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  2. I don't believe you

    Well we can discuss God. Just the believers who can't until they make up their minds what God is. They've only had a few thousands years to do so ....
  3. Thanks for posting this. This just makes it clear as day that this is a guy in a suit. Even with all the issues with the video, there is more that makes it fake to me. Patterson rented (stole) a camera and on his first day out he captured this video which depicts the same bigfoot with hairy boobs as he put on his book the previous year.
  4. Excitedness Effect

    Reminds me of the classic court room drama 'Twelve Angry Men'. Two of the key witnesses claimed to have seen and heard the suspect commit the crime, but when their evidence was carefully examined the jury realized that both key witnesses had completely exaggerated what they saw and heard.
  5. Yes, it probably means it's not there. Your "40 feet" encompasses the temple of Khufu (which has inscriptions and which you've conveniently ignored) and the mastaba tombs are also within that limit, depending on where you set the outer perimeter of the casing, leaving no room for a "low wall" (of which there is no evidence.) Plus, the water would ruin a lot of things, including the boats in the boat pits. No evidence means "it's not there." Oh, an Egyptologist would be even harsher than I've been, particularly about the property ownership, ceremonies, etc... and they'd cite a number of hieroglyphic texts to prove their point. They'd also point out all the features that you haven't accounted for. @Hanslune has archaeological field experience and you've seen what happens when a real archaeologist takes a look at your ideas. A real Egyptologist would shred it quite a bit more than he has. You haven't shown that they were capable of constructing long distance pipelines You haven't shown evidence of anything in your essay. And we'd be interested to hear from a hydrologist.
  6. I don't believe you

    Intelligent humans have from ancient times known that God is not anything similar to humans, that is why they come to the idea that God is the creator and operator of the universe and man and everything with a beginning, of the utmost degree of creativity and effectivity, beyond the comprehension of humans, on how He works, but He does work, as to ensure that the nose on the face of humans do not fall off as humans look at themselves in the mirror. You have got to possess intelligence to know that although God is beyond the comprehension of humans, humans who are intelligent know that He exists, period. Okay, I ask you, Oh ye fellow humans like myself, which is the intelligent thought below: <1> There is an entity in charge of everything that has a beginning, which entity has always existed, with no beginning and no ending. <2> There is no entity in charge of everything that has a beginning.
  7. TI Testimony

    There's your problem. Quit taking drugs and start hanging around better people.
  8. Because the film shows a man moving in a suit, you do not see any muscles flexing in the video.
  9. TI Testimony

  10. I don't believe you

    Shhh. They just said we can't have a discussion regarding God. Unless we can agree on their concept, as being the concept we all discuss. Seems rather contradictory and redundant, but it is what it is.
  11. TI Testimony

    Back in February I was coereced into chewing three white tablets and then was given a series of instructions wearing headphones and also a series of light flashes sitting in front of a large screen in which I was told I was communicating with someone telepathically because of the drugs I took. I chose not to believe the delusion/hallucination and then it seemed as if I was being followed and my electronics manipulated into sending me messages or instructions to do things for weeks after and possibly now. I think this was an attempt to "cure" me of dissenting thoughts and expressing myself creatively because some of my writings were concerning to people, which I believe was unwarranted and an attack on my ability to think and express myself freely. Like I said in my original post, I cannot prove the coercion or who was involved only that I know it was not entirely of my own volition.
  12. i know, but my 0.01% doesnt use the pgf in any way, and as time passes and zero is found my small percent will fade away. i believe the point isnt our eyesite but claims of things seen that simple are not there the resolution is too poor, you cant enhance to something not there to start with, a great example is that monsterquest self appointed film analyze guy who claimed to have the orginal film, no, only copies, he enlarges until its a blurry mess and claims a background dark object is the creatures mouth but hes careful not to show too much before ir after where ones sees that object in the back ground. just for fun, back when Bob Heironimus came forward, it dawn on me i had seen a picture of him, gimlin, patterson and others on horses, Bob Heironimus lived a few doors down from gimlim, gimlim would wear a long wig and dress like an indian for documentaries, hum, an actor? what if it was gilmin in the suit? i read gimlin admitting they used Heironimus horse that day but no, Heironimus wasnt there, just his horse...
  13. The Edgar brothers measured the subterranean chamber and noted the blind end. Caviglia excavated in the pit. The subterranean chamber is interesting, but what you see is what you get.
  14. I let the neophyte illuminati members do all that stuff for me.
  15. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Here is one real world consequence of all this unfounded Alarmism. Young people blame climate change for their small 401(k) balances
  16. That's what servants are for!
  17. Atheism is incompatible with science

    These are all good points. Our need of something more is the great mystery, eh? I would argue that it is humans simply being afraid, and needing a security blanket to make them feel better. How do we fix this? I wish I knew.
  18. Is this cthulhu?

    have you a good Quote from lovecraft regardings this mi-go? the fungoid species Theory is interesting because they can made hallizinations with Spores. i have the consideration one Moment Maybe the water have a awarness and can choose to kraken form in Cloud to attack but with hallizinations Spores it works too. but this is very strange the flying octupus Theory is conservativ in compare
  19. freetoroam

    How the heck did Robert  Deniro end up doing a  Warburtons ad for bagels? .


  20. I don't believe you

    A point I have made numerous times. In order to discuss God one must first define what God is. If God is just an anthropomorphism of nature - which it appears in most cases to be, and certainly was originally - then I think everyone believes in God.
  21. XenoFish

    Xeno-Fish life hack of the day.

    If your computer has a virus and you want to clean it. Put it in the dishwasher and run it on the highest setting. The virus will be gone after that.:tu:

    1. freetoroam


      I do not have a dishwasher, will a washing machine do? 

    2. XenoFish


      Substitutions can be used. But first be sure to chew the tide-pod thoroughly.

    3. danydandan


      My kids have ruined six different laptops. If you want a virus removed, send the laptop to me and we will remove all viruses. 

  22. Can you tie your shoe laces?
  23. Excitedness Effect

    Good stuff Stereo..Never heard of that effect before...
  24. I agree there. The only way to finally put this to bed is to prove the backstory is false, which you can do to 99.9% degree of certainty. But it makes no difference because well, there's that 0.01% of hope still left.
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