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  2. With much love I will explain, One of the tribes of the family in recent times is the Miwok. As Miwok, my people endured the tail end of the conquistador conquer, slavery, and catholic conversions. Some slaves were deported to remote regions, and those who stayed in the area were catholic converts. Not long after being converted, my people fled back to the wilderness to become "Miwok" again, this took place in the 19th century, probably before 1820. Though around 1839 John SUtter created sacramento, only being able to do so by deceit. 1848 was the goldrush and along came more slavery as mining company. 1850 was when California was founded a state. My family started in Miwok when John Tripp, my English ancestor traveled to California at the tail end of the gold rush, and he bought a property called "The Enterprise". There he ambitiously made many shafts, and tunnels, where he found some gold vein, he used Chinese workers as well as white workers I would Imagine, though I am sure he treated his company well. He found a Local Miwok woman and eventually loved her. They married he had children, and these children became his mine workers, a family Gold company on the land of Enterprise. His Chinese Slaves were either freed or given to other occupation, I am not sure. Today in the land which was the Enterprise, where I grew up part of my life, there are still Chinese mounds from Mining, and Grinding Mortars near creek beds. I grew up a Mixed Heritage in a land where my people are rare, no reservation, no culture, no community, except for my close relatives who also are Miwok.
  3. Eldorado

    And love is loveliest when embalmed in tears.

  4. It is too cold
  5. Hi Will What more could you ask for the blessings abound. jmccr8
  6. I am Richard C. Joseph Cuuwewii (Little Pine) "The Panther of the Pine Woods" Nanticoke- 6 Nations Lenape Son of Chief Quiet Hawk, Grandson of Wayandaga "The Seeker of the Source" and Strong Medicine Woman Name yourself and your Tribal affiliation
  7. A nightmare on elm street
  8. Yeah, but you're a Canadian.
  9. I agree with Lilly. Get that over with. It must be painful.
  10. Hi Walker You do realize that trying to justify yourself in a response to our good humored jest just makes your answer funnier. jmccr8
  11. Hmm, yes I see. Plausible deniability every god should have a plan, actually I'm plan J and J is the tenth letter of the alphabet so I am a perfect 10. jmccr8
  12. It's true. I remember it being discovered within the past several years. The discovery generated a short burst of media interest and then died away pretty quick. It was interesting just because almost all of Khufu's causeway is gone. I think it's still not known how far out it extended.
  13. 36°F and dark
  14. The Sumerian Tablets claim that the pyramids emitted a sort of Lazer out the cone by emitting crystal, and this was used for Navigation in the celestial abodes. Recent understanding of the Watercliffe Tower by Telsa, and the study of Pyramidal science has unearthed that the Pyramids are usually linked to the Water Basin, where the Shuman's Resonance emits into the firing chamber, and there are certain gazing windows for sun and star light to enter the firing chamber, and likely the crystal in center, and together the frequencies of Earth and sky are bonded, which emits this energy into the atmosphere. The energy could be used for Communication, Navigation, and Bio-Rejuvination, as the lower chambers are Negatively Ionized. Look up the Bosnian Pyramid:
  15. If people are blinded by faith or religion,why are they so? Is it due to stupidity, brainwashing, believing they are right above all else, the human need to fit in with the crowd? In terms of Christianity there are numerous verses in the Bible relating to bridging the middle ground and equality.
  16. More like the opposite. Only a person who cares would bother to master their emotions to benefit themselves and those around him Detachment and some buddhist philosophy is also a part of it however Nothing material is really important. It is the state of our consciousness which determines our happiness etc.
  17. Not sure yet,i need to figure that out still.
  18. About a year and a half ago I had hernia repair surgery. I think it was well worth the short term pain of surgery to get rid of long term discomfort. If the Docs think fixing your hubby's hernia is the way to go, I recommend going for it.
  19. I am unsure, I think it might me a premonitionary Dream.
  20. That is the difference with living with a real god and living with a total faith and belief in one A belief compels obedience A real god allows you to disobey He loves and cares for me so, like my mother or father, he will continue to warn, instruct, mentor, and protect me, but wont stop me choosing my own path. "He" will do all he can to protect me from some of my choices but also to protect me from outside forces which i have no control over God gave me warning of my heart condition God protected and watched over me and helped me avoid the worst pain and recover quickly But my god is not all powerful all knowing or omniscient and thus cannot know what choice i wil make until i make it, so he must be prepared for a back up plan if i ignore him At present he is working with me on a difernt heart condition giving advice and knowledge and power but its up to me to control my diet and exercise which will influence the outcome God can give me help with this by adding strength of will but not a lot more. .
  21. What tribe and who's your chief?
  22. Lol Walker You believe in your alien, you believe that you have traveled the universe. You believe everything that you say and tell is that we can believe you because you don't lie even though you have admitted in this forum that in your "real" life that you would like to protect yourself or"others". This isn't your or my first day here so yes I have seen you express your beliefs many times and have gone into your profile to read ALL YOUR posts so don't try telling us that you don't have any. jmccr8
  23. A green shirt,blue hoodie and black pants.
  24. Right i am popping off to watch a film on the horror channel. If its $#/€ i will be back before the lock in...otherwise please leave the side window in the ladies toilet open so i can climb in later.
  25. It's his hernia, they want to make sure it's not a strangulated one, which means it could cut off other organs. Awaiting the CT Scan.
  26. Ancient Nomadic Yesrael seems to be parallel in so many regards to the more recent discovery of Native American culture. The beliefs are Astonishingly similar, and there are mounds of evidence to these claims. There is no malice on my part, I am not Zionist, I am Native American. May we learn and teach about the beliefs and evidences of these two people once being perhaps one people. Shaluwam.
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