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  2. Notre-Dame cathedral

    YOU DID SAY THAT what did he say? that we wage many wars?? so did UK, and i proved that yesterday.
  3. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    Can't we just pull a Mexico and help them travel north to the next border?
  4. No item condition mentioned ob Ebay, so pls be careful because to me, it looks used.
  5. Notre-Dame cathedral

    again, seriously? lmao google knows? wow, are you that stupid for real, or you trolling?
  6. Notre-Dame cathedral

    And the news is wrong. They are propagating PURE guesswork.
  7. Notre-Dame cathedral

    try google for.....what caused the fire who said Brits are best?..... i simply posted the words FROM YOUR OWN EX PRESIDENTS MOUTH deal with it
  8. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    i have no problem with trump seeking better relations with russia,
  9. Notre-Dame cathedral

    That Time story represents VERY unprofessional reporting. The investigators are not on site yet. The un-named "French official" is PURELY guessing.
  10. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    Yes it will. As we can predict, any city inundated with 10,000 people with no jobs, no shelter, and no money will certainly be a strain. Most cities already have a population of homeless citizens that don't all seem amenable to help. The question becomes, how to make the best of it? Will they fail or will they be able to coordinate with employers who need labor? Part of that question will depend on immigrant status. Are they out pending a hearing and can work with temporary work permits or not? Does somebody reanimate the concept of a poor farm from the early 1900's, where people live and work? I am only assuming, but it may be that some of the farmers and rural business owners that need help are conservatives and Trump supporters. They also might have a big stake in working this out. Will liberals and conservatives somehow come together on this and solve it or will we sit back in our trenches and watch warily? Either way, we need a secure border. How we figure out what to do with the people already here remains to be seen.
  11. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    what democracy?? you were always subjects under the queens rule, you may have had illusion of democracy, that is about all,
  12. Let's talk history

    People faking a Native American ancestry would submit a fake genealogy to the LDS database ( because the Mormons don't check ****). Then pull it back out and use it as "proof". That failed when all the ancestry record websites came about though.
  13. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    And probably, if we looked, the same level of activity by Hillary Clinton. Probably Trump also had contacts with The UK, Japan, China, Israel.... But those are OK since there's no Putin involved there. Trump clearly wanted to try another "Reboot with Russia", and chose some of his people due to their contacts. I don't find that supposition surprising. If Clinton had been on his team, doubtless she would be qualifying as one of the collusionists of his administration. Given her background and her contacts. Basically, I think Barr already summed it up. There was not enough evidence, or open motive, to charge anyone else.
  14. Notre-Dame cathedral

    really? investigators are not even allowed in yet, but MSM already knows? btw what happens to "we Brits are the best" thread you had going yesterday? i was looking forward to more, it was hilarious, where is it? i forgot what section it was in, can you point to it?
  15. Notre-Dame cathedral

    it was caused by an electrical fault....its all over the news why is this thread dragging on? stuff gets burnt down every day churches and cathedrals are not exempt!!!! get a grip people.....none of you cared about it before it burnt......so why care now?
  16. Two recent experiences with presice noises

    That sounds like a woodpecker. Many times I will just hear them peck 3-4 times and be done. Outside it echos and you can't really tell where it originates from unless it goes for another 3-4 pecks.
  17. I don't believe you

    If that is your question, then my answer is that I like to get on certain posters' ignore lists! Especially those that are so arrogant as to make out ALL doubters, skeptics, atheists and general non-believers to be Rational. The same can be said of those, so-called believers who are 100% certain of their faith. Faith is not faith without a teensy-weensy of doubt. What is so rational about not having people like you around to remind the believers of their irrational beliefs? You, collective you, meaning all you 100% rational people make the world so much fun, as you put doubt on the pedestal for us. The most noted faithful men.and women of history have doubt to thank for their faith. The believers, who believe solely on faith, cannot argue within their irrational group, as faith is not debatable, rationally speaking. Therefore it's people like you that we believers are left with. Unless we are placed on the ignore list for showing them that they are not so rational at times, as they believe themselves to be. To be rational one must know everything. Because without that absolute knowledge we are all mere, doubtful mortals, armed with only opinions. And we all, at least know just what an irrational animal man can be. Irrational to the point of claiming to be 100% rational. Life would not be any fun without a little bit of doubt, rationally speaking. The world is made up of opposites, and we need both believers and non-believers to generate that little bit of needed doubt...doubt is the spice of life. However, you get credit for being the OP of a good and rational post, because many participants have shown their arrogance, while a few have shown their modesty, as it comes to really know the nature and essence of God. As a very wise man once said about God, "The Father and Maker of all this universe is past finding out; and even if we found him, to tell of him to all men would be impossible." Especially to those who believe they are rational beings.
  18. So scared I called the police

    Sounds like maybe a friend pranking you. That would explain why the dogs didn't bark it up.
  19. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    at this point it is perfectly clear, it is NOT an investigation, it is a campaign to FABRICATE and FALSIFY EVIDENCE. no matter what they will say they found, it will no doubt be a LIE.
  20. Would you be so kind as to name these individuals that have been rude in this thread? Because I see people trying to be helpful.
  21. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    The announcement of the sad death of a much loved friend. AND FINALLY… THE TIMES ANNOUNCES DEATH OF DEMOCRACY Death Notice in today’s Times for UK Democracy, mourning the death of Democracy “in her sleep” at 11pm on the 29th March 2019 by “foul play”: “UK Democracy on 29th March 2019, aged 312. It was with sad regret that Democracy died quietly in her sleep at 11pm, on the 29th March 2019. The cause of death was by foul play and the culprits have yet to be brought to justice. Democracy campaigned for the rule of law, human rights and free elections. She listened to everyone and favoured the majority in all her decisions. She will be sorely missed. God have mercy on her soul”. – Guido Fawkes For those who never watched NF video.
  22. Atheism is incompatible with science

    For those interested...
  23. Notre-Dame cathedral

    wow, spoken like a true idiot, bringing up irrelevant things, is a sure sign of that, go ahead type more b.s. it is not like you can do anything else
  24. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Actually...doesn't the report say that there was no evidence of obstruction? yeah...I think it does. So...it's a mute point. No collusion, no obstruction! The witch hunt is over and they found no witches. Now, the Main Stream Global Leftist Media wants to change the subject to something else. It's over. Forget it...
  25. Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Biz

    They replaced Paul and then told everyone they did it and people still don't believe it!
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