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  2. Mr Walker

    When does thought transition to belief?

    of course it is subjective Ie dependent on the experience of the subject. Remarkable and unusual are also subjective. iI would be remarkable if it snowed a t Christmas her,e but not elsewhere What you find unusual is usual to me and vice versa Probability is a statistical calculation It has no bearing on what is or is not you support my pov when you say that someone watching me eat an apple could verify i was eating one (but only to themselves) Someone watching me would see the same manifestaions of god or ghost which i see (they often do in life) because it is real and solid The problem here is your solid belief that this is NOT possible . Your other disclaimers are not really relevant or they are incorrect Physics does not disprove the existence of ghosts. it doesnt really even disprove one common theory about what ghosts could be, let alone many of the other theories Ghosts are real and one day will be verified and explained by science.Physics does not prove thoughts cannot travel faster tha nlight especially since we have discovered linked particles at a quantum level Spock and Jim were created as counterparts of human nature. The logical rational and the emotional. Each learned from the other, and together the y formed one whole human being, enabling them together to solve problems which as individuals the y could not But i preferred Spock for a number of personal and learned lessons I do not make up future physics i explain tha t current physics will evolve and change. The History of science shows us this I use the extrapolations of physicists themselves to support my belief that Physics is evolving very quickly and current physics will be primitive within 50 years i did not tell my parents i saw god. First at the time i did not know what i had experienced. i certainly was not thinking in religious terms like god or angels. second i was their oldest son and in my 3rd year at uni, with an Afro, long beard, hippy clothes, surfing, and with some new values attitudes and ideas It would have worried them on many levels to tell them what actually happened (for a start they might have thought i was on drugs even though i never took drugs at uni. So i had myself checked out and found that i was fine physically and mentally. I don't think i ever told them what i actually saw but i did tell others some years later . The y were secular humanists and despite my mothers real psychic abilities would have found my experience disturbing people construct beliefs including disbelief to meet their psychological needs One of the commonest needs is to reduce fear often by constructing beliefs which make life more predictable and thus safe So people believe to reduce fear, and they disbelieve to reduce fear. Your beliefs might also be rational and logical but a t heart you built them to meet a psychological need
  3. Hammerclaw

    US betrays Kurdish Allies

    Well thank you ever so much for vomiting you anti-American rhetoric with such vitriolic clarity. I wish no further discourse with scum like you.
  4. Rlyeh

    Creating Our Own Reality

    No, I'm talking about consciousness. Your point is entirely baseless. If they aren't unconscious, what are they experiencing?
  5. Yes, I would have thought it should have taken much more than 4 minutes for Rumsfeld to be alerted to the problem, gather his entourage and walk from his second floor office on the east side, to the side of the highway on the west side. Rumsfeld was 69 at the time, albeit very fit. However, others who believe the Official Story scoff at me for thinking he made the journey with unlikely alacrity. But this video https://youtu.be/W3aiHI21ILk at 02:21 shows Rumsfeld and Aubrey Davis walking south along the lawn next to the highway, followed by the rest of his security detail. The camera turns to the southbound lanes at 02:39 - 45, where we see 7 seconds of shaky footage of Lloyde England's cab, the black towtruck waiting behind it, Detective Fortunato's silver car across the concrete barrier, Steve Riskus' red car, the white van, the "silent stranger" walking back up the road to stand in front of the hood of Lloyde's cab, and eyewitness Cheryl Ryefield running up the road, against the glary backdrop of the concrete retaining wall below the cemetery.. This needs to be watched frame by frame, over and over, but the information is all there. At 02:48, the camera suddenly turns back towards the Pentagon, to catch Rumsfeld and his security detail running across the lawn to a victim on a backboard. Rumsfeld helps carry this across to an ambulance. This same sequence was simultaneously captured on professional video, from a different angle. Rumsfeld later returns to carry another victim, and then waits beside the Pentagon wall for quite some time, holding a backboard. By a painstaking process of comparison of several videos, I estimate that this one began at very close to 90 seconds post impact. That makes Rumsfeld's first appearance close to Route 27, approx. 1:30 + 02:20 = 3 minutes 50 seconds post impact. Davis claimed that they exited the building through a doorway at the northwest corner. Why then, would they have crossed the lawn to the highway side, hundreds of feet further away, rather than going directly down the building side? The appearance of these 8 officials beside the highway in such a short time, suggests to me that they arrived in a vehicle, not on foot as Davis and Rumsfeld both claimed in interviews. There is a brown Jeep (apparently a fleet car) parked, lights on, behind the ambulance, which seems to me a likely conveyance. Foreknowledge also suggests itself. Rumsfeld had, after all, just a few minutes earlier, said in a meeting that the attacks on New York would not be the last, and that they (the Pentagon) would be next. As to estimating the time that Rumsfeld began carrying backboard victims about, the time-stamped FOX5NEWS footage helps here. It happens to catch the moment when the black towtruck with loaded trailer, draped in black, suddenly departs the cemetery wall, travelling south. This sequence was also captured by the 1 fps CCTV footage from the Residence Inn in Crystal City, which then allows this footage to be time-stamped. The time that the towtruck and trailer left the cemetery wall was 9:43:12 a.m. The video linked above shows Rumsfeld delivering his second victim to the ambulance, his gaze fixed far away towards the bridge. Aubrey Davis is standing beside the highway, also looking in that direction, and speaking on his radio. This made me suspicious, so I enlarged this footage, which shows the towtruck, with trailer now unloaded, travelling north from the bridge, and exiting via the northwest cloverleaf, at 9:45 a.m. The time-stamped Jason Ingersoll photos first show Lloyde's cab on the bridge at 9:48 a.m. A Mark Faram photograph, taken from near the Citgo gas station at about 9:50 a.m., shows the black tow truck exiting the NW cloverleaf, onto the Columbia Pike exit road. Many photos show the low loader trailer parked on the NW cloverleaf for the rest of the day. And Yes, there is also evidence that it was parked here prior to 9/11, which only reinforces how convenient this location was for the towtruck to collect it and use it for about 15 minutes. Nobody else at the towing company needed to know anything about this little job. This amateur video, shot from on top of the bridge, https://youtu.be/-Is-xBfmhCo at 02:34 shows 2 frames of the decoy cab on the bridge, and between 02:36 - 02:50, shows the towtruck and covered trailer driving south up to the top of the bridge, then commencing a U-turn across it. At 02:40, Lloyde England is seen, walking away from the camera, in the HOV lane. He is at the very left edge of the video, about halfway up, wearing the pale blue shirt and cap, with brown pants, his left hand in his pocket, and holding a cellphone to his right ear. Jason Ingersoll photos also show him here on the north side of the bridge, at about 9:44 a.m. He had been pushed to the ground, then banished from his cab beside the cemetery, by the police officer who showed up - and Detective Don Fortunato is the very officer who twice testified that he is the one who "ended up next to a cab from D.C. whose windshield had been knocked out by pieces of pole". The camera then spins around, and at ~ 02:54, shows the decoy cab speeding south off the bridge. That video sequence fills in the gap from the departure of the towtruck from the cemetery wall at 9:43:12 a.m., til almost when Rumsfeld and Davis were watching the towtruck depart the bridge northwards. There are many more details revealed in this collection of videos, confirming various eyewitness testimonies.
  6. freetoroam

    Creating Our Own Reality

    You know you are alive. You know you are part of a family and live within a society and you know you have a past and are in a position to plan for a future while alive now. But you all recall the "event". The fact that details may differ is normal as XenoFish has already mentioned: An event can be recalled differently depending on age. There are 5, I assume you are not quintuplets? We can look at christmas as an example, all five can recall the xmas day, (the event) but all could have different memories. One could believe father christmas brought the presents, one could recall the day as awful as they did not get the gift they wanted and one could recall it as the best day as they did get their gift. The examples are numerous, and it does show that you could all recall the "event", but in very different ways.
  7. Here's someone's sugegstion. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-a-believable-explanation-of-those-ufo-videos-released-by-the-navy-2019-10-15?mod=home-page I've no idea how reliable Market Watch may be, but I'm pleased to see that the idea of vacuum plasma bubbles, one that I've had for some time, might now be beginning to be taken seriously. It would solve a whole lot of issues regarding ultra high-speed flight, if you ask me.
  8. No, one of the biggies in the Mandela Effect world is the spelling flip/flop of Flintstones/Flinstones. A large untold number were experiencing this before I even knew about it. The universe is not what we think, bats We all know about common spelling errors too like you are talking about. This is something totally different.
  9. Alexandrajunex

    Help me explain these?!

    Thank you thank you thank you! I didn't notice the spike! Sometimes it takes someone else to point out what's right in front of you lol much appreciated! As for the pen marks I'm still baffled, I have a 2yr old and a 9yr old but they aren't allowed in my bedroom other than my eldest occasionally getting in to bed with me through the night. So I know it definitely wasn't them I just can't figure it out. The marks on my bed are dots, it looks like someone has flicked ink but then there's a line on the door in the same ink.
  10. Black Red Devil

    US betrays Kurdish Allies

    Nah, I'll think I'll keep putting my 2 cents worth in and calling it as I see it on an international site, in a 'non American' thread, obviously obeying the rules at all times but I'm afraid we all have a dog in this race from the time your leaders pretended to be the policemen around the world, interfering in everyone's internal affairs, invading countries, dragging others into their personal wars based on false flags and false pretenses. OTOH have your fun reading because nothing of what is said here will get Americans killed but the fact remains, Trump is a backstabber and people that defend his actions and condemned Obama's in Iraq are hypocrites, in my humble opinion of course.
  11. If you can't recall the day how do you know its missing
  12. Tatetopa

    On the fence about Universal Healthcare

    Good post.
  13. Tatetopa

    Turkey holding 50 US nuclear bombs hostage

    And what good to the US are nuclear weapons if they are disabled? If they are there and ready, they could be delivered by aircraft pretty quickly if conditions warranted. Otherwise they might as well be gone. Nobody needs empty bombs, but it does take them out of play. Russia might feel safer.. Just the threat causes us to move our valuable chess piece out of striking distance and back into safety. If the Russians are calling the shots, Erdogan has done his job.
  14. Most likely you got somehow confused, but I understand how the "feeling are real". Up to this day I have 1 day missing from memory, its been over 30years, but I remember "skipping" a day to his day,but then again I also know I was a toddler.
  15. Oh, I see what you are saying but thought you remembered something in an episode that didnt really happen. I had a similar experience with pumpkin/punpkin/punkin and hamster/hampster In my case it was word play from their end and my brain getting scrambled.
  16. Bats, because we're buddies I'll give you even another: Go to google and do a search on Pebbles Flintstone. You'll probably get a screen with a side box to the right that looks something like this. Pebbles Flintstones side box spelled correctly. There was a time when the side box showed the mysterious flip/flop spelling of Pebbles Flinstones. I actually have a screen capture from that timeframe when the flip/flop was active. Pebbles Flinstones side box.
  17. zygote_myles

    So music of the 90's

    It's 1993, friends, when we were a little bit Insane In The Brain by Cypress Hill.
  18. godnodog

    On the fence about Universal Healthcare

    You beat me by seconds, when adressing the real issue behind this.
  19. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Turkey holding 50 US nuclear bombs hostage

    Erdogan the mustache-twiddling supervillain gets better and better! Come on now. "holding 50 Nuclear Weapons hostage hahahaha! " I'm sure he must have a Persian cat.* * who are of course currently sanctioned by the State Department
  20. godnodog

    On the fence about Universal Healthcare

    The reason why in most countries with public health services are doing a poor job is because politicians are deliberately under financing it, in order to later on to 2 things: 1- At electoral campaingns, they promisse to raise the healt srrvices budget, they wont 2- they wont because they are subservient to private interests and want to slowly end the public service Public nealth care being crap is BS, intentional underfunded is the real culprid, take a look at the US, imagine if all working citizens pooled together for a basic health care service, and public contract biddings would far bigger than any private health business, but than again the median profkt margin per customer would drop significantly. Also when I refer to basic public health care I dont mean this gender change operations, or boobs jobs, I mean life threathning cenarios, vaccinations programs, cancer prevention programs, etc, accident injuries, etc. Take a look at my country, where extreme absurd situations occurs, the budget is low, so hospitals are not allowed to hire more doctos becajse its too expensive, but the Health Department allows hospitals to hire services provided by private corporations at 10x or more the cost of hiring directly a doctor, hey but private sector provides a better job. I call this corruption. If I lived in the USA I would be dead by now, as I could not afford private health plans insurance. I am not agains private health systems, I do welcome them. Call me a commie if you want, but public bealth care services is a necessity.
  21. Tatetopa

    On the fence about Universal Healthcare

    If gasoline cost $30 dollars a gallon, it wouldn't help us much for the government to give everybody $10 dollars a gallon to help us out. Part of the problem is our health care system. Part of the problem is us. Giving us coverage seems like a nice thing to do, but without changing our habits and changing how we deliver health care, it will not keep costs from climbing out of sight over time. Andthen has experience, I just have opinions so I will defer to him in case of tie. If drugs cost too much, I think there might be three ways to bring cost down without destroying the free enterprise system. Volume bargaining. Medicade was prevented from doing that by Congress to protect drug companies. If Medicare & Medicaid and V/A is going to buy a billion dollars worth of insulin, they should get a volume discount. That is the way Costco or Walmart has low prices. If American companies are too high, we should be allowed to buy mail order from Canada, Europe, or Mexico. Patents for medicines are designed for payback of research. If government or universities contribute to that research, protection time should be reduced. Or the FDA grants 10 billion dollars a year for research and medicines produced under their auspices get a price reduction. They could focus on low payback drugs that only a few hundred or thousand people desperately need to stay alive. You have no doubt heard of kids whose parents have a $200K a year prescription bill. Education could play a part too. The US is not the most obese country in the world, it looks like Polynesian nations hold that title, but we are more obese than most of our European friends. That may be one reason why European health care is less expensive. Preventative medicine could be stressed. A lot of insurance discourages smoking and pays for yearly checkups and dental checks. Giving only that to all people , dental and health checks might go a long way to making us healthier and live longer for cheaper. Nurse practitioners seem to do a really good job on this level. Truth is, everybody does not need 8 years of medical school to treat most common complaints. I think andthen does have a point, there is not enough bureaucracy nor do we want it to administer some kind of insurance plan for all citizens. That does not mean the government can not provide some leverage and resources and education to help at a basic some basic level. As a suggestion, find coal miners and laid off auto plant workers that could be retrained as community health care workers and put them to work in their home towns. The point is we don't have to go overboard socialist, but we can do some things to make our situation better. First of course, you have to care about citizens.
  22. On Aug 2, 2017 at about 16:40 EST, I was on reddit discussing the Flinstones/Flintstones flip on another thread. My position was that it is and always was the Flintstones. The guy sent me a reply saying at the time it was the Flinstones you could look at Wikipedia, and all official TV show and vitamin sites and it was always Flintstones; he used the word Flintstones in all four examples given. I said 'I Know' you are confirming my point that it was always Flintstones. Then when I was done with my reply and I looked up at his original post and all four 'Flintstones' had changed on my static display to 'Flinstones'. Did I just see it wrong?? I looked away and came back and it was 'Flintstones' again. I would just look away, blink, change my focus looked back and it would flip again. I was able to do this 6 or 7 times in under five minutes each time looking slowly and cautiously for this controversial 't' IN ALL FOUR PLACES. Essentially impossible to me that I made a mistake slowly and cautiously each time. I felt something was trying to wake me up.
  23. openozy

    'Waiting for end of time' in a Dutch basement

    They may have been filming the next Apollo mission.
  24. That semja guy claimed he shot two, killed the young one, presented the "meat" for DNA testing, bummer it was a bear, wait, so he mistook a bear for a bigfoot so his case furthers the idea bf are bullet proof.
  25. Today
  26. the13bats

    I accidentally called myself ?

    Sorry, when gadgets like phones are involved i expect all kinds of odd things are possible, weird, odd, not paranormal,
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