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  2. A skull found by a dog walker in Somerset dates back to the Iron Age, scientists have revealed. Roger Evans of Newtown found the skull on the banks of the River Sowy in March last year. Scientists say the head belonged to a woman aged 45 or older in the late Iron Age - 380-190 BC, centuries before the first Roman invasion of Britain. Further investigations nearby revealed timber posts, which are being tested to see if they are from the same date.
  3. I'm only suggesting that the line between 'symbolic' and 'real' blur when the intent is actually manifest into the world. Let's draw from some Robert Anton Wilson. Say you wrote a sigil with the intent of finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk. At this point your casting of the sigil is purely symbolic. Over the next day, as you walk about, your eyes are continually downcast, searching the sidewalk, paying far more attention that you usually would to objects and detritus on the ground. Eventually, maybe later that week, you indeed find a discarded dollar bill on the sidewalk. Symbolic -> Reality. The sigil became concrete and manifested itself in your altered behavior which in turn produced the intended outcome. Similar to reptilians.
  4. What? That sounds like some tabletop rpg garbage. Sigils are purely a personal psychological tool. They don't cast illusions on people. This isn't some Harry Potter magic.
  5. I watched the frog collapse here back in the 90s. Someone from Rutgers told me I didn't know what I was talking about (They don't get in the field much). Then some big name "discovers" it in the 2000s.... For that amount to die off. Nobody was paying attention for a long time....
  6. No, I don’t read much German. Yes Hænir can of course be a rooster. A rooster witch song calls upon the sun rice, or it can call upon war or other events. But I like Maria Kvilhaugs explanation. She writes that Hænir offers thought. She says that the linguist have really struggled with this name, but that it actually means “chickens” (plural form). The only thing she can think of is that the name is a humorous way of referring to the chattering, clucking sounds of thought within our heads. And this is in her opinion what Hænir is offering – thought. In the Ynglinga saga it is said that Hænir is advised in all matter by the giant Mimir, Mimir means memory and memory always advises thought. Maria Kvilhaug divides Odr into three main meanings. - The first meaning is spirit, as Odin is the God of inspiration and otherworldly knowledge, and the giver of breath. - The second meaning is poetry, since Odin is the god of poetry. - The third meaning is ecstasy, or frenzy. The three meanings can again be divided and given different names. Like Odin, vili and ve. Or Odin, hænir and lodur. Heimdallr, Njord and Frøy. Odin, Thor and Loki. It all depends on the poets purpose, as I understand it. Many ways to see it, I think…
  7. heres a way tech has affected us....and I can say without doubt, I rarely get tired when the laptop is open...
  8. Could I know God if you were not able to speak for him Mr. Walker? If so, let HIM let me know and understand. No disrespect, but I think you mistake the human capacity to imagine with the existence of the imaginary. In view of that when you say I am totally wrong in my conclusion, I take it as confirmation of the common sense in my words.
  9. They don't want to set a precedent on dropping the vote to 51 on financial matters because it could be used against them in the future. That and despite the finger pointing, only short term bandaids have been proposed. Going nuclear to kick the can down the road a couple weeks is pretty much a waste of a nuke.
  10. Wow, that's really sad news about Colt Storm. I didn't engage with him much. But I remember him as being a pleasant poster. RIP Colt Storm.
  11. Similar to reptilian projections, sigils may be used to manifest the caster's will. Once the will has become manifest in reality, the 'symbolism' of the sigil gives way to a concrete energy.
  12. When Arabs were inventing a religion of their own they used Jewish apocrypha writings, Coptic Christians stories, pagan traditions, they gave the Nabatean God Allah a wife and daughters then realized he begets not, nor is he begotten but it was already in the canon so invented the “The Satanic Verses”
  13. That name is based on a fun status update. Something a few members came up with. If you want to have this fantasy of real shape shifter like the OP that's your choice. Not that you can prove they exist.
  14. ?? I've thought about it, but I don't get it. Why is it that these events must have happened at the same time? Mars's loss of atmosphere has been fairly solidly dated to billions of years ago, not a few thousand years ago. And if Saturn's rings are as young as you say (a link would be handy), 40000 years is still an order of magnitude older than the carving.
  15. Scrunchkruckets

    My friend and me, looking through her redbox of memories. 

    Faded I'm sure, but love seems to stick in her veins you know.

    Yes, there's love if you want it don't sound like no sonnet, my Lord.

  16. I have no idea what studies have been done. But, generally speaking, it makes sense that reading from 'paper' is different from reading on screen. If you have something on paper in front of you...that is what you have. I.e., you don't have anything else distracting your focus, like...pop the like. Also, you can read it over and over...and it never mysteriously 'goes away' so that you have to find it again in order to keep reading. And, we live in a push button society. Tech is all about push button. Consequently, our attention scan has been modified to exactly that...Scan! Paper draws one in to a more comprehensive read...The Screen begs for more of a ...scan and move on...type of read.
  17. For one proudly displaying the name Schrödinger, you seem ignorant of his eschatology.
  18. LightAngel

    This is one of the best songs ever created in this world....







  19. A life time of living with god has given me a very different perspective A human can construct a god form in any way they desire, from totally loving and good, to totally evil and destructive I judge god from how it behaves, how it treats me, speaks to me, and deals with me. I built my understanding of god from observation, analysis, deduction, and experience over time. You are totally wrong in your conclusion. Studies across the world show that even before the y can speak, and even if they are the children of atheists, human children construct belief in the existence of magical agents. As the y grow older, the y pick up more adult understandings for these agents according to the culture and or beliefs of those around them. But initial belief in "gods" comes totally from a child's mind trying to reconcile what it can observe of its world, with its lack of knowledge and understanding about how the world works
  20. Hopefully the republicans will use the nuclear option if it goes on much longer. I really don't know what they are waiting for.
  21. seeder

    been on the phone to the gas company, keep putting me on hold and then all you hear is that awful tinny music...the kinda stuff they probably play in asylums...HATE IT so damn much....Im currently on hold AGAIN....and hearing that awful stuff again....gggrrrrr

    1. Piney


      Welcome to how it works in the States!

  22. Are you serious?
  23. Well, it's Monday morning and I'll still going to work and will be paid for today. However, it is unclear how long emergency funding will last. Next week could be different.
  24. Tis true, but i am not disputing a such, what comes before that, is i am disputing the man made idea which man is trying to tell us is there is one.
  25. jmccr8 Of course, I see, and I should have understood what you meant at first reading. And to me, it makes sense. I have a question, and chalk this up to my lack of quick understanding of things. You said about forgiving, because you didn’t want anger in your heart. Of course, the desire of not having anger in your heart is totally understandable, and I agree, it’s has me thinking of the possibility of not forgiving and not having anger in your heart. And this question could be put out to everyone here, do you think it’s possible to not forgive and have peace and calm and no anger in your heart? For me, of the varying ‘parties’ that I have not forgiven, I feel that I can not excuse them and feel I hold them responsible for their actions, but have come to the point that I don’t them responsible for me. That means, I tend to my healing and my of life I see fit. I have peace, because I help myself. I don’t see them as innocent, ( in which I feel is the result of forgiving someone ) and should still label them that way, for the benefit of honesty. I feel, I can be not angry at them, and yet not forgive them. So, that’s how I feel of not forgiving and yet, not have anger in my heart. Does this makes sense? I think you brought up something, jmccr8, that is awesome to discuss.
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