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  2. Or, Well, We could do more, but I better not tell!
  3. Lol I was looking on a dog adoption site, different enough
  4. And now, for something completely different...
  5. Like others, that has to be one of the most disturbing posts I've seen, and it was done to avoid answering a simple question... What a piece of work. Straight to my Ignore list, and I hope the mods take appropriate action...
  6. Ummmm... heard some of these books in library made some people believe they are chimps. Sounds interesting, have to read that.
  7. We now need a vomit emoji.
  8. They are great questions and you should persue them in earnest. They will lead you to a vast library of the works of the many who asked this question before us, and what they have discovered
  9. Or the Chicago Field Museum, "Attn. Kmt Sesh Please find enclosed a budgie, entirely expired. - likely yours, M. Python"
  10. Or maybe they just need a rational mind to understand that race doesn't matter!
  11. In a way I guess Removing the shackes of religion, taking of spiritualities rose coloured glasses is a giant weight forced from generation to generation on the yoke of religious indoctrination which is a relief to finally unburden oneself of. Its enlightening and feeing to be abke to look at the world without the shadow of belief to cloud the view. Is that fortune cookie enough for you to understand?
  12. I'll send a video these days
  13. lol, send it to Adelaide museum
  14. Can I watch when you tell him that please
  15. Lucky for you we dont live in......Darwinian Structure.. Good "0".. Rainbows and Fluffy Puppies, God again ..more historical Lolz ... Dude , I love your examples.. Beautiful.. I feel all fluffy .. Nature is ........ Alive, and she's Humming .. With Life ... Fluffy .. God and Chiropractor s.. Ha ha ha ha ... ... Wrong Alignment.. Its energetic first .. Then once thats in Alignment the Physical will follow.. It all happens in the energetic field first... Head on.... Into a brick wall... Ouchy ... Mo..xx
  16. The Powers that Be did a great job of putting people under mind control! ha ha ha
  17. The red-head was all brawn and no brains though. cormac
  18. Good choice man!!!!!!!!! I'm partial to to Lucifer Morningstar myself. He seems to handle being hard done by very well and has a unique attitude and I think you would enjoy his arrogance
  19. *this is my grumpy look*
  20. Redhead!!!! Blonde is sissy.
  21. The problems we have is that most of the world thinks Adam and Eve actually happened by the Bible. This is what we are dealing with....
  22. Which one, the original red-head or the blonde? cormac
  23. So that would be no you do not understand it and fear any rational ideal so you feign it off with a poor attempt at humour then. That's what your trying to get across in your own 'special' way I take it.
  24. Lol I don't know her address
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