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  2. Nnicolette

    Is eye color related to rh factor?

    Thanks for the addition! I saw a great chart on combinations and the resulting colors. 7 resulted in brown, 2 in green 1 im blue. but i am referring to the relation to the rh factor. To my understanding there are two alleles and you can be -(--) or +(++, or +-). I had read a claim that people witj green eyes can only be +- or -- and i was wondering if this is true because all examples i knew fit. I also read that both parents pass one of the alleles. So If one parent was -- they only could have passed a - so, whether you are -(--) or + (-+) if your parent was rh- you must have at least one - allele right?
  3. Blue Star

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    Glitch to galaxies Flux to eccentric orbits Interstellar dust.
  4. 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    Most annoying Christmas songs

    It's seems as if I'm getting more easily annoyed by X- mas songs these days.
  5. susieice

    Largest maternity scandal in NHS history

    The callousness is as horrific as the malpractice. So traumatic for those poor families.
  6. Melskaya

    Most annoying Christmas songs

    Now I have it stuck in my head. I pray for death.
  7. Robotic Jew

    Congressional Committee to Vote on THC Bill

    You're terrible at your job.
  8. Robotic Jew

    Robotic Jew

    Jim Jordan probably looks tough to people who don't realize he sat there and listened to an explanation for about 2 minutes and then launched into what was clearly a prearranged diatribe about what he expected the answer to be even though it was almost the exact opposite. 

  9. spartan max2

    Mass protest in Iran

    Iran has done a complete internet blackout of the country. I wish the protesters the best. Brave souls.
  10. Piney

    Pets Gallery

    We were "sitting one" that tried to eat a hole into the kitchen wall and bit the throat out of one of the teacup poodles. Luckily he missed the arteries and the poodle was OK.
  11. aztek

    Congressional Committee to Vote on THC Bill

    along with 1000 rounds a week, for gvmnt issued ak47
  12. Desertrat56

    Pets Gallery

    I had a co-worker who had 3 and he made harnesses for them and would have them pull him on his roller blades a mile every day like a mush team. He even trained them to follow the mush commands, gee & ha or what ever. He had figured out that a mile was really all they could go without stress. They were so well trained that he could leave the front door open and go in and out and they would not step over the threshold unless he said they could. My dad had one that he did not train and it trained him. It was a rotten little dog until it got old and couldn't hear anymore.
  13. Alchopwn

    Mass protest in Iran

    My effort was to point out that the Inquisition used John 15:5-6 as a justification for turning those they convicted of heresy over to secular authorities to be strangled and then their bodies burned. I would also point out that it is manifestly simple to make the Bible justify an vast number of criminal and inhuman acts if one has a mind to do so. I believe the Jesuits call the practice "casuistry". As Matthew 7:15-20 tells us, so I apply the message to the entire accursed hand-me-down fraud of a religion, for it has been far too long since it bore any good fruit. It is a bitter and toxic well to sup from, and I choose not to do so, lest I too become tainted and unwell.
  14. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    asteroid impact just another miniscule glitch to galaxies
  15. Piney

    Pets Gallery

    Jack Russel terrorists. We had one for whistle pigs which would lock onto a lasso and you could twirl her around.
  16. Alchopwn

    Mass protest in Iran

    You need to study the history of Christianity with a more critical eye my friend. It also wouldn't hurt if you were fluent in Church Latin. The fact is that the Office of the Holy Inquisition used this passage as part of its overall justification for the disposal of heretics. It may well be that during the earlier persecutions of heresy that it was used as well, but of this matter I am less certain.
  17. bee

    Open Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Starts 11/13

    Thiis whole Impeachment charade is just jaw dropping ..... Unbelievable that America is being put through it.... just unbelievable that anyone is taking it seriously - talk about dumbing down - the so called 'Deplorables' are ultra stable geniuses compared to the crazies who are totally buying into the Impeachment malarkey...
  18. aztek

    What did Mao -Stalin & Hitler have in common?

    thanks for proving my point.
  19. WVK

    Congressional Committee to Vote on THC Bill

    The Green New Deal
  20. Alchopwn

    Mass protest in Iran

    Is it not enough that a great many people were strangled to death, their faces left black and their tongues swollen in death rictus, and then burned as a public spectacle following the Catholic interpretation of this scripture, as it applied to the Office of the Holy Inquisition ? Just because you don't like the answer, doesn't mean it isn't valid.
  21. It would be nice to see the photos without the imposed outlines drawn over them like the first example to get our own impressions. MDagger
  22. Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    Here's the thing, Hollywood - 'Bloodshot' (merc gets kidnapped by secret program, gets turned into super-soldier) - is NOT such a distinctive concept that you couldn't have just made exactly the same film, called it something else, _AND NOT PAID VALIANT COMICS A F THING._

  23. ExpandMyMind

    What's wrong with Search?

    Wow. Thanks. That's actually amazing.
  24. OverSword

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    so it's happy end occurred on the seventh day asteroid impact
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