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  2. Atheism is incompatible with science

    take it any way you like, I know the truth.
  3. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Life is an investment. One thing or another has to be committed to. There is only one chance to get it right. Just like with all investments, there are no guarantees. There is no evidence to be had that an investment will pay off. It's nervous time. That's why those who have not invested in the right thing want to have relief from their anxiety. That's why they come here to argue that there is no God. That's their investment. There is no God. They're "all in". Because if there is a God, they won't be enjoying any returns. Ya can't get something out of what ya didn't put anything into.
  4. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Sounds like a confession.
  5. Atheism is incompatible with science

    What investment?
  6. Atheism is incompatible with science

    So it may appear.
  7. Atheism is incompatible with science

    To have Faith is to humble yourself, to raise your perspective to the heights of the sky and look down on the tiny, inconsequential speck that is you, an arrogant little speck of protoplasm, a tiny effigy, form from the living clay of life.
  8. WA passes sanctuary state law

    That's what I was thinking. This is essentially de facto secession. It ought to incur cessation of federal funds. The Federal Government has long controlled the states through funding where it didn't have the authority to control them by law. These states are not islands (no offense, Hawaii), the lawlessness they allow and encourage doesn't stay within their borders. Non English speaking non Americans are not likely to understand how our state governments are set up, so whatever they get away with in sanctuary states they will assume to be the norm everywhere. I found particular irony in the sentence "Local and state authorities are also broadly prohibited from sharing immigration information about people in custody with immigration authorities, except under a valid court order or where required by law." Enforcing the laws of the United States is required by law and is part of the oath of office of every law enforcement official and elected representative. I suppose the people running these states consider themselves to be beneficiaries of sanctuary from the law.
  9. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Will 'understands' you. Is that not telling you anything right there???
  10. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Yes, he will cave like many before him, either he will man up and humble himself or he will disappear like so any others, or go out with a bang like the really arrogant bunch.
  11. Atheism is incompatible with science

    What you have offered me is a rationalization as opposed to the premises to consider your claim. You are trying to bamboozle and deceive me as opposed to offering me the facts. You have my attention, shoot. Argue for god with facts, Will.
  12. Atheism is incompatible with science

    No, you don't believe it--that's your problem. You want to believe it but, that hardnosed Ozie inside tells you it's BS. You want to validate it by getting hardnosed sceptics to admit to the possibility. You're just like every other poor soul I've seen here, spilling their guts about faith in things they can't believe--just like you and you'll fold, eventually, just like they did. Lack of Faith is a very personal problem for you and you won't be able to believe anything--truly believe, without it.
  13. Atheism is incompatible with science

    You have offered nothing to consider except anecdotal tales. Let me say this again, what are your facts for me to consider your claim.
  14. Atheism is incompatible with science

    That there's a reason why they're arguing desperately to be convinced that the right decision is to not invest in the afterlife. To not invest in the existence of God. Because if laying up treasures in heaven is the right thing to do, then it will be a disaster to discover after the fact that all the hardwork of climbing life's ladder was for naught. Because of it having been put up against the wrong wall in the first place.
  15. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Knowledge? What knowledge? What you have is a subjective interpretation of an personal experience. Knowledge equals facts, what facts do you have?
  16. bull, show us. oh wait i already did, few posts above, lol btw swastika isn't racist. but to a racist everything is racist.
  17. Atheism is incompatible with science

    I've never seen so many people craving to believe that something does not exist. As if it is a matter of great importance to them. Understand why you have that attitude, and the resolution will come to you. What folly it is, to try and prove something like this in the negative.
  18. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Nothing to do with MW
  19. Atheism is incompatible with science

    That rant is more a commentary on you. I certainly believe quite a bit I can't prove, and anyone who doesn't, is off their cruet.
  20. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Nope, the great irony here is that there are a bunch of people claiming that I am pretending to non-existent knowledge, when it is clear to me, that they are guilty of that very thing, pretending to know that I don't have that knowledge. Only ego allows such presumption. You don't, and cannot know whether I am being truthful, and are defaulting to "untruthful" or "deluded". But, perhaps ignorance is bliss.
  21. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Well you finally got your 15 minutes of fame and you are the shadow of MW. Yawn.
  22. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Sure, when pigs fly. Habitat, you've already admitted you believe things you can't prove and that you can not produce any evidence to back any of them up. Sounds like one too many kangas banged off the old bonnet.
  23. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Ha ha ha ha ha... You are blowing smoke out your ego.
  24. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Not provable if there is no other witness or evidence.
  25. Atheism is incompatible with science

    There you go, a desperate attempt to discredit me by a false comparison.
  26. Atheism is incompatible with science

    That's a real possibility and provable by collateral evidence and, thus a poor analogy.
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