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  2. The trip wires bit worries me in particular. That shows not just targeted terror, but calculated malice.
  3. People trafficking large amounts of prescription opioids into our country, not "drug dealers". There is a difference. Either way, it will never fly.
  4. That's like a drug dealer who has the police in his house on a drugs warrant complaining because they found a human centipede tied up in the basement. "But you weren't looking for that! It's not faaaiiir".
  5. Maybe its just a time traveler that is fluctuating at a different frequency so you cant see it with your naked eyes but it can be captured by the camera. Who knows? Aside from the video footage that can be interpreted many different ways, no one knows. Just another anomaly.
  6. You do know that what you are speaking of is currently happened (happening) all around Europe and the U.S. And it has nothing to do with your president. It has to do with the WTO, IMF and most favored nation status which has utterly wrecked the economies of western Europe and the U.S. Finally there is an administration that although flawed is seeing that the decisions of the 90s has utterly gutted economies and are working to get those lost economies back. Not to mention Russia has been given massive trade sanctions. As far as Putin is concerned, you guys are between a rock and a hard place. If you think your lot in life is going to improve if Putin is removed then you are day dreaming. The U.S. started the coup in Ukraine and that place is worse off then its ever been and it will not get any better. So you pick your poison carefully. And I totally agree with Granpa Greenman. You cant have all the media controlled by 5 companies and I think it will be 4 if that merger goes through. Might as well just have a Nazi office of information dissemination at this point.
  7. Thanks for posting - I wish I could say that this was unbelievable but nowadays it isn't..... What's happening to Britain...? Islamification.....?....... because the alternative is a kind of civil war and economically damaging social unrest... ? Optimistic view = The authorities must be hoping that a couple or more generations down the line muslims will become more Westernized, integrate and be absorbed into the broad body of British society - values, customs etc. Pessimistic view = Islam will remain a independent political / religious organization colonizing the UK and it's influence will grow as it determines to keep basic control of it's members and forges strong allegiances with Islamic countries and groups... This is an interview with the two other young people detained and banned from entering Britain.... Not sure what happened... but Tommy Robinson was going to read out Martin Sellner's 'speech' for him at Hyde Park Corner because he couldn't do it himself..... For the record I am disgusted that these young people were banned from entering the UK -
  8. There is a part of me that wishes this to be true, if only for closure for the families etc, but until someone scouts the actual location I think it is simply down to Pareidolia, and the wave patterns / other shallow feature creating that illusion...... In all honesty I fear that the aircraft will have broken into numerous pieces and I don't think they will find a nice neat airframe sat on the seabed at this stage....
  9. Yeah was going to say I thought this was resolved and identified as a Bolide meteor.....
  10. You're right. The bomber(s) could also be any race. Thanks neighbor. Hank
  11. Well, if there is no concrete evidence/data/analysis that the study uses therefore it is just opinion. Look I can do it too... My OPINION is that that large asteroid is really just some alien's universal art exhibit. Its called 'The Shard'. Do I have proof of it, no. But it seems that today as long as you use the right words, like Study or research etc. all of a sudden it instantly gains credibility. In fact I believe Slashdot had something on how a lot more research today is bogus because its unreproducible and basically falls through the cracks. I suggest whomever funded this study get their money back and if it was government grant money DEFINITELY GET IT BACK! Science is not opinion it is hypothesis which is backed by experimentation and or observation. Which yield facts that are reproducible. And the fact is, this study is 100% bull excrement.
  12. so it's better to make an assumption that it was aimed at a specific group, even if there may not be any evidence to prove that? It's better to start from a predetermined conclusion and work the evidence into fitting that? (Which is course how "Russiagate", or anything at all involving Russia, has worked.)
  13. Not at all ,if you believe the same god walks with all, and tries to answer all their prayers, without doing them harm by doing so. In very simple terms, gods DO answer prayers, other wise people would have stopped praying long ago. (or you might argue that life works out in a way that the human mind connects to an answer to prayer.and so people believe their prayers are answered) Same difference, really.. Very simple example. I drive to the grocery store and find all the parks taken up. I say, " Hey god can you please open up a parking space in front of the grocery store, so I don't have to lug the groceries any distance? " I drive around the block and, sure enough, there is now a spot right in front of the shop. "Thanks god, you're a real pal " Did god give me the park because I asked him to? Would it have appeared if I had not asked for it? Who knows? Yet the park always appears when i ask god for one, so it is easy to believe that he did Of course, sometimes he also chastises me, with comments like. " If you weren't so damn lazy you could carry a few bags of groceries across the road a few yards " or "You realise i am not really doing you any favours. You'd be healthier and live longer if you got more exercise"
  14. Well, persons of a liberal bent always make the assumption that anything that might have an adverse effect on poor or deprived neighborhoods is targeted at Persons of Color. Are they being racist themselves by assuming that black people will always be poor and live in squalid ghettos?
  15. Interesting study but nature has a way of recovering itself given time and space to do so unmolested. Algae does seem to be an important aspect of life on this planet so hardly surprising that it should reap some rewards like this. Not sure what real long term use this would be however, and this just seems to be an exercise, another research grant awarded under that "global warming" cash machine lol
  16. Just one final thought:
  17. Given the size and vast expanse of the ocean it would be relatively easy to lose something like this out at sea if it has blown away I would imagine. I can't help but imagine a drunk sailor looking over the side of the ship and seeing it thinking "the world we know is a man we are all living in a giant bath tub!!!!"
  18. Trump urges death penalty for drug dealers US President Donald Trump has called for drug traffickers to face the death penalty as part of his plan to combat the US painkiller-addiction epidemic. He outlined the proposal during a speech in New Hampshire, a state badly affected by the opioid crisis. Mr Trump said his administration was attempting to change the law to execute drug dealers, but it will face stiff political and judicial headwinds. Opioids are a class of drugs including prescription painkillers and heroin.
  19. Probably why you don't get bombings every week. Unlike your shootings. Gee, what's the difference, I wonder..?
  20. I think there will be objects like this whizzing throughout the universe, it is just that we happened to catch sight of this one and were enthralled by it's unusual shape. Fascinating what forces must have been at play to create such a shape, that is if it wasn't part of a much larger more familiar looking interstellar body and this is almost like a "shard" that has broken away....
  21. Of course you can. You'll just have to deal with the consequences. Just like if you choose to quit your job you have to deal with the consequences of having no income. You still have the choice.
  22. No one else sees the screaming, ram-horned demon with the huge muscular neck? My paredolia is on fire tonight!
  23. Why do so many continue to blindly trust the same government agencies that have brazenly and repeatedly lied to them over the past recent years? .
  24. Yeah these predictions seem to be carrying on the tradition of "predictions Baba Vanga never made", and even if she did....someone called Vladimir in Russia? Yeah nice guess haha, now if she had said "Putin", then I would be listening a little more. This has become silly, like the "Bible Code", fitting events to predictions after the fact, attributing very vague links, and making them up as they go along, getting silly and stale now....
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