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  2. There is no "movement of the mind". The mind does not "creates the new structure of the brain to develope another part of the brain." This not correct either "Mind controls the brain" Before fumbling around you need to look into the subject matter. It prevents this sort of fumbling error after error. You guessed that someone can learn to "talk learn to talk again if there ability to talk was completely mashed in a car wreck" That was a bad guess because that cannot happen. There is a limit to neuroplasticity. When the portions of the brain are gone, they are gone. Think of these other portions that attempt to compensate as backups that give some degree of compensation for the lost ability.
  3. Hi Illyrius I forcast a redundancy of discussion of time and space in this debate by using my electro-chemical memory. jmccr8
  4. Some polls indicate that he's more popular than Obama was at this time in their respective administrations. Some progressives and their media friends are quadrupling down on the things that kept Hillary from her crown and throne. They meet the proverbial definition of insanity. Their repetitive mistakes may cause even more people to support Trump, even former political allies.
  5. What function are you looking for? They are not useless or meaningless to me, but very interesting. I consider behavioral patterns in my critical analysis. Apparently, my analysis of macqdor's behavior must be higher than yours. (If that is what you were referring to)
  6. What a ridiculous illogical rebuttal mate!! Do you realize how bloody stupid that is!? Think about it, Sherlock..... Of course= yet to be discovered is different to being told something exists but no one has proof of it over thousands of years! Go away mate! Do you think we're all stupid in here!!? Now think before you type- especially when conversing with me! Sorry, I can only take so much! Yet another 3 day ban for me after this I guess.. oh well
  7. But, but, her emails. Lol, almost twenty years of Hillary is guilty. Multiple investigations by Republicans, marathon grilling sessions of Hillary by Republicans, but no evidence. Either you lot are the most bumbling inept investigators in history or she just isnt guilty. Yet you keep trotting out the same old whargarble. Over and over. Isn't this the definition of stupidity? America is waking up to the stupid, lying, bumbling fool in the white house. His approval rating is the lowest in American history regardless of what Fox entertainment spews. Naw, he hasn't got a chance. Hank
  8. Got it..jeeze 6 people have been taken to hospital. Hopefully they survive and there are no others in there. How they got out of that is unbelievable...the building has gone! Will have to see what the reports say. Very posibly gas. No idea if it came from the shop of the flats above.
  9. As the "results" are so incomplete as to be functionally useless, this aspect is rendered rather moot. Yes, the grade of the practices involved can be considered. In this case, critical evaluation is currently not necessarily favorable. Do be very sure to apply seriously critical evaluation, including, but not limited to, demonstrated behavioral patterns. Edit: Format.
  10. When I was a child I had the same recurring nightmare. Once or twice a week until I was about 12 years old. It was always the same horrible nightmare. I'm looking down at a maze like this one (below) and I hear about 20 voices talking over each other and no sense at all can be made from their words. I then see two snakes enter the maze (one is black and the other is grey). The snakes have no actual detail. They are just long rectangle 2D images going around the maze as I look down at it. As they get closer and closer inside the maze the voices around me get faster and faster and louder, and I then realize they are all talking to me, but I still can't understand a word they are saying as they are overlapping each other faster and faster as the snakes get closer to each other. When the snakes meet in the middle there is a moment of absolute silence. It feels like my heart is racing and then stops and I am holding my breath, and then two of the voices cry out together in one long outward breath - "Oooooooh!" and everyone is disappointed in me. It then restarts and happens two or three more times and then I wake up in a cold sweat. Sometimes I would wake up and hit the pillow or bolt up out of bed and plead with myself to stop having those nightmares as I started to cry. Eventually they just stopped when I was 12 years old. Note - I moved house the same year the nightmares stopped. Don't know if that has any significance. Anyone have nightmares like that and do you know what caused them? All I know is, I felt a horrible evil presence every time I had those nightmares. I felt like I wanted to get out of there and I did not want to look at the snakes getting closer, but I was powerless to stop it, and they just kept getting closer and closer and there was nothing I could do except watch, and when they met in the middle the crowd grew angry at me and I felt guilty for allowing it to happen, yet it was not within my power to stop it, yet I also felt like I could control the snakes and keep them away, but they kept finding another path and reaching the middle again with the voices getting garbled faster and faster. I then hear the silence and hear two of them cry out again as I failed to stop the snakes meeting and I panic and wake up.
  11. For some odd reason NA ghosts do that too when confronted by investigators.
  12. I'm curious why you claim there is design when it absolutely clear that there is no design. It could simply be your close minded belief in the hoax perpetrated in Chicago all those years ago. It might simply be your lack of understanding of biological processes. I frankly can't figure out yet what has you so messed up. Systems can evolve without design. It is all around us. Living systems have been so successful at it that there is a class of algorithmic development in computers called genetic algorithms that benefit from the same approach.
  13. Also, Nunes himself admitted that it was in the footnotes, live on Fox News. He went on to claim that because it was in the footnotes that it doesn't count. Republicans concede key FBI 'footnote' in Carter Page warrant I'm not sure why so many people are finding it so hard to accept this fact. I've posted it numerous times.
  14. I was specifically using the term inanimmte as in non-living which should have been clear from the sentence in which it was used. So let me be clear - a Kirlian photograph even shows an aura with things that were never alive. Secondly, a Kirlian camera does NOT pick up energy from any object. I stated quite clearly that Kirlian cameras use an energy source that creates the glow. In fact, I likened it to a flash in a camera. Your claim that nothing is inanimate is a bald faced lie. Almost everything in the universe is inanimate. Here is a definition.
  15. Whether it's a actual spirit , a " captured memory" or a "thought form", stuff doesn't stick around forever.
  16. But Obama said we had 57 states so must be true. New California would be 58 right??
  17. You should be more concerned with your country's Orwellian system. You guys don't only have gun control; you have speech control. Our right to keep and bear arms makes sure that we have a right to free speech. Granted, there are attacks on both.
  18. It's only natural to want to fit in and feel as though you belong. I've seen kindness and love or ignorance and hate out of people, and learned to just let the ignorant hateful ones just display their foolishness and keep going. Don't see yourself through the eyes of those you feel are being cruel to you. Let them go. Tell yourself what a wonderful, beautiful person you are, say it all the time. Then people will see your inner beauty and they will want to be with you. That's when you will know you fit in with those that bring you their love.
  19. There is no aura. It does not exist.
  20. Dejarma you have to say yet when you make a statement like that. Science hasn't proven it yet. Right now at this very moment there are species of life crawling on the ocean floor that science has yet to prove exists. Those creatures big or small are going about they're daily lives not giving a rats a$$ about who believes they exist or not. They know they exist. Science say black holes exists but every time I ask them to show me one they point to the matter circling or going into the black hole vs. the black hole itself. And don't get me wrong I believe in black holes exists. I believe because the mathematics that govern me, that govern you, that govern everything else in this universe says it exists. Or should exist. Is it 100% certain. Nope. But there's a high probability. There are things science can explain and they are things science may never explain - doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just means our knowledge, our way of thinking hasn't grasped it yet. We're our own worst enemy I feel. There are many things in existence now that science said would never exist. Those scientist are dead and buried. And the things they thought were foolish and dumb is now doing what they normally do. Which is exist.
  21. It's even more dangerous when you add texting-while-driving to the mix. Cell phones are bad enough.
  22. Well, nothing for me to react to for now, because nothing has been posted lately at this point in time that should be reacted to at all. Except perhaps that someone likes the post of some poster: that does not mean that the poster liked by another poster is saying anything that is worth replying to: in terms of truths, facts, logic, and the best thoughts of mankind from since the dawn of man's conscious intelligence. In connection with the thread here, "God from the Investigation of Existence."
  23. I just flicked the BBC news channel on, and it was reported as a Polish convenience store.
  24. If you own a TV - or even if you don't in the case of the Internet - you have no choice: Television licensing in the United Kingdom "In the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies, any household watching or recording live television transmissions as they are being broadcast (terrestrial, satellite, cable, or Internet) is required to hold a television licence. Businesses, hospitals, schools and a range of other organisations are also required to hold television licences to watch and record live TV broadcasts. A television licence is also required to receive on-demand programme services provided by the BBC, on the iPlayer catch-up service. Income from the licence is primarily used to fund the television, radio and online services of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The total income from licence fees was £3.7872 billion in 2016–17 of which £630.4 million or 16.6% was provided by the Government through concessions for those over the age of 75. Thus, the licence fee made up the bulk (76.4%) of the BBC's total income of £4.954 billion in 2016–2017." Whatever a person's politics, the BBC should provide neutral views, and solid unbiased reporting as they were once held in esteem for.
  25. We have different experiences. *Some* European forum members have unrealistic views of American life.
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