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  2. P. T. Barnum also said: 'More persons, on the whole, are humbugged by believing in nothing, than by believing too much.'
  3. Jurisdiction. The NICS system is not mutually exclusive to gun dealers, as Aztek seems to think. It is a Federal database meant to be used by Federal law enforcement. If someone skipped a county court hearing, that person should not be flagged in NICS, as it is outside of the jurisdiction of federal law enforcement. I truly don't see how people don't understand this.
  4. Well, blushing for me. That just means my dark, desiccated, wrinkly skin gets a touch darker. While you're sitting in the corner contemplating things, I want you to repeat: "I love the Swedes, I love the Swedes, I love the Swedes..."
  5. not very diplomatic of Dutton, thou. alot of people world wide are suffering abuse and racism and Australia has opened its borders to many. so in that respect i see nothing wrong with Dutton's immigration stance.
  6. Get out of my corner
  7. I will go into the corner and think about what I did. PS: Didn't know mummies could blush ?
  8. Or at least a version without the big F-bomb in the title. Goodness, it made me blush!
  9. Haha why can't I find something like this instead of deer bones the dogs buried? :/
  10. Probably should have posted the version that was relased to you Yanks. Just kidding.
  11. I wonder where.....
  12. Is Cruz an illegal immigrant? Is he a Muslim? Trump did and said a lot about *him*. As far as I know, he's not in either one of those categories.
  13. I wonder how that could've happened? There must be a Mod lurking nearby.
  14. The Mystery of the Hypogeum The burial place known as the “Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni”, was so named after the street under which it was discovered in the early years of the last century. Hypogeum is the Latin name for an underground structure. (Many experts believe it was orginally built as a temple of worship and should be recognised as the eighth wonder of the ancient world.)
  15. I saw it before it left
  16. I don't get your reply. I'm just making an honest observation. Do you ever watch Colbert and Meyers? If so, how am I wrong?
  17. Nah, don't trouble yourself.
  18. Looks like my happy little tune got lost in the UM filter.
  19. I can send it to you but must warn its not UM safe
  20. Good on Australia. Pain and abuse is pain and abuse, losing your land without compensation and being murdered is losing your land and being murdered. Greed is universal and whomever is in power will exercise it. Color has nothing to do with it.
  21. Thanks for the information. I was about to start a Go Fund Me page for him.
  22. quiXilver

    From my 12% to yours.

    Happy Green Day!

  23. Just what part of Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls ALL of which predate the Masoretic Texts do you NOT understand? Well known amongst Judeo-Christian scholars and linguists is the fact that the Masoretic Texts deviate significantly from earlier, more contemporary J-C religious texts. In short, Biglino is using a non-contemporary text with his own unevidenced translation to say something NOT FOUND in the earlier texts. I’ve read enough of the extant original translations to know that you’ve been BS’d, and apparently fallen for it if your posts here are any indication. Sorry to hear it. cormac
  24. I don't know where to weigh in on this, so please excuse the rambling, but we need to bring some sense of balance to all the factors that contribute to the problem. When it comes to the issue of mental health vs gun control I think it's important to recognize that it's easier to buy a gun than it is to get treatment for mental illness. Making one a little easier while making the other a little more difficult would help us towards achieving that balance. Anyone who has ever had a family member who was mentally ill knows how frustrating it can be to get help for that person. I had a sister in that category. The police knew her, local mental health facilities knew her. She was often a danger to herself and others and a general nuisance to the public. But even when we could get some intervention the normal procedure was to hold her for 3 days of observation. But crazy doesn't mean stupid. She could act normal for 3 days and they had no choice but to release her. Thank goodness my family was not part of the gun culture or we might all be dead. But although I'm not a gun owner myself I fully support those that avail themselves of any of their inalienable rights. I think the Second Amendment is spelled out because the Founders saw self defense as an absolute right and added the wording about a militia to bolster their argument. The Constitution clearly states that rights come from God and not the State, so the right to self defense, including with arms, is a given, not something granted by the Constitution. Mass shootings were beyond imagining when everyone was armed. That was balance of another type. I believe the numbers make this more of a mental health problem. There are millions of gun owners and all of the shooters we're aware of had on going mental issues. All the guns in the hands of the relatively sane have not been used in mass shootings. Other than stricter controls on who can purchase a gun and where, I don't think more gun laws will help. There have been laws against killing at least since Moses came down from the mountain and they haven't stopped anyone, so what use are a thousand more? This latest tragedy could have been prevented by the authorities intervening at dozens of key points and only one of them involved any kind of gun control. Failure of procedures already in place contributed as much as the gun did.
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