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  2. No one chooses what they believe

    This is your typical position every time you are in error, regardless of the topic. Take a deep breath and move on. Cormac will address any points you have questions about. All the best.
  3. Will trump win 2020?

    Kinda depends on what our overseas investors want. Russia may be tired of him, China certainly doesn't need him, North Korea may have a luke-warm friendship now, Saudi Arabia sure likes him though, and Israel. Israel at least is a heavy weight in the hacking department. They can hold their own pretty well. Bibi likes Donald, the Crown Prince likes his son-in-law. Depends on whose hackers are best, and how much time and money they want to invest on the candidate of their choice. Should I have counted Google, Facebook, and Amazon as major investors? Jeff Bezos may not like the flack he got from Donald.
  4. Faith?

    Absolutely. My Dad is from Kerry and my Mom is from Donegal. We had to (well not really had to but it was the fastest route) travel through the North to get to Donegal. So yeah I see that some places are more difficult. Also I'm from Leixlip so I see some of the places that you would not leave if you tried to walk past. You know the places. But yeah Ireland kept Christianity alive and the Book of Armagh, have you ever listened to this; It's the Irish history podcast. It's brilliant.
  5. Faith?

    Oh dear I was really not going to say anything about this anymore but you see this statement typifies your error NO NO NO it has nothing to do with the "superiority" of faith. ALL humans have faith (with a small f ) just as we all have fingers (well most of us do) faith is an evolved cognitive construct like logical thinking. it is not a matter of superiority. Humans use ALL the tools in their cognitive tool box for particular purposes. Faith evolved as a psychological requirement for dealing with a growing awareness of things like the nature of life and death, empathy, love, pain and suffering. It also gave us ways to cope with not knowing the future No you cannot do well without faith it is just that you deny the nature of your faith and try to use other words for your faith in yourself, in others and in your future. But it is FAITH, that ancient evolved cognitive/psychological construct which gets you through the day You are a self aware animal, not one acting on instinct, so you NEED faith to compensate for that awareness of life A monkey doesn't fear that the y might die, so the y dont need a construct to overcome that fear. It doesn't fear loss or abandonment or grief, so it doesn't need faith that all will be well.
  6. Faith?

    depending on time and place of course - it could be harder in some than others but relative to some other countries - yes I agree with you. As the title of this is faith (something that passes me by admittedly) but a comment made me to in passing by a colleague the other day seems relevant to a discussion of faith. Ireland doesn't get the credit it should for 'protecting / saving' Christianity in the first millennium.
  7. No one chooses what they believe

    Hi Pettytalk Not sure what you're inferring here, do you mean a group here in the forum or as some of us are discussing archaic humans and how they adapted? jmccr8
  8. Will trump win 2020?

    Trump will win. Not because he is any good but just because its what Americans do - Bush Junior twice - really? However possible obstacles that may or may not appear- A Trump slump (falling GDP etc) late 2019 early 2020 A Trump war - pick a date near you.
  9. Faith?

    I understand that you are trying to make a case that faith is superior, you haven’t succeeded in convincing me, yet it is your preference. I accept this works for you. I am adding that one can do just fine with trust or without faith. I know people who are motivated by people not believing in them, they love a challenge.
  10. No one chooses what they believe

    Pathetic. If you believe this rubbish you are deluded. Misinterpretation is a subjective process. IMO mcormac is legitimately misinterpreting the nature of evolution due to some past lessons or teaching which was in error. You on the other hand are simply ignorant on this topic and i doubt you have ever studied or read much on the subject a t all You have, as usual, simply chosen to argue with me for your own reasons and with no facts to support your pov I am always amused by your puerile attempts at psychological manipulation Do you really find the y work with people you know? or are the y not intentionally manipulative, but genuine ignorance eg For your part, it wasn’t the worst thing that you are in error, you provided a fertile real life example of the common misconceptions. You can think whatever you want, we all know better. A i am not in error B I never quoted any misconceptions only science It is your mind which incorrectly interpreted what i wrote due to personal bias. (There are many misconceptions about evolution and some are mentioned in the sources i provided. None of my points are wrong or misconceptions) C "All" is a big claim. As it happens, of the specific comments and posters a t least 3 indicated support for my pov, while the rest really didnt contribute Only you and cormac actually pursued this deabte. I suspect because a t first he misunderstood what i was saying and then both of you became too entrenched and invested in your pov to give an inch. So far you have failed to factually refute even ONE of the points i have made about evolution. which i think says it all
  11. No one chooses what they believe

    Hi, there, jmccr8, It seems that in this small close related group, our group, there is, apparently, quite a lot of variation. And therefore it negates you assertion.
  12. No one chooses what they believe

    Of course, I stand corrected, I am speaking for myself only.
  13. Faith?

    If that is your own experience so be it, but then i suspect no one showed much faith in you a s a child, and you try your best to avoid using the word. Maybe you really dont understand the nature of faith in another person You CANNOT know in advance if a person will succeed at anything. Thus you either have faith or you do not. So tell me, the first time you went WATER skiing did you manage to get up and stay up Snow skiing is a bit easier, although also more difficult. With water skiing you use the power of the boat and physics, and the hardest part is holding onto the grip while your body is being dragged a t high speed through the water. The faster you can get up on the skis the easier it becomes Then you just have to lean back and let physics do the rest However in snow skiing gravity provides momentum While you can water ski a long distance in a straight line; (at least in Australia) snow ski runs require you to manoeuvre more, making it more difficult.
  14. No one chooses what they believe

    You need to go back then, we all provided the links that you have been copying and pasting and misinterpreting from. But this is neither here nor there the topic is squashed. Cormac is the correct one, he is versed in the subject and he has done an incredible job of helping advance an understanding of the subject. For your part, it wasn’t the worst thing that you are in error, you provided a fertile real life example of the common misconceptions. You can think whatever you want. Don't bother responding; I am done with the topic. All the best.
  15. Is God Real

    What was your choice then? God approves of slavery, it's in the Bible.
  16. No one chooses what they believe

    God only knows, and s/he/it won't tell us. If s/he/it even is interested in us or exists in the first place. If s/he/it doesn't exist then nobody knows the truth.
  17. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    I was thinking in terms of British warships escorting British flagged ships through the straits. If Iran where to launch anti-shipping missiles against ships in international waters, then that would change the dynamic of the situation entirely. It would attract international condemnation, and possibly even an international military response. It would certainly isolate Iran diplomatically, and scupper any chance of having the sanctions against it lifted. Indeed, it would become something of a pariah state, comparable with North Korea. I agree with @and then; it's all about having the nerve - and will - to stand up to aggression. A half-dozen Frigates or so could act as an effective convoy escort, PROVIDING they are allowed to shoot at Iranian attack craft behaving aggressively in international waters.
  18. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    * In other news, the Government is hldting a meeting of the top secret Cobra emergency committee about the unfolding crisis. I hear they're even instructed Q to be there. They're hoping to be able to get hold of Bond somewhere, but I believe he's currently on holiday in the Maldives. The Government is rushing to get him back to London as quickly as possible, but it's proving not as easy as they hoped, since Easyjet doesn't fly that far and they're not sure their budget can run to a short-notice economy class ticket on British Airways.
  19. No one chooses what they believe

    We ALL? Don't you know the meaning of ALL? Mr. Walker for one, and I for two, are part of the ALL, and we know Cormac is incorrect. If we were all in all 100, your all would be just 98% of the all. And we all know that 98% is not at all, 100%. 100% is equal to ALL.Correction, we don't all know that 98% is not All. That is the problem with some, criticizing others for twisting the meaning of words, and there, they themselves abuse the meaning. Don't say all, just say some, or a few, or many, or most, etc.. But even using those terms correctly, you need to add and subtract the individual numbers from the population you have corralled with the ALL.
  20. No one chooses what they believe

    What was passed on and how did it originate? The best answer I can find from research is that genetic changes were passed on, and they each originated in the genes of individuals. Where an adaptation in a specific environment enhanced the abilty to survive, and thus breed, that adaptation was genetically passed on to an increasing group of people until it reached all or most of a population Sometimes adaptations survived for other reasons, and some adaptations ( both pro survival and anti ) never got established enough to survive
  21. Faith?

    I can't believe anything he says anymore, unfortunately. But his story, fake or real, is still interesting.
  22. No one chooses what they believe

    Actually, you cant know he is correct as he is wrong Read any or all of the sources i have provided. NEITHER of you has provided a single source to demonstrate the correctness your own views Move on as far as you like, but don't lie and then leave. This debate began with the nature of human beliefs as a form of human cognition Humans evolved the abilty to think In abstract forms. This opened us up to beliefs and regions, to faith without a capital, and with one. Belief and faith is a functional appendage like our fingers, and evolved for the same reasons. It was a pro survival adaptation which natural selection spread across the human race to help us cope with an increasing awareness of things like; death, pain, suffering, etc., as abstract constructs You and others who decry any form of faith may feel the need to deny this and argue against it, but it is an established scientific understanding. it goes to the very nature, origins, and purpose, of things like faith and belief in human cognition
  23. Faith?

    News flash Dan dahling, I am thinking neither has Walker. He has enough trouble getting anyone to believe him, and it isn’t for his lack of trying or lack of his efforts at begging for faith, credibility counts, right?
  24. No one chooses what they believe

    Here I am, with the latest and the greatest New News about Atlantis. And also the last prophet before the New everything is ushered in. Seriously, although you sound well versed in both the NT and the OT, you apparently did not understand Jesus gave on the The Parable of the Wicked Tenants Jesus himself was the last prophet that God would send. God is the landowner in the parable, and Jesus is the landowner's son. Now we are just waiting for the harvest time, which will occur when all the grain has grown to maturity, and so too the weeds, along with the good grain. But that is another parable. Jesus, like Socrates before him, made good use of parables. Matthew 21: The Parable of the Tenants 33“Listen to another parable: There was a landowner who planted a vineyard. He put a wall around it, dug a winepress in it and built a watchtower. Then he rented the vineyard to some farmers and moved to another place. 34When the harvest time approached, he sent his servants to the tenants to collect his fruit. 35“The tenants seized his servants; they beat one, killed another, and stoned a third. 36Then he sent other servants to them, more than the first time, and the tenants treated them the same way. 37Last of all, he sent his son to them. ‘They will respect my son,’ he said. 38“But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, ‘This is the heir. Come, let’s kill him and take his inheritance.’ 39So they took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. 40“Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?” 41“He will bring those wretches to a wretched end,” they replied, “and he will rent the vineyard to other tenants, who will give him his share of the crop at harvest time.”
  25. Faith?

    Most Irish folk have wit, as for insight.....well I have in very specific topic that no one bloody knows about lol. All kids are miracles, loads of people have a PhD, Ireland is/was an easy place to grow up in. Again, I haven't spoke to God, nor do I know if he/she/it has spoken to me. Or saved me from something a strong will would overcome. I can't read 5,000,000 letters a second and remember everything I've ever read. I haven't travelled to outer space, met different intelligent species..... etcetera. That's why MrWalker should write a book.
  26. Today
  27. Yes, thanks @ChrLzs I just happened to see it on BBC News site and watched the video (2mins) but there's really not much more info. In fact, I copied everything they had, to put in the post. So yes, when or maybe, IF, it hits mainstream media or a sci journal they'll no doubt be able to shed more light on it...one would hope! Thanks for explaining that btw ^^
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