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  2. Nope, our systemizing skills are too good no matter what the spectrum level.....call it "Autistic Pragmatism". He has none.
  3. Maybe Atlantis was the Siberian Craton? It happened to be forming over the Icelandic Hotspot somewhere about the Carbofibberus.
  4. and then

    Arrest Made in 1985 TWA hijacking

    Bring him here. Beat him unconscious then shoot him and dump him in the woods.
  5. Habitat

    Mistakes in Quran?

    Needless to say, I can't be bothered trawling through his endless "holy dopamine ghost" phase, which was like so much of the dogmatic assertion making around here, more about convincing himself, in the negative, than any real science. He does appear to now contradict that previous mindset, but I'd be happy to hear why you might think otherwise.
  6. susieice

    Mystery surrounds orange wristband deaths

    Philly is right there with ya. News is saying they were all together and took the same drugs. Sounds like it may have contained a lot of Fentanyl.
  7. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Mistakes in Quran?

    @Davros of Skaro please tell me this is a joke.
  8. You know, I have the unpleasant hunch Oversword may have been right about Mario. He might be on the spectrum and incapable of meaningful interactions. —Jaylemurph
  9. I wrote an article on the Thracian origin of Dionysus —or rather, Zagreus, his nocturnal counterpart. Sounds like I need to revisit its conclusions, though, in light of Minoan influence. ...although I think I used some Linear A as evidence of something or other. It’s been five years or more since I wrote it. —Jaylemurph
  10. C.E.Martin

    If it feels strange, measure it!

    Samsung S6 and 7 do. You place your finger over sensor and it measures heart rate, o2 and somehow "stress level". (I'm replying on an S7Active)
  11. susieice


    Wow. Just saw in the news that people are starting a fundraiser for a woman injured in a car accident. The driver rear-ended a box truck at a high rate of speed driving a $300,000 2018 McLaren 720S. She wasn't wearing a seat belt. I sure hope this guy has good insurance. It should cover her medical expenses.

  12. freetoroam




    Just made that up, what do you reckon for the title of the next James Bond film? 

    1. freetoroam


      Would like to see Diane Abbot play Jane Bond, just so I can see her wig come flying off as she sky dives through Catford.

  13. acute


    I didn't know Prince could play the guitar!


    1. Piney


      You never saw "Purple Rain"? 

    2. acute



      I don't like any of his songs, except for 99 Red Balloons. :yes:

    3. freetoroam


      Oh Prince not 'prince'


  14. joc

    Mistakes in Quran?

    While others may be confused about your post...I am not! Just sayin' What the Great Lord of the Brain Dope is actually saying is: Really...owners of the Elephant...swarms of flying creatures pelting the enemies of Islam with stones of baked clay? Making them like crops devoured by cattle? Obviously...correct me if I am wrong (I know you will).... What the King of Mind Dope is saying is that the Creativity of the Quran is quite amazing...NOT ...that it is correct or that he supports it...just that the creativity is amazing. slinks off to the dungeon to guard the treasure left therein
  15. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Franco exhumation expected to cause upset

    No one is trying to erase history. We aren't talking about a small headstone here. Many people feel that something like this is "a little" over the top for a dictators grave. I lived in Spain when Franco died. I was too young to remember, but my parents have told me about how happy and relieved most people were when he died.
  16. Aquila King

    When does thought transition to belief?

    People have settled for less evidence. Just be glad he requested any at all.
  17. Swede

    Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc

    Extensive professional experience with lithic recovery, analysis, documentation, experimental replication, and peer-reviewed publication. Not to mention those pesky degrees. And your personal background and assessment qualifications would be? .
  18. joc

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    Hey! WAKE UP! it was inherently, totally, HILLARY CLINTON
  19. Jon the frog

    Franco exhumation expected to cause upset

    Let him there to remember... erasing history is not a clever way to moving forward.
  20. Today
  21. Post # 772 not only DOESN’T support the idea that Greenland was in front of the PoH/SoG but is also irrelevant to the existence of our genus, dating back to 2.8 million years BP as well as our species circa 300,000 BP. cormac
  22. Jarocal

    Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc

    Just say " I have smacked rocks with other rocks and diverse blunt objects a lot". They wpnt listen anyhow...
  23. It astounds me that anyone would claim psychic abilities, seriously, ,but what amazes me more is that the request for evidence was “do you really read minds?”
  24. No, No, and No. Kindly cease your pointless floundering. Your deluded premise is technically unsupportable on numerous levels. Period. At least have the courtesy to minimize wasting site band-width. .
  25. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc

    Piney knows his Schist, that’s true.
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