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  2. I watched the video. The way she acts at the start is almost like she's playing hide and go seek or something. Then she goes out and you see her looking towards someone or something and gesturing. Eventually she goes out and you don't see anything else. Twice i saw the elevator door open and close, as though someone out of camera range pushed the button of the elevator, but never steps in. Then a little while later you see it happen again open, but no one steps in.Really weird.
  3. Good for you!! A simple google search shows it was solved before...
  4. Why is it, Christians think anyone who doesn't believe their brand of mythology, hasn't read their Bible. Many people read it and because they read it they come to the realization it has a lot of mythological holes in it. I read it through three times. First two times I was guided in a Bible class, so I understand how it can be cherry picked and manipulated to brainwash me into belief. The third time I read it, it was on my own and I had just had a college world religion course, so I had been introduced to other "sacred" texts. So this time I read it as I would read any other book, at face value. When I did that, it just didn't make it as a book to live my life by. After reading many sacred texts and many secular philosophical texts I came to the conclusion Tolkien had done a wonderful job of combining philosophy with mythology. They are my go to books for life quotes. Plus, I know who wrote it, unlike the Bible, in which there is really no way to track who really wrote the texts and their motives. And then there is Star Trek, it was a revelation, when I realized Star Trek's influence on my core morality in my childhood, which made me realize how inmoral many Biblical ideals are. First read Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth, before you reread the Bible, it gives you a different view of the mythology we humans create of which the Bible is just one of many.
  5. Well, since the "insurance policy" (just in case Trump managed to win) was discussed in "Andy's office" this really isn't all that surprising. Seems like a pretty good reason to fire someone IMO.
  6. I think there is a difference between "Mental down time" and boredom. i meditate or even just sit outside drinking tea and not thinking of anything. You think about it when your bored. @Dark_Grey
  7. Nah, I meant more like mental self-amusement. Like when you aren't doing stuff and have to just sit and wait. I can just be still, and let the random musings in my head keep me entertained while looking around keeps me entertained. I already am doing the things the article suggests doing to take good advantage of boredom. I don't need to always be occupied or engaged with external things like what they are talking about in the article. Especially phone- I just use mine as a phone/text. But everywhere I see people just buried in their phones doing stuff.
  8. In Soviet Russia, gun kills hunter
  9. In short, you can "live in the moment". Isn't that a big part of life?
  10. Great story, particularly there is more we don’t know, then we do know. Our bodies are the unspoken heroes more often than they get credit for.
  11. This is actually a big deal, the lack of boredom. Psychologists speculate that it could be causing problems for society at large because the human mind depends on "mental down time". So while you may feel bored, your mind is hard at work analyzing your problems, be it relationships or work or personal projects. The advent of smartphones has completely turned this on it's head as now, we're never bored. In those moments we used to sit quietly and contemplate, we're now on social media or playing games. I've actually been very aware of this lately. I keep mental notes of times throughout the day where I should be bored and i stop myself from instinctively reaching for my phone. No wonder everyone seems to be more neurotic - we aren't giving ourselves the chance to clear out mental clutter. Do you know why great ideas seem to come to you in the shower? The shower is one of the rare places you can't take your phone. Imagine that.
  12. Actually Booth isn’t expressing his opinion, he is conveying an established fact. There was no inculpatory evidence ever found that directly or indirectly links Scott Peterson to the disappearance and subsequent murder of his wife. Furthermore, it was not Booth who established this fact, it was the Modesto Police Department at the conclusion of their investigation.
  13. Guess Shut-down Schumer didn't like the poll numbers he was seeing. Trump mopped the floor with the dems once again.
  14. see the cheesy potato salad!
  15. I make this often!! Easy flat bread in minutes! But excuse the mans shirt!! I use a similar process for quick pizza. Once the bread is done I add tomato sauce, NOT ketchup, just puréed tomatoes in their juice with salt and oregano..., cheese and whatever toppings
  16. I'm not saying he won't retire, but I don't think it is a sure thing. It'd be a good time for him to hang it up. i hope the cheater does.
  17. Great stuff! what I miss soooo much since leaving Sweden is kalles caviar
  18. I make a version of this.. I don't use the coriander.. But I toast my cumin, lots of garlic, turmeric, thyme, and crushed chili peppers. I also make my own sweet corn stock in the summer from shucked cobs.. and smoke dehydrate the fresh corn. I use a bunch of dehydrated corn in the soup and not as much canned corn. It's a very corny chowder. I should add some ginger next time. Corn stock is also great for other chowders too. And for rehydrating dehydrated corn or other veggies. Super easy. Just take fresh shucked cobs broken up into chunks and water, simmer for about an hourish to release the fresh taste but not make a cooked corn taste. This is not a stock suitable for reduction I've found, kills the taste too much. But it freezes real well.
  19. That would make sense. No matter what color a Arabian horse is. It's still a Arabian horse and shares the same genes.
  20. Today I will make it easy for me.. (wife works late).. One of the kids favorite food. fishballs in dillsauce and bulgur cooked in broth. With some extra butter, salt, squeezed lemon and dill in it its actually quite good
  21. easy home made butter
  22. Legos, woodwork, flintknapping fixing things that work by internal combustion and exploring the woods. When this laptop craps I will probably buy a diagnostic scanner and no longer be online. I have always been happiest alone and able to keep myself occupied.
  23. Welcome to UM Albator Could you explain your explanation please?
  24. Its allways sad when you lose a family member like that.. The same happened to me a couple of years ago, My 4year old cat went out (as she did every day) between christmas and new year and never came back. And I never knew what happened either
  25. FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly threatened to resign from his post after being pressured by the Trump administration to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Axios, citing three sources with direct knowledge of the situation, reports that Wray had threatened to leave his position if McCabe was to be removed amid growing pressure by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions was reportedly urged to put pressure on Wray by President Trump. Source: CBS News
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