, and the highest level that mind can attain to.
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