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  2. I'm picky about music if you haven't noticed.
  3. Goth classical is a thing though, and it works. But it works better with like...VNV Nation.
  4. And I have...just saying that there's a time and a place.
  5. If I wanted violins, I would have listened to Vivaldi or some ****.
  6. I wanted Master of Puppets.
  7. I dunno...they started having backup violins and I was
  8. I really would think it best to explore other ideas as well. Pride is a sin correct?
  9. Way to broaden your horizons Rose.
  10. Oh, I thought it was to build an army if defenders in the afterlife.
  11. I only like old Metallica.
  12. I did, younger (over 22 but under 28) ones Can be
  13. They're boring. I talk to them all the time.
  14. Blackened is the end, winter it will send...
  15. Progress by who's standard's? Yours? If that was the case it would be regression. Why don't you try being open minded Will? Life doesn't revolve around Space Jesus. You've looked through that narrow lens to long. No wonder you can't create meaningful discussion. Then again, You've never really been able to do that. That's the result of adhere to strict dogma. It creates a closed mind.
  16. Talking to males? Why would you put yourself through that abuse?
  17. Yet the speedometer says 150.
  18. OMG the biscuits.
  19. Sorry was talking to males
  20. Everyone loves Red Lobster (I'm a HUGE fan of those biscuits). It's a good bet.
  21. We're docking your paycheque!
  22. People drive fast here. The first time I visited Texas I couldn't believe it. Here they have narrow, tree lined country roads and the speed limit is 75.
  23. Ok I'm doing Metallica now.
  24. does youtube know I went to Red Lobster. They're like...sending me ads and it's creepy.
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