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  2. Nigel Farage’s undisclosed ‘lavish’ gifts

    His minders aren't doing too well at their jobs... "Nigel Farage has been hit with a milkshake in Newcastle city centre, after a spate of similar incidents against far-right candidates in the European elections campaign. "The Brexit party leader appeared to be furious after the incident and was heard to mutter “it’s a complete failure, you could have spotted that a mile” as his security team led him away." At the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/20/nigel-farage-doused-with-milkshake-in-newcastle At the Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7049597/Nigel-Farage-pelted-MILKSHAKE-European-election-tour.html
  3. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Quoting Doug's lastest nugget "When it comes to climate science, the news media are not at all reliable. The peer-reviewed journal article is still the gold standard of scientific truth." That was true when the peer-reviewed journals were not politicized and when the study funding came from sources not trying to monetize an issue.
  4. Here's a good one. link * UAPs = Unidentified Ariel Phenomena The U.S. government came a large step closer to confirming the reality of UAPs when the U.S. Navy acknowledged in late April that “there have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated airspace in recent years.” Just "piles of paper" is all they're collecting :--) And this is UAPs just in military airspace. Can you imagine what a USAF has to say about what they have seen in ALL American airspace!?!?
  5. The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. Of course. One billion in 40 years for the project. How may billions for the military in the same period of time?
  6. Word Association from the Last Letter

    year -> revolve
  7. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    Teach All Pupils At School PUPIL
  8. Climate Change is a Hoax

    When it comes to climate science, the news media are not at all reliable. The peer-reviewed journal article is still the gold standard of scientific truth. Doug
  9. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    obliterate - > hydroelectricity
  10. I would have thought, given the human remains found in them, that it was a mortuary complex? Human remains in jars link
  11. Cern and time line jumping

    The more I experience odd things myself and the more I hear of other people experiencing them the more I come to realise that current physics isn't the final say on things. Mind you, I notice that sceptics are quick to point out there is no evidence for this stuff. Yet there is. We all have odd experiences including them. The difference is they devalue theirs as meaning anything but a challenge to their rigid worldview. We assume the past is fixed, but its just an assumption.
  12. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Obviously everything said on this FOX video is lies. The man does not have the right credentials or facts on this subject. He's probably a Republican too. Be sure to listen to his Trump lies about Obama's ERA Endangerment Finding. The Endangerment Finding that federal environments policies are based on. But that shouldn't be according to Doug. Doug tells us that our climate models aren't accurate enough to base policies on.
  13. One of my favorite books on Apollo is Rocket Men by Robert Kurson. According to the cover, he has a degree in philosophy, a degree in law, and earns his living as a writer. I don't see in there any mention that he has direct experience of a large technology/engineering project like Apollo. So are you going to criticize his qualifications to write an account of the Apollo 8 mission? I used to work for the UK government's Department of Trade & Industry, but I was just a small cog in that big machine. Consequently, I am not citing that as a qualification for anything. I already told you, the resources required to adapt the LM for a sample return mission weren't funded by public money, and hence there was no requirement for the designs to be put into the public domain. By the way, are you sure everything funded by public money has to go into the public domain? I guess all the money put into military projects would be a waste if every blueprint and line of code had to be made publicly available to America's potential enemies. In any case, I already gave you a narrative of what was involved - a retractable scoop to collect the samples, and a modified Corona re-entry capsule to bring them back to Earth. The arrangement was remarkably similar to the Soviet Luna probes I linked to in an earlier post. As for your other demands, I keep telling you none of the evidence is mine to give. The point I was making about Larry Baysinger is the "evidence" is the sort of thing which under other circumstances ChrLzs would pull apart. What is the evidence? An article in an obscure newspaper, and an extremely noisy recording. Who knows, the whole thing might have been a hoax! If evidence like that had been posted on UM as proof of UFOs it would have been laughed at. I will leave it to others to decide whether you describing the term "Apollo Simulation Project" as a "big fat farce" is an attempt to discredit me or not. And by the way, the term isn't "mine", it appears on a memo sent by Werner von Braun to James Webb in September 1968. But of course, you are not going to believe the memo is genuine ...
  14. The actual title is The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot. I removed the second "the" to fit it in the title line. The movie was bad. I mean really, really bad. It bounced around so much and never explained things that they made a point to focus heavily on. The bigfoot part was actually quite dumb. https://film.avclub.com/should-a-movie-called-the-man-who-killed-hitler-and-the-1832362802
  15. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I love this one. Many a truth was spoken in jest.
  16. Cern and time line jumping

    There is something I forgot to mention. The Berenstien/Berenstain bears is a non-incident, proof that people do not read or remember correctly. My mother was a kindergarten teacher and my brother had those books in the 60's, and she kept those books for her class when he didn't need them any more. The name was always Berenstain. Maybe in some alternate reality the authors had a different name, but in this one their name is spelled with an A not an E. I don't discount people's experiences, I just discount that it is the whole western population that is affected en masse.
  17. Why? We know they exist..And some do not have mundane explanations..I think where the issue comes in is that believer's automatically assume it's alien's from another planet. Actual eyewitness testimony can only take it so far. Sure people see these things and it's hard to believe they are all lying. But that said we are human and as such we are not very good data taking machines...Bottom line is we all see what we want to see....Over time stories become more and more embellished, things added, things taken away.....For example. Start a rumor on this forum. It don't have to be true just tell a fake story..By the time it washes out the story will have changed hundreds of times. That's the way it is with UFO eyewitnesses especially if more than one person saw it....By the time it's over the story has ballooned into who knows what. Eyewitness testimony is just part of a much larger scenario....
  18. Cern and time line jumping

    Yes, it is also a fact that some things are not verifiable YET.
  19. acute

    It's all happening in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal!

  20. What are you watching?

    Spartacus (1960) It was on Netflix. I've seen it before, it's one of my favourite classic films.
  21. Love

    Excellent points overall, Light Angel. The problem with our current global situation wrt humanity is that the megaphones aren't willing to change their tune - which is calculated and devised with much thinking and cunning - so that changing the way most of us think, and view love, is truly daunting. Humanity does think, and think and think, but the majority do not think critically, especially about themselves. Instead, we seem to be tribalized in our thinking, and conformity is emphasized and rewarded....materially mostly, but also emotionally via inclusion for the conformists, shunning and bullying for the questioners. Thought conformity and tribalism are the weapons of control, the tools of programming, and the shaping method that debases the individual self. Where I live it's all about teams, like sports, for all of societies' actions and messages. This emphasizes emotional thinking, inevitably negative emotional thinking, especially as applied to other 'teams.' Most people fear and detest the emotion of loneliness, so they sacrifice (unquestioningly) their independent reasoning for team thinking, so that they don't feel alone. As you point out, the danger to us all is the thinking of the powerful, who rationally think about how this divided, team thinking world can be manipulated to keep them in power. And it works like a charm. It takes courage to break free from this cage, and an awareness of the dynamic of the cage. As for love, or Love, here the problem is that people mostly think of it in terms of intimate, relationship love...and familial relationship love. But these are often mutable and sometimes strangling and hurtful. People can become disgusted with the idea of this love, once they've been victimized enough by it. Or, if they have a successful love relationship, it is often seen as a 'prize', as having won something in our overly competitive world. Status and comparison drives this internalization, as you so rightly put it. As high functioning, sensate beings we, like other species, are gifted with a capacity for love; it relies on a communion with the environment and an innate acceptance of being just a tiny functioning part of it. Put the question: What will you miss from this world after you're gone? The list soon becomes enormous. If we look at the stars on a clear night or watch the full moon rise and contemplate this same question, big love rises inside us along with the moon. We innately love the natural world, the big life we're part of, our little lives, our special limitations and differences. I advise unstructured, quiet contemplation as a daily tool to regenerate our experience of big love. But the global megaphones won't let that message be reinforced, not when there's new shoes to convince people they need to be happy, or a religion to follow unquestioningly and 'love' with money and obedience. Or some 'other' to hate. It must be resisted; the entire planet is now in danger.
  22. Alabama abortion ban: Republican senate

    Thread closed for moderator review.
  23. I don't believe you

    Between the American Cancer Society and throwing bones to the AFSC , the Red Cross and VOA over a period of 30 years with various other little charities my rough guess ( due to the Quaker rule of "quietly and anonymous, it's not to be written off") my total might of reached 50-70 thousand......maybe... But let me guess. A back country gym teacher is bragging again and really needs to re-read Matthew.
  24. Game of Thrones

    Yeah, just read that theory. Might have taken her to a Red Priestess or something, so maybe that door is open as well. Unlikely, considering the Lord of Light was only bringing people back to fight the Night King, but possible. I'm not too interested in seeing more of this story, at least for a good few years. I'd rather see new characters and histories.
  25. Today
  26. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Yes indeed tmcom it was a sweet victory for all the sane people of Australia and for the world too. Climate realists all over the world are slowly exposing the myth of global warming. Of course the best thing that is happening is the politicians and the college educated fools keep generating tons of the end is nigh BS and time and again it falls flat on its face. Even us stupid ole deniers can see that. As an example let us cite my post #3002 for which I was loudly denounced by one of the thread's most useful. The article is a straightforward admission that the great extinction event, so loudly lamented by the AGW crowd, is for all practical purposes non-existent. But the goal of the article was not to admit that the pro-AGW whiners were wrong. No the goal was to kick the can down the road by warning us if we didn't lower carbon emissions it is going to happen .........sometimes............... in the future. The pro global warming crowd gets to weasel out of another prediction that is not happening and yet keep the mantra of doom going forward. So Junior I didn't miss the nuances and really appreciate you posting the quotes to make my point. I've got some more articles to post. Make sure you read them. Your insight is most helpful.
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