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  2. Well....I haven't heard of any UFO buffs shooting non believers outside of Area 51 recently...
  3. Here's part of a letter from the National Geographic It is natural that the most enthusiastic publishers of such information are believers, and sometimes their over enthusiasm is evident Such evidences do not prove the religious beliefs of jews and Christians to be true, they just prove the historical context in which those beliefs arose to be historically true. But the information gathered has been done by professionals in many fields and is accepted in the main as accurate. Ahh, very well then, that for you, the above sources are the how and why that determines bible is a history book when it is not. Bible documentaries designed for entertainment purposes, and apologetics sites to confirm a believers bias. I observe your opinion is personal ( subjective) as opposed to academic. Of course, you are free to argue and beleive as you choose and I appreciate your candor. All the best.
  4. LOL, so you think this vid shows a spirit of some kind and has not been manipulated? (which it so obviously has)
  5. The camera wasn't triggered by the 'orb' as it was recording prior to its appearance. 'Ring' is a cloud connected doorbell and having seen one opperate at default settings it is so super sensitive that it would pick up a tiny insect etc. I installed one for my father and during the first nights operation it spammed his phone continuously with images of everything from hedgehogs to insects. We adjusted the sensitivity settings and it stopped immediately and is a known 'issue' with the early firmware builds . Amazon bought them out so expect a rash of Ring doorbell ghosts on a YouTube channel near you soon.
  6. Me, Loki and the pack..
  7. Yes, your false bravado actually is obvious for one capable of critical thinking.
  8. and are very invasive. We battle so many invasive species in the Pine Barrens it's starting to become a full scale war.
  9. Its one of many facets. However what is defined as religion has had much more of a social influence than has things like modern sports. People have killed in the name of religin while not so much over a sports game.
  10. Strip Club owner who ratted out mobsters won't go into hiding A former strip club kingpin who went from doing business with the mob to helping convict dozens of gangsters, including John “Junior” Gotti, has been hiding in plain sight in the Big Apple since getting sprung from prison, The Post has learned. Despite being warned there’s a $1 million bounty on his head, Scores co-founder Michael Blutrich refused to enter the witness protection program, instead bouncing around from Westchester to Long Island and the city since his release. Read more:
  11. Very obvious for a person capable of critical thinking.
  12. Well Purdue was my last team in the Tourney. Nice to see 3 Cinderella teams in the elite 8. Obviously the winner of the Kansas St. vs Loyola Chicago will make the final four and Florida st is still alive.
  13. Well, you might as well say that people intensely following the men's and women's March Madness basketball finals is some sort of a "religion" too, as well as those passionately engaged in college football, the NFL, Daytona 500 and Indy 500's, world wide soccer, etc etc.
  14. 'Obvious'? Oh brother, this forum.
  15. You most definitely don't want thistle growing in your yard. They can grow to around three feet high and are very prickly.
  16. I'm going to doubt those things set off a motion detector. Nor appear to emerge from the house as an orb shape.
  17. Australia, Britain's daughter, is a true ally of Britain, unlike most European nations.
  18. I keep a Rand McNally in the car at all times. GPS is fine but I prefer to see the route ahead of time. I also don't like to totally depend on technology.
  19. You're actually applying a branch of science onto a myth? How can you be so certain of anything on a subject like this? I don't see enough evidence anywhere to make certain of anything with religion. What evidence makes you certain?
  20. Both the UK and Australian Government should have built upon the Anglo-French Concord project. building a larger aeroplane with the ability to reach Australia and the Far-East non-stop it could have done it within 8 hours. - Apparently a new plane is on the Horizon which could do the journey in 2 hours. But its great the news of this non-stop flight. lets hope it becomes the norm.
  21. So how did this clown get to his position? ...and why is he still employed?
  22. Johnny Vaughan did a series of programs called "MudMen" for the History channel on just this, it was very interesting.
  23. Ah faith "Lets keep our fingers crossed." Why? Faith in What? Religion and the absence of it will always be here. It's too useful a social control mechanism.
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  25. Continuing a tradition popularised by the Victorians, "mudlarkers" scour the foreshore of the Thames in search of historical treasures. Two thousand years of human history are revealed by the low tide on London’s largest archaeological site and we spoke to the foreshore’s mudlarkers about their favourite finds...
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