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  2. I was insinuating that was the hobby I took up.
  3. *shakes hind leg spasmodically*
  4. But, you were still thinking about it.
  5. My husband was talking about hos venus fly trap plant and it reminded me of this. I love this movie and this scene is just really well put together. Classic.
  6. Hey, I kept them secured. On his desk. In a cookie. No one would look for them there!
  7. I'm a mummy. Drugs have little effect on me.
  8. Can I cuddle the doggy? Shelters here don't have any or have one or two but are too big
  9. Actually, I've done hobbies to death. I was just joking about the reptilian watching people sleep thing.
  10. GOOD Boy! *rubs desiccated tummy*
  11. What interests do you have? Pottery, painting, sculpture, writing, disco dancing?
  12. And the numerous surgeries and eventual death.
  13. Is this "stay"?
  14. Where is our bong/gas mask guy when we need him?
  15. Maybe not "drug", 'skidded for a bit' maybe.
  16. As we all know, you'd have to take the history of engineering for that. They also don't show how to make Roman concrete and other things that aren't relevant to modern materials and processes. We harden copper by other methods, not by using high arsenic copper (which is almost a bronze) as the ancient Egyptians did.
  17. I am relaying this message for The Time Traveler. And states the following as a preface to the video way below: I was convicted/guilty through public opinion through all media outlets for years, which ended up corrupting the justice system, before I could even state my case. Soon after, you all, through the state, executed me. What you all did not know and what I did not know at the time either, was that I had an identical twin and a murderous father whom I never met. But what I DID know was I did NOT commit a crime, less alone murder. Millions of people's words (hot air) against one man's true knowledge (of never being at one crime scene) was apparently enough to convict me guilty in every which way. The circumstances was perfect for you all, wasn't it! You made a case against me, called me crazy, and executed me like I was an unaware monster. I have seen the millions of blood thirsty faces that wanted me dead, as they continued to spread rumors and yell at their t.v.'s and into their computer screens. And for the ones that knew I was completely innocent, enjoyed seeing me persecuted through their hard work of setting me up. My close family and I were murdered for our home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars the first time around (the home was purchased using inheritance money). Then I was murdered for many other reasons after that. One situation, I was found not guilty, went to go live at my home (I could not move anywhere else) and a super many of you came to take justice into your own hands and murdered me in so many ways. In another situation, I had an uncle who was a cocaine growing and transporting criminal who ordered his friend to murder me. My uncle lured me into the "lions den" where I was eventually murdered. He did it to convince the other home owners to sell our home (cause I would never agree) and convinced them to "invest" in his "garbage". I prefer not to tell you what specifically happened to me in that situation. Another situation, I worked at a location where they hired nothing but criminals entering the workplace in some sort of release program - I was the only non-criminal. These criminals saw, what they assumed, was an innocent looking helpless ignorant young kid to take advantage of. They followed me and committed atrocities around me. Not only that, I had a doppelganger, who was their leader, who also followed me (he bumped into my family a few times and the many that were not super close to me believed him to be me - I was not aware of such fact until it was too late) and also pretended to be me everywhere he went and committed murders in my name. No fingerprints, no blood, just a face and my name... I made the wrongs right for me but my murderers all ended up in one dimension with me, all at the same time. I needed a better plan, so I threw myself well into the past to get your attention way in advance. Then I reached out for help at the highest levels in government. If I told you how many times I was murdered, it would only frighten you (if one time is not enough). Now if I told you how many times you all murdered yourselves... by not healing society... It is interesting to peek into other dimensions/worlds in which evil still comes for me and all of you, (perhaps Karma for you all, but most likely your uneducated stupidity - stupid people usually do not know they are stupid, and how would they know if they do not keep learning?) and you had to go and invent General Artificial Intelligence (GAI); creating killing machines and genetically engineering monsters, as if It was not hard for me already. You all keep delaying, but never solve. Get with the program and try just that < > much harder, because I have, and you are all welcome for the time being. Everyone needs to stop making GAI. Let us just have fun with task specific artificial intelligence. No need to go all crazy, because GAI will not fix your brain. We, humans, have this fault, it is called inherent impulsive evil (just check your history books). AND WE are making an intelligence from that!? If there is a scale of Good and Evil, most of you fit in the middle. Luckily for you all, I fit strongly at Good, if not off the charts. If you were murdered by millions of people, what would be your initial impulse/reflex? Exactly. You would go bananas and probably destroy the world in a second (oppss, not your fault is it "Good and Evil human"? - when most of you get hit with a rubber hammer on your knee cap, you kick, but I went decisive with all my love because I have no choice but to be who I am). Time Travel has a limit, in which I can not change what created the knowledge to travel in the first place; a hefty price like no other that will hurt for an eternity. I hope the ones I truly want to save the most will come back, but by my calculations, it is waiting on humanity as a whole. I have hope, and I believe it not to be foolish. The following string of clips, from multiple movies, is all true events. The future is where fiction and non-fiction become indistinguishable. If you do not want to die, learn the lessons, or let me keep doing your dirty work for you. Changing tones... Ray should not cross her legs, but lay down instead, and must have zero fear and vow to never kill, or touch a weapon (more so to get your mentality that "you will not wield the weapon of man, but only that of God/the Universe) - good luck, but I do recommend weapons for everyone, because not everyone can be like me. Also, make sure you do not have criminals stalking you, because they love to paint the innocent to take advantage - I guess it is justice in their eyes for making them born to a messed up environment. My crime EVER was smiling (just to look like nothing phased me, to show strength to my family), caring and looking cute. You all messed with the wrong person. Rated R (I tried my best with the 3 days I had to get this out) <3rd Fin>
  18. we'll leave cookies and a drink out next time
  19. I needed a different perspective?
  20. You drugged our mummy?
  21. hmmmmm ... human sheep lamb chops ... nom nomm nommmm ~
  22. If God created the Universe, he did a fine job--it looks completely natural.
  23. I simply love that excuse. I shall have to borrow it. It's not that I want to trip again any time soon, but that'd be the perfect response to curious bystanders.
  24. Turkey is NATO's southeastern flank. Not something the West can easily replace. I'm afraid that the Kurdish support come second to that.
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