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  2. A neurochemical release due to a placebo.
  3. Blowing them up would certainly do that. As for the topic- One would think that condemning a terrorist killing people on US soil with bombs would take higher priority than gloating over firing someone.
  4. Hello again everyone, the higher quality version of BreakOUT is now available on SoundCloud! Check it out! Thanks again and please enjoy!
  5. With all due respect Brandy....positive vibes do not kill cancer cells.
  6. It isn't Russia that destroyed British democracy For our pro-EU political class to talk about national integrity is a sick joke
  7. Nah, it is always about us vs. them, that is the way things are. Yin and Jang universe we live in yeah.
  8. It can never be a discussion. Let me ask you a question. How do you feel? (it's a rhetorical question) The difference between Religion and Science is that Religion is something you 'know' based on feelings. Science is something you know based on thinking. Consider this: Thomas Edison created light. He didn't say...Let there be light and there was light. He created light after scientifically, methodically, documenting ten thousand different substances he had tried as a filament. He didn't feel that horse hair would work, he didn't feel that butterfly antennae would work...he thought he would eliminate what did and what didn't. That is science...that is thinking. But does he get credit for creating light? No. Because there is no 'feeling' attached to his light. Even though every church in the world has light bulbs. When we flip on the switch...there is light. That light never existed before. I know... But if you took a flashlight into the Congo for instance...and showed it to completely isolated natives...they would pray to you! They would think you were a God. Because they could not even begin to understand how you could create light any other way. That in a nut shell is religion. No explanation for the Universe around us existing other than...God. I hear the argument over and over again how the mere fact that we exist proves God. It is Feelings vs Thought Process. How do you feel? vs What do you think? I went to a church service with my family on Christmas Eve. The speaker proved that Jesus was the son of God. He said, Think of all the grains of sand on the beach. Now, paint one grain of sand red. Those are the odds. The odds of one man, born of a virgin, crucified and then see, that is how we know Jesus is the son of God. ...and I am thinking...No, that one red grain of sand on the beach represents the impossibility of the premise...not the conformation of it. There is no logical thought process when it comes to religion. It's all about 'feelings'. How can there be a discussion about how one feels? Put another way....A religious experience is all about 'feelings'. A scientific breakthrough is all about 'thinking' put into scientific method.
  9. Unlikely. Who cares? I certainly don't. I don't care if Scotland leaves the UK and joins the USSR.
  10. Totally agree but if (I'll say that again) if the economy goes south while Europe continues North those regions which voted against Brexit, particularly Scotland will see it as an opportunity to revolt against continued membership the Union of the Kingdom. whether the revolt is successful or not is a different question.
  11. Let's hope this provides a conclusive answer. I have to say though, from what I've seen so far in this thread, some will still dismiss the results as Western propaganda, and question the integrity of the OPCW should results point to renowned philanthropist, Putin We'll see, I guess.
  12. I am all for equal pay for equal value - but surely in sport and entertainment value can be deduced by audience and sponsorship?
  13. There wasn't a revolution on the several occasions the economy went south when we were IN the EU.
  14. This is the best one I could find.....
  15. I also suspect if things go south, so to speak, after Brexit, there will be a revolution - but I am hopeful it will be peaceful and democratic.
  16. I did respond to you joc as I find you a reasonable person. Unfortunately the post has disappeared and I can only imagine it is because it contained opinions contrary to the favoured one. Have a good day and I'd be happy to chat to you in another thread.
  17. If that's the winner I wonder what the losers photo was like?
  18. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds
  19. He is telling you that your drawing is not correct...
  20. acute

    The peasants are revolting!

  21. Female tennis stars want equal prize money to men, so why don't they play 5-set matches like the men do?
  22. but your initial position is not 180° !!!!!!!!
  23. I wanted to discuss this particular topic because I feel people misunderstand emotions, both positive and negative, and their source in the human brain. I will say now that if you don't believe that evolution is a thing then there may be nothing for us to debate as this is written from the basic standpoint that we are evolved beings. I often see people on this forum writing thing such as "If we could all just love each other" or "If only people could see the truth, joy and happiness is the key" etc. The problem with this thinking is that emotions don't sit as individual entities but rather as a complex mix. Some part of love is jealousy, some part of anger is caring and so on. They cannot exist on their own and the complex interplay between positive and negative emotions is absolutely vital for our survival. It is with this in mind that I would postulate that such a thing as a negative or positive emotion does not exist at all, that they are all valid and useful to us in some way. Psychology Today has a great article that expresses some of what I'm trying to say here: Trying to deny or suppress negative emotions can end up making you feel worse in the long run as they exist to help you survive. 'Positive' emotions can have hugely detrimental effects on people in exactly the same way as negative ones. If you were to love everyone and feel happy 100% of the time then you, as a human being, would lack the motivation to do anything. Why change anything, ever, if you're always happy no matter what? If you had love in your heart for everyone and everything, at all times, you would be paralysed every time it came to making a difficult moral choice or surviving a dangerous encounter with another individual. So if we cannot, and should not, eliminate 'negative' emotions and if they are in fact as important as the 'positive' ones then why do our societies continue to deny them, label them as 'evil' or 'harmful' and dismiss those that feel them more keenly than others as somehow 'ill' or 'mentally retarded'? It seems to me that if you hold certain emotions as 'virtues' and others as 'bad influences' you are doing yourself and the rest of humanity a disservice. What we as a species should be looking at is why the extremes of these emotions cause problems and what can be done for those who feel such extremes? If indeed we should do anything at all...
  24. See Mr Ozymandias answer .post 570
  25. I don't doubt that you've had an experience that has inspired you to believe old myths that are an easy fit to your experiences. I'm sure you believe what you say, I just think it's an entirely personal conclusion and doesn't apply to everything going on around us. Again, better explanations exist than an easy fit from an old myth, we know how the brain works and its proven everyday that we are only getting better at understanding it. I don't find comfort in what I see as false hope. If it works for you that's great, but it just doesn't have applications beyond that.
  26. Yes,it is getting.see it is getting 180 to 180 degree
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