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  2. you get off at that time? can I watch?
  3. thanks - - I did catch something about it last night but haven't seen the whole thing yet -
  4. I see some of you were talking about porn last night! I have a story about that.... at least 30 years ago and the age of the VHS.... I had a mate who seemed to get hold of naughty tapes quite regularly A GF I was seeing at the time wanted to watch one with me.....about a quarter of the way thru she FREAKED out.... the woman in the movie....was her stepmum!! NO KIDDING!! It wasnt a professional studio made tape, more of lots of clips of amateurs...and her step mum was on tape with another two guys. The GF was furious....I was stunned and didnt know what to say or do..... but ... it was her step mum nonetheless.... she wqanted to take the tape and confront her stepmum with it....and I managed to NOT let her have the tape, as I had to give it back anyway.... I can only imagine the scene she caused when she got home..... wow
  5. acute

    Clicking is ok, but Collecting sounds like an awful lot of hard work.

  6. Because I spend too much money at their casinos...
  7. I get off between 9-9:30pm until about 7-8am for movie time and sleep. I come and go at times, because of everyday stuff needing doing.
  8. not so late then... my problem is coming here about 10pm when all the TV news is on....and unless a decent movie is on I can be here for hours...its surprising how much time we all can spend online. Before the internet I for sure did a lot more with my time
  9. 8:25pm Tues night
  10. I suppose they get to choose which part they play? It'd be interesting to see who volunteers to be the pol;ice, could tell you a lot, perhaps.
  11. It was still about Twitter. I couldn’t post it here though cause it had some less then appropriate language. Yesterdays episode exposed how they have hired a incredible amount of people to read through peoples private messages, and to look at their private often sexual photos. Then sell all the info to advertisers. And God knows who else really.
  12. what time is it there Ruby?
  13. A brilliant metaphor for socialism. It doesn't work, and you end up smelling of wee ! There are something like 197 countries in the world, developed over a period of many hundreds or thousands of years. Name me ONE successful socialist country that is NOT a dictatorship or authoritarian oligarchy.
  14. 13 hours and 16mins behind me time wise. Lol yeah it happens fast
  15. ha no Ive not long woken up for the day.... 9.30 in the morning here.....glad I went bed earlier last night as sometimes Im on here till the silly hours of the morning and then my day is trashed.... I like to catch up on whats been posted and this thread can grow by 5 or 10 pages a night! So Ive caught up now!!
  16. No not from a story or the like, just someone who feels real but isn't.
  17. The really good hauntings usually come and go, or are kept in list by someone in a small circle of people who really go out and look for them. What you are getting from everyone so far, are a lot of famous places. A really good map that has the best non famous hauntings is pretty much non-existent. You can probably get a good tour guide list of famous haunts going though, and I would love to see it when you are done. Just because a place is a famous haunting, doesn't mean it is the best place to go.
  18. One of my schools dedicates a term (so 8ish weeks) to turning the school into a small community, everyone runs a business or does something that contributes to the community. There are banks, post offices, police, general businesss, people who trade their skills for cash etc ... and importantly a monetary system. The younger kids treat it like a game, and in a way it is for them (although there are imbedded learning activities for their developmental level) but the older kids have to do things like budget, pay wages, pay tax or fines. There’s even a government system that’s defined and run by the students (last year it was a constitutional monarchy, the year before a democracy, the feudal monarchy had a revolt when they started getting too bossy, THAT was fun to be part of).
  19. Hey @seeder did Shadow summon you
  20. Really? This should be the new standard? Either side could pay for a completely BS dossier on their political enemy. No the only reason it held water to the FBI was cause some memebers were supporting Hillary. Had connections with the company that provided it, as a openly admitted insurance policy no less. This is horrifically illegal.
  21. In Rundle Mall (open shopping area in Adelaide right in middle of CBD) there's a suit shop, pants, jacket and tie AU$550. That's almost a wedding dress. Wedding dresses here are around $500-$3,000 depending on the company and if its sales stock (which ca be a lot cheaper).
  22. This whole thing about Hitler lead Nazi Germany being portrayed as far right when it was, as you say the National Socialist Party - is very It's like a myth has been created and history re-written and the big question is....why.....? Who would want to do that - what are the motives..? Don't want to disappear down the rabbit hole but I think the why is because it is connected to what's going on in politics at the moment -- yes... the dreaded Globalists and their tricks... The Globalists who appear to be this weird mixture of mega rich bankers and corporate capitalist who have a socialist / communist / totalitarian agenda... complete with artificial intelligence, robots and population (reduction?) control... perhaps it's like how some rich people get heavily involved in charitable work --- but on a bigger scale - the psychology of having mega wealth but the need to virtue signal and balance it off with '''good work''' while at the same time not relinquishing power... I wonder if Nazi Germany was created and used as part of an earlier Globalist plot -- we know that the Bush family and Ford were part of the financing - just to name two US families off the top of my head -- this is in no way to cast aspersions on the citizens of the US - it's just that it looks like the US and the Democrats might be one of the main centres for Globalist planning and activity...?..if not THE centre... hence the vicious and deceitful campaign against Trump - who isn't part of their agenda.... so the Super rich bankers and corporate capitalists who fancy themselves as creators of the Global Socialist Utopia --- and -- maybe fancy themselves as the Modern Master Race as well - don't want the Nazis to be linked to their agenda - or they might get rumbled... they have to con people into believing the Nazis to be far right not far left...?? something like that anyway......
  23. Suits everywhere are over priced. I actually have some nice tweed jackets. Shame they don't count.
  24. You don’t think that class wouldn’t be guided by the folks at CNN? Many schools are already hard left leaning. Heck Portland had an ANTIFA pedo talk with kids at a middle school not long ago. Do you want that same school teaching people what media to believe or not? To me, kids need to learn that the media is full of crap the hard way, same as we had to.
  25. Today
  26. The curse of Cana’an, as you do indicate, makes the impression of a political issue that much reminds of the curse of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction they did not have and similar issues that have been going on forever in politics and are grossly abused today. It will have been an excuse for destroying forbidden knowledge. Referring to the interpretation of Mesopotamian clay plate texts as telling the story of occupation of our planet by extraterrestrial Anunnaki, it has been suggested that Noah’s nakedness exposed features of his body that were not human. After all, he in that case probably was one of them or a maybe hybrid. There certainly is much intentional confusion about what is going on “up there”, since we are not supposed to know about it. Cf.: and I today added a preamble to my PDF and some more links.
  27. I like that. Some weeks ago I saw a television broadcast here that was about the level of knowledge of German highschool students, who were in the final class, about the administrativ things of the daily life. One young lady said "I can give a 30 minutes talk, in front of 50 people, in latin language. I speak English and French as well. Integral calculation is peanuts to me. Like all the other stuff teached to me. But I have no clue whats important when reading a rental contract or a credit agreement."
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