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  2. The only time that Iwas kicked out anywhere was at a Restaurant casino. My spouse and I had an expensive dinner for our anniversary and I played the machines. I only won about $400 after dinner expenses were paid out of my winnings. I went back to the machine and started to win again when the owner grabbed me by arm and said that I wasn't welcome there. She told me that I won too much and wasn't a past by patron. Don't come me back!
  3. Eh, as a former military person, I can honestly say that armed or not the US military can squash any small revolution. The guy doing it would just be pushing a button on his predator drone and then going home for supper afterwards. If it is a majority revolution, then guns wouldn't even be needed because you would have the military on your side.
  4. psshhh....that's a stretch. What shall not be infringed upon is obviously everything in the sentence.
  5. This is exactly what I'm talking about: We change the subject, rather than demand that school children be protected, and our schools remain soft targets as the endless discussion continues.
  6. 10k death a year due to DUI, those are not accidents those victims of crime, no calls for stricter licensing rules, no calls for more restriction registering a car by those who had prior dui...... or anything, pretty clear gun control has little to do with deaths, but everything about disarming population
  7. The main aim of propaganda is to make the population unable to separate Truth from Fiction. Historically, when the population is unable to separate the two, they'll turn to the nearest authoritarian they can -- someone who claims that only he alone knows what the truth really is. Someone who claims that only he alone can fix this. There's nothing that'll destroy a democracy quicker than converting it into a monarchy.
  8. I drive by a sign every day that tells the yearly car deaths in Iowa with a silly rhyming reminder to buckle up or drive slow.
  9. so what? 40k deaths a year and barely a peep. i'm not even talking about 500k deaths of medical mistakes,
  10. I'm basically fine with executing Jay-Walkers....
  11. Cost effectiveness. Same reason why we don't do free healthcare. Sometimes it's cheaper to just let people die.
  12. lol tsa has 95% failure rate, do you really want to use it as an example?
  13. Aquila King

    Ronald Reagan was surrounded by secret service agents when he was shot.

    I guess they just needed a few armed math teachers.

  14. or it may seem that those are two separate things, militia being necessary, and people have the right, nowhere it says militia has the right, it's the people
  15. So if I pay someone to go out and secure a hit man and that hit man kills a person I am not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder or maybe even murder itself? Wow, that is some special world you live in. They paid for the dossier (remember, they have Fusion's bank records now) and Steele leaked the dossier to the media so I don't think it is too hard to connect the dots. You may believe that Hillary didn't know all about that document but a court wouldn't and neither would a jury, not even the OJ jury. That dossier did exactly what her campaign wanted it to do.
  16. Heck, if we executed shoplifters and corrupt politicians we would get less of that too. Silly America for all for that "Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness" stuff.
  17. Yes, and it wasn't sufficient to stop a person whose intent was committing mass murder. Why aren't we protecting our schools in the same way that the TSA protects airplanes from hostile intruders? Schools are a target now, and they have been since the Columbine massacre in 1999. We've had almost 20 years to make our schools safe from massacres like the one in Parkland, Florida. Instead, we have endless discussions about gun control that do nothing to protect school children.
  18. The comma between Arms and shall is what many question. It would read like this without it, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Directly linking the two parts together. With the comma separating it, many read it as referring to the Militia portion.
  19. I get that Hollywood manipulates society politically & spiritually. "You can't hide the truth"about that.
  20. What's with the "45" on his cuff? Is that in case he forgets which president he is?
  21. You left out the part about them being punished with a baby.
  22. True. And...they are all 'accidents'. I don't know really but it seems to me if we just started executing our murders, eventually we would have less murder.
  23. I overlooked this in quoting you back on it, I was preoccupied. You got this twisted. I don't think that he was asking about verbal facts on matters but more on spiritual knowing of truth. God for certain weighs judgment upon our hearts and not our deeds alone.
  24. Vlad the Mighty

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  25. Then you are essentially advocating for wage slavery. If you work full time and aren't paid proportional to the bare basic cost of living, then what other choice do you have other than gain government assistance in some areas or become homeless and unemployed? I understand your argument about them being starter jobs that launch you into better jobs down the road, but there are numerous instances where going to school costs a lot of time and money and necessarily requires that you work full time to pay for all that. Yet if you aren't paid enough for basic necessities, then what good is it to work there at all? Okay, let's say that it is their own fault for the sake of argument. What you're suggesting is that they should not get paid enough to survive, receive no government assistance to fill the gaps left by their low paying job, and risk becoming homeless or a criminal so as to fill the gaps that we refuse to fill. The fact is, when you lack basic necessities is when you have an uptick in crime and homelessness. That's just a fact. Would you rather insure that these people's basic necessities are met rather than increase the amount of crime and homelessness? Or do you simply enjoy pointing a finger at the poor and disadvantaged without offering any solutions? Regardless, you fail to even consider the possibility that various life circumstances that are out of these people's control could lead to such life problems. Your lack of empathy here is telling. Again, we're taking about basic necessities here. No one is talking about giving these people enough money to live lavish lifestyles, so this idea that people would want to lay back on a living wage job and go no further in life is just flatly untrue. Most countries in Europe provide a living wage, so does Australia. They have for several decades. You don't hear of their economies crashing or the majority of their people choosing a minimum wage job over higher paying ones. No, giving people a living wage simply offers them the chance to have their basic needs met while they advance in life. Nothing more.
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