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  2. Scientism is when someone thinks that the scientific process is the only process by which one could arrive at the truth. I'm not arguing in favor of that. There are other methods like philosophy, the laws of logic, critical thinking skills, etc. There's also a clear distinction between experimental science and forensic science. And as I've said, I don't completely dismiss anecdotal evidence, I simply examine all the info I can about an eyewitness so as to check for reliability. Never once have I ever argued in favor of scientism on here. Not even close. What I'm arguing against is this notion that you can just take all of these 'teachers' and 'masters' and 'psychics' word for it ad hoc, without examining the evidence itself and checking the reliability of these sources. Claiming scientism is not an excuse for lack luster investigation skills.
  3. Strange way of describing the Ultimate Intelligence and source of Everything.
  4. I really don’t know. I don’t have the time to dig into everything and just share what I hear on the fly. Still though, this one belongs to the dems. They’re so adamant about nevertrump that they can’t bring themselves to do anything productive or even partially selfless. Trump was specific about what he wanted out of this. He’s only been crowing about it since 2015. Wall funds.
  5. You know the problem with all this time travel stuff. They never bring back something useful. Like medical information or some type of future tech that could fix up the now. No. They take photos.
  6. When it comes to you and your enigmatic riddles, humor is the last thing we want. You keep affirm that god is this or that. God is an idea. You've latched onto an alien cult idea of god. Some people attach themselves to a standard religious notion of god. And in a way some people go with 'the force' version of god. But all of these are ideas. If there is a god for all we know it is blind, deaf, and dumb. Unaware of it's own existence and lest of all ours.
  7. I wonder if some of these phantom islands once existed but are now under water and washed away by time.
  8. I feel bad for the guy and his family. I really do but he’s not innocent here. I read that back in 2006 when he and his wife married that he did attempt to get a green card or something along those lines but deportation issues came up and he dodged it until Obama said he was cool to stay. That still doesn’t excuse him. He should’ve bit the bullet and got this done 12 years ago. It could’ve all been worked out by now and he’d have never risked separating his family. What’s right is right and he should’ve done what he knew in his gut was the right way so we didn’t have to do things the hard way.
  9. It's national Popcorn Day and National Cheese Lover's Day so my son and I am going to visit a local gourmet popcorn shop and buy some cheese popcorn.
  10. The ONLY reason you have to drone on about Atlantis is because Herodotus mentions them as a peoples living near a mountain in Northwest Africa. Plato removes these people onto a non-existant island close enough to the Straits of Gibraltar to block it upon Atlantis' alleged destruction. In effect modifying an earlier piece of fiction with one of his own. Archaeological/geological/chronological/bathymetric evidence has shown that such a place known as Atlantis HAS NEVER EXISTED where it was alleged to by the original writers. cormac
  11. I'm not God. Where did a sense of humor go? See what pessimism does?
  12. We agree on your logic there. But the next step for the interested is let us look at all the evidence and argumentation and employ our best objective reasoning skills. This doesn't produce scientific proof, but I am not a follower of scientism which is where your arguments have been heading. Scientism would say if you can't prove it with tests, you shouldn't believe it. Remember, old papa is not claiming proof but just what his best reasoning leads him to think is most likely/unlikely in all of this.
  13. I guess God's love isn't coming through him.
  14. Well looks like someone's become a tad salty. Where did all that god of love stuff vanish too?
  15. Real mature.
  16. Then don't get personal with me Dick.
  17. What?
  18. Ad hominem will get you no where. And please stop calling me by my real name. I allowed it at first in an attempt to be civil, but it's gotten rather old. And quite frankly I don't think we're exactly on a first-name basis.
  19. Yes you can. But there are only so many days.
  20. Cayce was not a well read man by all accounts. Do you have any evidence that he read Donnelly's "Atlantis - The Antediluvian World."? I suspect that may be just a convenient made-up claim by attackers without evidence.
  21. Richard, go stand in the corner. You petulant twit.
  22. That is absolutely not true about forward funds. When I go to work on Monday, I will be working for free. The President can authorize backpay for emergency essential personnel who worked through the shutdown, but I certainly won't hold my breath for that.
  23. Well, have at it, but I don't see how such distant events can be proved wrong. And on side musing, how/why do you think Cayce would come up with those seemingly strange ideas? His conscious mind was clearly not studied in these subjects.
  24. What excuse? That if you evade responsibility long enough you get a pass? That’s bs. Dude got caught. He didn’t put himself into this situation but do anything about for 22 years either.
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