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  2. It's sort of the last minute, and it's my sister's wedding. Apparently the groom couldn't get his mates down here in time. And yes, I remember why it's there. I was specifically asked to be my best friend's best man and asked to carry one of my real swords because of concerns over the bride's family two years back. I also got a nice kukri as a gift for it.
  3. Had a movement.
  4. Hardly, we’re talking about urban warfare and vast wilderness. A nation of 320 million and only a military of about 2 million to cover that. The military with their vast armory is out numbered. The military would have to concentrate on controlling a hand full of cities. Perhaps a corridor from Washington to New York City. And then there would be such an insurgency in those cities, it would make Afghanistan and Vietnam look like a Sunday picnic. The military will have parents, siblings, spouses, children, and friends in those cities. It would only be a matter of time before the majority of the military would desert. They put the doubt in their minds. We’re not talking about a few isolated incidents; we’re talking about a nation wide revolt. The majority of the military will not have the stomach to bomb their own cities. Most of Congress would be against that and would probably be arrested. FYI, this is the same bravado the Founding Fathers used. Yes many died but we became free from the tyrannical yoke. They are going to have to be concerned. I really doubt that the military could even think about using ICBMs on their own. If they plan to rout out the insurgency, they’ll have to level cities like Assad is doing in Syria. This will just galvanize the opposition. You try to implement that and you will have an insurgency on your hands. Gun registry doesn’t do a thing. Criminals don’t care who is responsible or not. And those same registries make people targets when the government wants to come take your weapons. A government that wants to register the people’s weaponry is an untrustworthy government. I’ve shared the story of what happened to my Father-in-law in Poland during the Soviet invasion in ’39. The Soviets rolled into their town and went to the government building, took the gun registry book and rounded up everyone that was on that list and their families and sent them to the gulags in Siberia. I strongly suggest watching the films like “Katyn”, “A Forgotten Odyssey”, and books like “Trail of Hope: the Anders Army” if you want to get an idea of the courage of a people in the face of tyranny. My father-in-law tells the most engaging stories of those days. In May 2006, we visited the PolishCemetery at Monte Casino. It was near the anniversary of the battle so all week, there had been bus loads of Poles visiting. The graves were covered by flowers and candles. The People of Poland have not forgotten. That day, I walked among heroes. If you could talk to them, they’d tell you how important a 2nd Amendment would have been to them. All those kids in Parkland should journey to the Cuban community in Miami and listen to what they have to say on the matter.
  5. A a source remaining anonymous to the public in no way means the info they're giving hasn't been verified. Is that why all the hubbub from you guys about unnamed sources?
  6. Lol, he fart and poop on the desk, thanks Ralph you stunk
  7. We still love you, even if you are not nerdy
  8. Might as well be a cat.
  9. You know why they call it "best man"? Not because he's your bestest friend, it's that back in the old days when a man stole a wife he took his "best man" to the fight with him. Challenge the bride's father to a duel.
  10. Damn damn damn too late. I was trying to show my proficiency in nerd.
  11. Who does, these days? Really, who? The VAST majority of "news" we've heard on Trump's supposed sins have come from "sources close to" or "anonymous" or a "source on background"
  12. Who’s God? Yours? Mine? The Mormon’s? Someone elses? And how do you know with any verifiable specificity in order to speak for this god and everyone else too? Precision according to whom? And how have you taken pulsars, quasars, magnetars, planck stars, black holes, wormholes, neutron stars and other celestially destructive bodies into account in order to claim such precision? Also, how can you tell with any specificity how the rest of the universe looks when we can’t even see the rest of our universe? cormac
  13. Too lazy to move much
  14. The best time to find out you're the best man at a wedding you were thinking of skipping is at midnight the night before. Especially after no one's said a word to you about the time or place of it.
  15. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  16. The Giant's thread? I saw that. Can't get into giants. Just makes me shake my head. There's a thread claiming Incan vitrification on Fortean Times, and that's another one.
  17. I wonder just how impervious to things striking and puncturing it, this will be?
  18. I am off to bed. I shall crawl into my cocoon and slip into slumber. I need to be well rested for my mummy friends tomorrow. Night, all!
  19. As long as you're still skeptical you can't be fooled. Give me evidence, real evidence and I can be convinced of anything .
  20. This is what I think make up most hauntings (I separate out the active stuff as something else tbh). The sense of sadness at a scene of past loss or violence, sounds, I am sensitive when I let myself do that and can sometimes see imagery. I do not think of this as an active event so much as a sort of overlay from the past in the cases where I see something. When it is sounds or feelings I see that as echoes, energy echoes. I love that word for it. Thanks Deb How to measure or record it idk. Most you couldn't I guess, but I think if we could do it for some of this or understand it we might very well get a scientific answer for some of it.
  21. Dragon hes refusing to do anything
  22. We see that all the time in Alt History, don't we? It's happening right now again, as a matter of fact.
  23. I like having questions being asked. I'm not a fan much of the certain types who can't notice they've defeated their own claims in the time they've been trying to make the case for their favored woo.
  24. Funny, that's what I usually tell people when I come back from the bathroom. Well, okay, not dragon. Gecko.
  25. A skeptic certainly can be fooled. I've been fooled many times. And probably still am being fooled. The process lends itself to fixing that, though.
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