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  2. You brought it up as somehow relevant, it's not. cormac
  3. Can I just remind you, Your on a public forum dude its open for comment to everyone an I have no problem at all.. I was merely adding information on Auras as that was also being spoken about here...
  4. Ummm.. ok. I think it is actually the opposite. But nevermind.
  5. As bioelectromagnetic fields cease to exist upon ones death you are left with a non-argument. cormac
  6. No, it's not the same thing at all.
  7. Yes, including but not limited to. What do you think I am quoting here? BIOelectriomagnetics! It has two parts - one is called "The electromagnetic field", the other part is called "biological entities". Bioelectromagnetics is made up of TWO parts INTERACTING. I call them them Spirit and the soul. And I agree, Bioelectromagnetics fields do not extend indefinitely into space, only the first part, the electromagnetic field.
  8. That answers none of my questions. I'll pose just one: At what exact level is God controlling evolution? Please provide an example.
  9. so... why the lord of the flies clip?
  10. You stepped into this discussion, it's your problem not mine. Soul is an attempt by believers to find a greater meaning to life than what is verifiable for humanity as a whole. Nothing more IMO. cormac
  11. There are several anti-Trump Republicans that have been opposing him from the beginning. They don't seem to have discovered any impeachable offenses. Mr. Trump announced his candidacy on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. That was 2 1/2 years ago. Give them a few more years, and they might find something.
  12. Well that's like saying that transsexual people are mentally ill.
  13. moonman those questions have been asked and answered and an alternative give to you, to Swede and to whom ever has the same mindset. My sentiment, my report, my diary of stuff done with the door piece satisfies the most important person in this forum (me). The question has been asked and answered (in multiple ways). IMO you guys are just broken records redefining the acronym SOS. if thats the only question you got then I imagine you'l be vacating this forum soon. Got a new question? Ask away !!!! might want to review that PDF before asking it though. There's been a trend of asking questions that the PDF has already addressed.
  14. Ummm... well it isn't connected to a body anymore. Spiritualy minded individuals do not claim that soul stays with the dead body and that it plays with it any longer.
  15. Soul as defined by most religions and spiritually minded individuals is allegedly eternal. The bioelectromagnetic field of all life forms begins and ends with a biological entities existance thus is NOT eternal. I see a believers attempt to co-opt the bioelectromagnetic field/aura as an attempt to validate the soul as something real and scientifically verifiable. It's not. cormac
  16. Wrong Ark. The OP asked about THIS ...not this:
  17. Mental illness is a terrible thing.
  18. I'm afraid I'm going to have to call in my Spock meme again
  19. 1) The mineral sourcing application is somewhat different than identifying a compound. In the mining application they are seeking to identify signature elements that would indicate viable mining resources. 2) The "report" is indeed not an even marginally useful document. The quasi-scientific aspect includes the following deficiencies: Lack of identification of the specific test unit. Lack of the specifications and capabilities of the test unit. Qualifications, experience, and expertise of the technician as it relates to the particular sample type involved. Complete and detailed documentation of the primary data (analysis results). Inaccurate numerical association of the minimal primary data with the "highly speculated" source material. The rest of the "report" consists primarily of innuendo, sensationalism, and self-promotion. 3) If the analysis was an attempt at "serious" research and inquiry, why was the complete primary data set not included in the "report"? 4) Due to the above and subsequent contributions, the author would not appear to have presented any "findings" other that currently unsupported speculation and personal anecdotes. Fortunately, this little excursion has generated a public record that will follow this situation. .
  20. Makes no difference what evidence there is so long as the Republican lead congress refuses to act. I for one think that there's already enough evidence for impeachment, just on his proven words and actions alone. Though again, doesn't matter since Republicans refuse to act.
  21. Sthenno - you are wrong. Being born behind the veil as I was is different from the baby being born in the whole sac which is far more common. Being a caulbearer is being born with just the face mask/veil and it is rare - around 1 in 80,000 births. Some mothers do not realise the significance of the caul and do not keep them as they should. The African midwife that was present at my birth told mum it was very lucky and asked if she could she keep it. Unfortunately my mum gave it to her. I am quite psychic (had many experiences) and have always felt that a part of me was missing. Caulbearers provoke very strong feelings in people both positive and negative. We are frequently misunderstood and realise we are "different".
  22. Not true. The coldest spot on Mercury is on the back side of the planet. The poles are relatively warm.
  23. Page could be a Russian agent or just another sketchy businessman looking to make a buck. Never said the FISA warrant contained the answer regarding Page's guilt or innocence. To my knowledge Mr Page has not been arrested or indicted. The FISA warrant application has not been released to the public. There is direct evidence the DNC was directly involved in obtaining the Steele dossier (even the NY Times reported this information) Opposition research is totally legal...but it's not exactly the same thing as other forms of intelligence. We still don't know how much the FISA judges were told about the dossier information used to obtain the warrant (a footnote just isn't sufficient info).
  24. That wasnt what I said.. But seen as you brought it up ...What is Soul then???
  25. ...What?...
  26. Can you explain why is it not a soul just to see if this is not a mere denial without arguments.. please no links..
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