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  2. I feel so sorry for those suckers, yet it's still so friggin' hilarious.
  3. Wow. Nunes' memo and all the conspiracy theories derived from it were just slaughtered. Sort of comical how closely it reflects the left/right online debates.
  4. Hi Zooey, Metaphysics and Psychic Abilities. Sub Forum, Psychic Readings .. Tarot and Pendulum Readings .. Trame 122 is her Name .. There are Other free Readings on the Page too .. Try them out .. One size does not fit all .. I liked Trame, she answered many things for me .. However there will be many Wonderful People who can help .. All the Best Zooey, I hope you find the Answers you Seek .. Though I will say, I Feel you have a Knowing in Your Self .. Trust You Overall ok .. Mo..xx
  5. Very telling?
  6. It's not supposed to get too bad here, I just didn't want to be standing out in the middle of thunder and lightning with a dog on a lead.
  7. This seems to be a popular mantra from the Trump supporters as of late. My more cynical side wants to say , just come out and admit that you will never concede your dear leader has done anything wrong.
  8. Inorite? No matter how bad things get, it could have been worse. We could have been born lemmings.
  9. Your going to argue with a renowned archaeologist and college lecturer using Wiki? Really?
  10. Poor Lemmings cant catch a break
  11. Well, I guess we just disagree on it then. That’s fine. My understanding is that scientific models of the early universe show that very nearly exact precision was required in order for matter to form as it did.
  12. It's after a lemming. Everything eats those things.
  13. I don’t hold any particular belief or disbelief in scientific models as it pertains to evolution, adaptations, etc. and I consider our own origins an unknown. I do argue against common ancestry at times due to my views on it being so assumptive and presented as not, but sure.....if God made us through evolution, then I have no problem with. I believe in accepting what is, not fighting against it. It’s the getting to what is that is tricky.
  14. I really don't understand what he thinks to achieve by running down Kurds in Iraq and Syria. He's going to make enemies on both political spectrums. Russia and Syria are allies and Russian and Turks have never seen eye to eye. He's going to also fight US backed forces. The Kurds have won this propaganda war. Political suicide IMO and coming to think of it, the Turks would actually benefit if Kurds were given their own land in Iraq. Many Kurds living in Turkey would probably move there and reduce their self determination aspirations in Anatolia. Iraq is only a makeshift nation anyway, split between Arabs, Persians, Shiites ans Sunni's so I doubt there would be huge political pressure coming from them.
  15. I looked into this a little and found that XRF technology is used for both elemental and CHEMICAL analysis. From first paragraph on Wikipedia: X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the emission of characteristic "secondary" (or fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays or gamma rays. The phenomenon is widely used for elemental analysis and chemical analysis, particularly in the investigation of metals, glass, ceramics and building materials, and for research in geochemistry, forensic science, archaeology and art objects[1] such as paintings[2] and murals. Article
  16. Just like Trump, his popularity is actually going up. People seem to be tired of the smoke generators that keep promising fire but never show any...
  17. Lol...I've been nullified. Oookay then. If you ever actually have something going on, then I'll clue you in on how to get rid of it. Till then.
  18. Had to do that myself. Bracing for impact here.
  19. This sounds more positive to me for you Carole and nice you have connected with eight bit :). Sometimes something new is what we need to try to move on past the pain. I wish you the best and please, do write to me and talk if you need to with someone who does not know you and won't and is ok at listening :). You are not alone. best regards.
  20. It's beginning to look like Manafort is being nailed down so hard that he'll be willing to make stuff up to get himself off. If he does, I hope he REALLY gets nailed.
  21. so name a book & macqdor will question you to see how much you know.... don't let on you've got Google at your finger tips= shhhh
  22. Got to take the dog out before it starts pouring rain and storming, be back in a bit.
  23. Atamarie Friend .. Yes a wonderful Woman named Trame.. She is in Psychic Readings.. Which is ...???I will look for which thread .. She's here on Forum and she is Awesome.. I'll find and get back to you .. Give me 2 minutes .. Mo..xx
  24. Consider yourselves liked
  25. Your “precise” expansion is about as precise as the movement of air within a balloon while someone is blowing it up. In short, not remotely precise as the air only has so many directions it can go and does not move at a uniform speed throughout. Your idea of precision is meaningless in that regard. cormac
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