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  2. Probably one of the most simplistic, inaccurate explanation I've read here for a while.
  3. @and then do you mind if I ask you what your opinion is of Trey Gowdy ? The reason I ask, is even he (amongst other Republicans) had made it quite clear that Donald Trump and his lawyer should stop being so critical of Mueller and the investigation, by saying -- quote - “Give Bob Mueller the time, independence and resources to do his job,” - “And if you are innocent, act like it. … If you’ve done nothing wrong, you should want the investigation to be as fulsome and thorough as possible" Anyway, I take it that you don't agree with this mans advice / opinion ?
  4. Witness tampering isn't an issue of arrogance.
  5. XenoFish

    I love the sound of rain on a metal roof Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. A soul is a piece of information containing who you are, your memories, your reactions, a record of everything you. Theoretically it can be transferred, copied, extended oetc etc. for that soul to be in flow, there has to be a medium. In our cases the human body and brain. With sufficient technology, the soul could be transplanted anywhere that has enough memory and then reactivated with a medium either a simulation, robot, or another body. There could even be a cosmic record of your soul stored somwhere to be reactivate sometime in the future.
  7. Spirituality is a combination of dopamine and seratonin. Those are the chemical released due to idea's such as faith or belief. They can even be drained if the idea of said belief or idea is negative. So yeah, just brain chemistry.
  8. Through the threat of force and imprisonment, the government can COMPEL you to do things. Capitalist enterprises can not. This is one of the big missing pieces of the Leftist psyche. You aren't a "slave" to your boss because you can quit. You aren't "oppressed" by Walmart because you can chose to never set foot in a Walmart. I can't "quit" my taxes. I can't simply make the choice to drive 100 MPH on the 405. A few days ago a friend and I were discussing Bollywood actresses. She sent me a few photos of her favorites (she's from India). When I returned to my newsfeed, there was an ad for me to "Meet Exotic, Beautiful Indian Women Looking for Relationships". I went to a Daily Caller article and, wouldn't you know it, there's an ad for flights and travel packages to India. Facebook and Google are already mining the living **** out of your data and using all sorts of weird and subversive techniques to target ads towards you. So what? I don't need to buy a ticket to India right now. And I certainly don't need to sign up for an Indian mail order bride website (I still have 30 days left in my trial for Russian brides and 15 days left for the Thai one). I just ignore it like I do ANY commercial. And, to be honest, I've actually had some tailored ads that were helpful. Especially for film and computer gear. Oh, and luxury Vegas rentals. What is this "data" everyone is so freaked out about? Your occupation? Your favorite restaurants? What TV shows and movies you like? Who you're friends with? Your political leanings? Honestly, the argument has always been much to do about nothing. Banking info, financial holdings, address, personal telephone number, credit card info...that's the real private data that needs to be protected. The Experian data breach is HUGE. Steve Bannon knowing that you really, really, really like Panera is not something to fret about. -LEIGH SCOTT
  9. Yeah I have been checking in a little bit. How are you old friend?
  10. Love is just a chemical, we give it meaning by choice.
  11. Again you avoid answering simple questions, instead offering up more reams of tiresome text... Which words of mine were so angry, Fila? I'll keep asking and perhaps you might finally get it, and stop handwaving. And quote the worst part. No more avoidance. Either answer the question, or apologise and admit you ARE handwaving. There's a life lesson here waiting for you........
  12. I wish it were simply a matter of imagination.
  13. Today
  14. BTW, pop over here, dear reader: .. and try listening to 528Hz as a pure tone. Impressed? Or like me - eeurgh. Then try 527, 396, or whatever the heck you like. They all sound awful to me, and that's because we are not used to, and thus do not like, pure tones. In fact, I'll bet all the touchyfeely Youtube 528Hz meditation/repair-your-dna (giggle) videos only manage to sound 'nice' if they mix it up with harmonics and other noises/music. As for it 'healing DNA', give me a break. Would you like ten reasons why that cannot possibly happen?
  15. Are you here to debate something, or to lecture and promote your blog? No, it isn't. Call me uninitiated, or skeptical.... Sure, some things will indeed resonate at that frequency (that statement applies to any frequency you might name), but there is no properly collected evidence for that frequency being in any way universal or 'devine' {sic}. If you would have us believe otherwise, would you mind citing the data? PS, I'm surprised there was no warning about the evil frequency of 440Hz!!!! {google it, if you don't mind losing a few iq points..}
  16. The paraG says there can always be made arguments for and against 'ghosts' in the OP story, so claiming certainty either way is just false bravado. Hopefully, that is not too cryptic for you. I understand a difference between 'argument for' and 'proof'.
  17. When I read J’s post, I felt a rush of dopamine.
  18. Dreams could be the vital link in determining our true realities. Being Aware when Dreaming (Lucid) many have experienced one time or another, this state blurs the lines even more as this quite common phenomena opens up a whole new philosophical question of – Could We Be Always In A Dream? Dreams we Dream don’t take the simulation theory for what it is but for what it isn’t. The Condition of the Dream demonstrates proof that one cannot seperate the real world from an illusion of a real world experienced. The memory of experiences as state-of-awake and state-of-dream get blurred and this fact alone should push us to examine both experiences with an unbiased reasoning to somehow fathom which is more real, and which senses do we ‘actually’ rely upon? Real Actuality of the Dream Reckoning is questioning ourselves, can we be always certain of our waking reality that we aren’t actually dreaming? “A Tiger, I Dreamt I was, Running Free”, after the tiger awoke, the tiger was wondering how he could make out if he was a human who had just finished dreaming a dream that he was indeed a tiger, or a tiger who had just commenced a brand new dream that he was – A Human. Surreal Dreams, a paradox or an Actuality of ‘Simulated Reality’. Dreams could very well be the vital link in determining our true realities as the phenomenon of Dreams and the Evidence might be clearer than we think. Well known philosophers have held that our waking lives have uncanny similarities to our dreams which occur frequently for many on a highly regular basis. The ‘Perceiving State’ we are all under in dreams convinces us that this is the true reality we are experiencing and in ‘Waking Life’ we are under the same influence of this perceived state to be likewise convinced without a doubt that this is our true reality. In either state from waking life to dreaming state, it is the indistinguishable characteristics in similarities that we cannot ignore the possibility that we maybe dreaming right now! The question of whether we are dreaming our own realities and living our own dreams and vice versa is a deep one. Dreams should be the first go-to in any doubt whatsoever of our very own questioning of perceived realities. We find and discover over and over again the same perception ingredients of our five sensors in both ‘perceived’ worlds. In the dream state we are constantly deceived of and by the ‘veil’ into believing this is our ‘Actual Reality’. ‘The Top Keeps Spinning’, Dreams have always held elements that can and are felt through the real world from deepest fears, dormant memories, to highly guarded secrets. We judge a dream of its very nature of total weirdness but while under the ‘dream veil’ we don’t judge the integrity. Many of us do not possess the skills or knowledge in waking life of engineering and spacial design to construct the dreams we dream, yet these constructs are very present and very tangible in the perceived dream state. Who or what really constructs these worlds, and who or what are currently constructing the future architecture of these worlds for ‘Our Dream Theatre’. The complexities are out of reach for many and certain peculiar laws exist there just the same governing our actions and our responses. The science fiction thriller ‘Inception’, according to modern philosophy, has ‘well tangible reality’ attached to such a far-out notion in our not too distant future. The intelligence in many of our dream constructs is such that we act on situations before we think things through, therefore this intelligence is not our own. A very useful exercise for us to adapt is to stop several times a day and just ask ourselves, ‘Am I awake right now, how do I know I’m awake, have I seen this in a dream, have I met this person in a dream?’ This is a very useful trick to use in enabling lucid dreaming to occur and becoming fully aware/control throughout a dream. The lines get ‘blurred’ or ‘clarified’ as we ask ourselves these very questions, and through our dream state these same questions have a higher chance of popping up, when and if they do, we have reached a Lucid State of Dreaming. Build the Opportunities: Shared dreams can and will take on incredible opportunities in enlightenment such as astronomy and even a vivid look at past classics and even wars in the past or in the working. The learning environment becoming the limitless. Dream Entertainment at will, being the deeply internal device we all possess. Enlightenment will have no boundaries whatsoever but only boundaries of willingness and topic preference. Dreams within dreams where we take ourselves or are taken to new deeper levels where the usual constructs of even time take on complete different meaning and boundaries. As in dreams we know that an hour or so in our waking state can be condensed to a mere few minutes or seconds inside the dream. This phenomenon of time-irregularity gets even more intense the deeper down the rabbit hole we go. Where the constructs change and take on different laws and even the characteristics of the fellow dreamer and of our selves, where the dream-governing takes on new dimensions never seen or experienced ever before… Are the Programmers Creating these Dream Architectures or are they being ‘Created by Us’ Simulation Creators or Caretakers – friend or foe? Lucid Science
  19. So, Tiggs, you seem to be okay with the guy getting removed from a position that a majority of state's voters elected him to just because he's arrogant? Not because he actually committed the offense he initially was being investigated for. An investigation that was literally in search of a charge. That doesn't bother you? Any fool can see what's being done here. He was elected because too many people around this country were sick of being hosed by Obama's "hope and change". He's making changes that are beneficial to those who voted for him and at the end of this circus, you folks are going to be like the little guy pushing the broom behind the elephants in the parade
  20. Breath in the Energy of Light The time is now to lift and perfect every area of our lives without holding back. All we need to do is take that first little step and the momentum has begun. Our new braveness is just around the corner, waiting for permission, waiting for the key to turn, waiting to be set free. Anxiety and Stress can play a vital part in holding us back from potential in life. This awareness of holding back can surely cause much frustration. Are there physical ailments such as pains and aches that annoy and even bring about more anxiety, stress and even possibly depression? Flaws in our people skills? Business skills? Training & Education Holdbacks? Are we not prospering as we once thought we should? Are we always putting off finding the mental clarity and confidence to go for that new promotion, job, romantic interest, car, holiday, home etc. A lot of us are getting pretty good at ‘blame shifting’, or ‘negative focus shifting’. When we desperately need a person, group or object to focus our anger out onto. Politics, animal cruelty, social injustice, right through to bad service at the supermarket can trigger these negative feelings and even serve as a current target. A target to vent out our built up negative energy. This negative energy doesn’t necessarily make us bad people, but simply unconscious carriers of directionless junk energy. One of the biggest causes of ourselves gathering and housing this junk energy is because we all go through stages in life of having no control. We distract ourselves from the current junk energy with what we percieve are healthy alternatives. These alternatives hold us back even more so in many shapes and forms, such as television, radio, and even grudge social media. The wrong social media streams can only lead to the mouse in a wheel paradox that becomes a self-fuelled toxic environment that prides itself on idle gossip and even more negative venting of the junk energy. These circumstances can sadly lead to a state of apathy in other things which lead to a state of low interest or low motivation in many things or areas we once thrived in and were excited by. Light Energy, Healing & Empowerment is our road to a new vision, actions and beliefs that bring upon with it a brand new vibrancy that will lift and change our consciousness to levels never before shared. It is about releasing the junk energy ‘safely’. Whilst doing so we take on the original positive, productive and high powered ‘Energy of the Limitless’. So how does the Light Energy, Healing & Empowerment Work? Time to lift our spiritual and physical vibrancy? The Beginning of this is to re-see ourselves in the light, as light. This easy pure and clean exercise is the step in vanishing the old vision of ourselves as merely flesh going from day to day and we start to unlock a whole new being. This new Light Work enables our minds, bodies & spirits to transform energies, this new powerful ‘Light’ energy, replacing the old ‘Junk’ energy. Real peace is what becomes us as we proceed through the Light Energy Transformation. Long lasting trailing benefits we initiate and become as we increase and enhance in all the ways that pure light Energy can manifest. Spiritually our old negative compulsions and conditions that hold us back will dissolve. We relax ourselves and become the comfortable with our posture and our breathing. Concentrate on nothing but the breathing. Fixate on the breathing and we let ourselves drift away with the images and sensations of our breathe. Let this take place for a good five to ten minutes as we observe. “I am a river of bright light, this bright light flows through and around me. This light is continually replenishing and replacing itself with the brightest light I have ever seen. This new ever-brightening light is filling me up to the brim. Washing out the old junk energy and replacing this junk energy with the most powerful brightness that exists. This process keeps going, replacing, refilling to the brim, I am this river that keeps filling up with the light energy that comes from the sun and all the stars in my universe. My breathing keeps this river flowing and expanding, flowing and expanding, flowing and expanding. I can see and fill all the love and vitality moving in and around me. These exercises we do wash us to the core and fill us to the brim. These exercises wash over all of the important points in my body – all the chakras are always welcoming to this filling up of all light, energy that comes from all the stars in my universe. I am new, I am the brightest creation that exists. All of the vital universal frequencies run through me. These frequencies of pure light flowing right through me like pure waves from every star and into me. This pure white light that encompasses me is shared amongst the world to bring prosperity and fulfilment all around me and in everyone I come in contact with, the world around me is healing and empowering”. Lucid Science
  21. Sound Energy, Frequencies to Enlighten By. Sounds produced throughout time have all shared a common thread of importance of a powerful device. Frequencies have and still are used to connect to the ultimate power. The Prestige Mystique Experience and OBE Out of Body Experience State / Psychic Experiences and Empowerment along with all the others have been passed on throughout the ages in one form or another. 528 Hz is the Frequency of the Devine Force of Life and Everything Else we’ve always asked about. The use of singing, chanting, humming, drums, bongos, tuning forks, even the type of music through surgery are used widely today for clarity, physical, psychic healing and harmonics to also boost recovery. Our human condition would suffer dramatically without music and sound. The list of benefits are endless. A study conducted with Parkinson’s disease patients evidenced that sound therapy played a more vital role than physical therapy on many levels. For the uninitiated, journeying through the multitude of information on this topic of harmonic sound healing and enlightenment can be pretty daunting, but taking this subject a small step at a time just may make our new learning a tad easier. Under every rock there lies another opportunity. Most effectively is the method of learning by doing. Sound properly harnessed with the right frequencies could possibly be our machination of all empowerment and enlightenment right through to healing, even transforming / repairing and transporting particles. These correct sound frequencies can transform certain cells in our body for the pure state of being. Accelerate the brain’s capabilities of learning to levels never experienced before. Improve hearing, sight and even short and long term memory retrieval. We all vibrate on a universal level, this level can and should be synchronised to the highest being of spirituality, taking us to the greatest possible harmony we can and should achieve. With humble thanks to the ancients, modern science still has a long way to go uncovering our full potential. Sound energy and enlightenment is a whole new discipline in itself with many of us discovering the phenomenon that beckons change. Esoterically and scientifically, sound is a sure device to change our consciousness with limits only our imaginations can put up. Sound Science can also help us understand who we are, the ‘Existentialistic Question’. 528Hz is the frequency the earth vibrates at. This is the magic number of energy, our universal healer we all potentially have in common. It is the frequency of cooperation and love. This frequency is the key to pristine DNA makeup, repair and even DNA enhancement. We are only beginning to grasp the importance of sounds such as words can surely effect our consciousness, negatively or positively, all hinging on our objectives and forms of application. It has been commonly known that for the longest time Eastern Practitioners have developed and practiced extremely refined sound techniques, such as mantras that can centre our focus and inner attention toward the very molecular cells that can be tuned, adjusted and even enhanced upon to preferably work for our bodies and spirits. These mantras that can be performed effect the tops of our mouths thus effecting a multitude of meridian locations. These meridian locations are awoken whilst we perform mantras, and even in our everyday speak. The very sounds we make do effect our lives for tiny effects so far more powerful and profoundly that can only drastically stretch our own imaginations and old limits we put upon ourselves. The universal mantra sounds that can be made are inter-connected to our own biological systems and therefore these sounds have direct control of our energy, healing and empowerment’s ‘limitless’ potential. This verbal sound-aid is already in use unconsciously in our lives in so many forms that we only need to stop and observe our once taken for granted existences. The very power that different areas in music play in our lives from romance, tenderness, aggression, sadness and despair is no secret, so why is it so that we are not far more conscious of our personal inputs? Our DNA structure is not fixed but constantly taking on expressions through our environment we place on it. The powerful influencers we share and react to are the vibrations we share and react to and are only waiting to be moulded into our own personal life scenarios. The Shape of Words are the Shapers of our Thoughts, and are Thenceforth Purely the Outside Package of the True Vibrational Intentions. Our thoughts are feelings and our words are sounds, hence the metaphysical vibrational real use and the power of the spoken word. The music we hear and appreciate actually belongs to us as individuals. Created by the musicians, composers, singers, songwriters, this vibrational sound, once leaving the creator, belongs in the metaphysical existence of the recipient – US. We were doing this before we were born. In the womb we either negatively or positively reacted and grew to these new vibrations we were born to shape and grow from. Alzheimer’s and Dementia victims are showing promise in response to vibrational therapies that were never fathomed before. These metaphysical points lead us to the natural assumptions of just what could be our true potential, situating these age old systems in the already ultimately healthy human specimen, ‘to live great’. From healing of skin and bone to the mending of broken hearts, our whole states of being are and always will react to the potential positive beautiful power of the frequency. The specific frequency of a cat’s purr in itself has its own mystical healing properties, along with the sound of the rain on a tin roof and the wind on a meditative night. Theories of frequencies uncovered bring about beliefs that a lower frequency was spuriously introduced to portions of the population to control and enhance fear, apathy and generally a lower state of being. The controlling nature of certain governments and regimes to keep their obedient and subservient population only existing day to day in their ‘lowered state’ for the controller’s End-Game. The lower frequency of this vibration, moving away from the natural state and into the unnatural, unhealthy level of being. This low and unnatural level of being promotes negatives such as wrong mental attitudes and degeneration of our cells. Some factors that are the causes of lower vibrating levels are television, films that promote anxiety and stress, being around negative people, unhealthy food and liquids, city and factory pollution, unhealthy lifestyles etc. Any lower frequencies that interfere with our natural level of healthy vibration should be observed and replaced with the higher levels that bring us back to the level that was intended. These higher levels promote rejuvenation, clarity of mind and successful living. This higher frequency is medicine and true living. From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of the atom, the movement of the planets in the solar system, the galaxies of the universe, everything is movement, everything is vibration. We are a manifestation of crystallisation, we are a digital form of a bioholographic assembly that vibrates to give us our devine reality. Our roles along this path are to recognise and be one with the correct frequencies. Our responsiveness is key. Being vibrationally in tune comes awareness and being aware comes quietening of the mind. We quite the mind – We Achieve Limitless. Lucid Science
  22. I feel your pain. We in the States had a turn out of 61%. I think it comes down to apathy, people have given up. Plus we are being manipulated by a corrupt media run by weathy men who have no ethics.. So much for having a free press. I wonder, is there any place on the planet where they have a good government? Welcome to UM.
  23. Are these Emotions that I am Experiencing my Own, or Someone Else’s? If we are True Empaths, we sense (Feelings) energies of other people even when they are not around us. These other Energies can be felt, experienced or even seen from any location anywhere in the world. Any distance away from us and we are able to pick up on these emotions (Energies) as if they were right in front of us. If we find ourselves in this Mystic category it is of utmost importance to stop and ask ourselves: – “Are these emotions that I am experiencing my own, or someone else’s?” This can be a great exercise in analysing our own feelings and energies on a daily basis, and can inevitably raise our own connectedness to the Energies that IS – Lucid Science. Lucid Science
  24. Dear colleagues here, time to bring you guys to the OP [below in Annex], so that you will be re-oriented correctly, instead of vagabonding everywhere, except keeping focused to the OP. Now, a lot of you who replied to me kept drumming that I am not doing any argument, but you are not thinking as to see an argument when one is looking straight into your eyeballs. The thread is on “God from the Investigation of Existence.” Now, a decent argument must first state the proposition to be advanced by the proponent, i.e. yours truly, Oslove. Next, the definitions of the important terms in the proposition, in our case: God, existence. That is why I say that you guys are always into evading, because no one here has contributed any additions to or subtractions from my concept of existence, and my concept of God. Here, I will bring forth from the OP my definitions of the two terms: Here is my concept of what is existence: Existence is what we experience with our senses in particular our consciousness, for example we experience the nose in our face, babies, roses, the sun in the sky at daytime and the moon in the sky at night, they all are instances of existence: and it is by our senses and in particular our consciousness that we come to know what is existence. Here is my concept of God: God in concept is first and foremost the creator cause of everything with a beginning. So, prove that you are NOT essentially into evasions from the thread, produce your definitions of existence and God. Annex
  25. In my mind's eye I really picture you looking like this
  26. There's a little more to it than just pushing back against the Press. President Donald Trump pressed senior aides last June to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific employees were likely to be witnesses against him as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to two people directly familiar with the matter. Source: Foreign Policy
  27. Its not my intention to upstage you or make fun of. Ridicule. Im not like that. I am truly interested in your perspective on above links and can respect your opinion.From someone so devout in there beliefs Im sure youve thought of this CH if you stand outside the box..your box..and look at these facts and apply critical thought its clear this is evolution and not any sort of intelligent design. Yet you still believe thats what it is. What is your explanation I kindly ask again ?. You must have one if you believe in a god. Whats up with flaws and mistakes in nature ? Why was god so clumsy..I really want to know. Truth is you dont have an answer that will support your beliefs. So dig down deep and realize maybe its because god doesnt exist. And you know what?..thats ok.Life remains pretty damn incredible. The fact we are here. Self aware life forms in this cosmic expanse I will go on to say its two things people with faith will never answer. Suffering and this last example. You all go on and on about everything else but will not ever address these two issues I can address cant. Why do you think that is
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