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  2. I use quotations to convey either another source, a name, or a likely false label. Yahushua, it is known was absolutely controversial figure in the first century, during an age of chaos. Full of Zealots, masquerading like Assassins, and plotting a revolt from Rome; having their motivation in prophecy of Eluh Yahuwah, awaiting the Warrior Anointed Prophet, who had the Savior, the Father Yahuwah Riding his back like a horse into battle, psalms 18:10. They were expecting a bloody victory; meanwhile the Sons of Zadok decided the Pharusheem were Hellenized ("colonized") deceivers who sacrificed animals in vein, and thus they fled into the wilderness, to await the coming mashiahh, as watchtowers at the ready. The Saduceem, or "Those of the Pharisees" , were considered very dogmatic and harsh, and even heretical in their belief that there was no resurrection from Sheol. Several supposed "Saviors" and "Kings of the Jews" rose up from the Zealots, against the Regime of Roman Centurons, and ended up crucified on the cross. Among all this chaos, confusion, and turmoil, was a man named Yahushua who came out to the world at around the age of 30, not very long after the last many who attempted to free Yesrael, and claimed themeselves to be "King of the Jews". Yahushua was unlike many of his own kind, believing in the law, yet he chose not to participate in the traditions of the Elders. Many thought that among the fear and turmoil, they found the answers they had been looking for, with one man among the reeds. Yahushua fasted for Fourty days, and was anointed the "King of the Jews" and a prophet by Eliyahu, whom people called Yohhanan the Immerser (יוֹחָנָן טבילה). Many turned to Yochanan among the Reeds hoping to restore the kingdom of Earth to the glory of Heaven, and they sought to repent, and to be cleansed of their heaviness and fear. Yahushua began his quest, on the Journey he called Ha Darakh (the way). He went out as Seer, Healer, and Poetic Mashal(Parable) maker. His culture found joy in the poetry of Riddles in which the answer was hidden in the abstract among the words spoken, and in every verse, if it be possible, Yahushua would flavor his poems with many words that though different meanings, sounded very much the same. This was one of the best parts of the Riddle, when every word Rhymes in Hebrew, so many wanted to know him, and yet he was always an active passerby, who spent little time held in one place. Many said among themeselves, "this must be him?", "the mashiahh we have been waiting for!", "are you the king of Yehudah that is to come?", and yet he said nothing to the others, keeping secretive all the while, that they conclude what they choose. The Pharusheem hated him, because he profained the Traditions of the Elders, and taught his followers to do the like. He was poor, and many gave him their love and things he needed, which he believed was Father providing him through the creation, and the Pharusheem still yet hated him, lavished in Rings, Silver, Gold, and the many praises of the people. "Who is this man?", the priests wondered, "Who does he think he is?". Centurions and the Greek Herodian Dynasty all the while watching what moves they could follow, holding their arms back, so long as this prophet did not revolt against them... Yes troubling times, and a brave soul Yahushua was, and in the modern Erra many speculate he must have had a connection with the Essenes near the Dead Sea, or the Theraputae in the South of Yehudah(Judah), in Northern Egypt. For he had many beliefs that were identical with these sects, and practices that were yet similar. He would be active sunrise till sunset doing actions that are considered by Modern Anthropology to be an "unorganized belief system" because he did not hail to a Temple Institute which was linked into the Economic system, and maintained a deep spirituality with the natural world. He was Organized, I am willing to say, but in his very soul. It is said that the Roman version of him, "Ioseus" that was made in the third century, is fictional, and yet most churches readily accept this form of him, giving into what some call "blind faith". Those who learn the hebrew culture and timeline understand he was not what we at first think being raised in any nation around the world. There is said to be a "Book of Thomas" which is written in coptic, which is believed to regard the true sayings of Yahushua, preserved as an Oral memory by Ta'uma (תאומא), and then written down. This text was found buried in Nag Hammadi, as well as in fragments among Rubbel in Oxhyrhyncus, Egypt. It is speculated that either the Gnostics or the Aryans possessed this text, and would have hidden it from the "Holy Roman Empire". Coptic is a written language of Egypt and was not Gnostic Exclusive after all. And was it not Constantine in the 3rd century AD supervising the council of Nicea 325 CE and thereafter, who, being vehemently vexed by the Aryans of the council, who highly disagreed with the Council Deifying "Ioseus Christo", led a campain under the supposed "Holy" Roman Empire to destroy accused "Heretics" such as the Aryans. Though their outreach went much further, even to crush the other believers in the Middle East, extinguishing the last traces of "Jewish" followers, and he seized their Libraries, and books, burning many down, and used "Correctioners" to change any verse that was outright Anti-Roman or controversial to his and their own opinion. Thus formulating a book and a doctrine which he termed "ORTHODOX", as though this was always the tradition? It was as though he wanted to rewrite history, leading everybody to believe that the "Orthodox" church has always been a normalcy. Yet some texts survived, Gnostic, Coptic, Hebrew, and even Greek, which attest a story often contrary to Roman Idolatry. There were once believers in the first to late second century at the least, called Elkazites, and called Nazerines (Nazerai), likely named after the Nazerine Mashiahh, who followed their Adon-Tsadikenu (Righteous Master). There was even an offshoot of them, called Ebionites (Ebeyunai), likely named "Poor Ones" for their poverty in material, who beheld a Hebrew Gospel of Matityahu. Paul himself considered it controversial because it was not a "complete gospel", and yet it was said to be written by Matityahu personally. Rome removed Dissonance, today we assume "Jesus christ" died for our sins, and we do not need to follow the law. Though Yahushua did say in Matthew 5:17: (It is in fact in this same chapter, we read the blessings that all may receive, especially persons like the poor, think "Ebionite".) Did he say Righteousness is required? Why be afraid of not being lazy, and standing up for another brother and make a change in the world? The Ebionai, Nazerai, and Elkazai teachings were Mystical, that is with unity and harmony with Divine, they did not really name themselves so much, and they did not call themeselves "Christian", which is simply a Greek noun phrase. They were followers, and trusted Yahushua, giving him honor, but never worship, only reserving that to the Father. What were Yahushua's real teachings? I think that we see many of them in the first "Gospels" of the Bible, but there is a wealth of other information hiding in Canon, and Fragmented books that are found. Even the Tanakh is insightful to the culture and beliefs in which yahushua lived. It is to my Opinion and Understanding, that being based around Knowledge, Fact, trust, and heart, that Yahushua was a King, a Prophet, and Healer, In his land he was called Yahushua mashiahh raphah, which means Yahushua anointed healer, and he was often among nature in meditation, prayer, and peace walks. He spoke extensively about the kingdom of the Heavens, where his blessed Yahuwah, where his father dwells, claiming it to not be a separate deity from his creation, in the best of ways, telling his inner circle about truths the others would not yet hear. He claimed in Mark 14:62: which entails that he knew something, in hebrew this statement, "right hand of power" would be something like: "Yamyn shal Eluh", and this has two meaning at the least. First, he is resting in the blessing of the right hand of Eluh (deity of promise), but he is also resting in "power", which is the glory of Eluh. Yahushua was admitting he needed to receive the power of El to do miracles... I am saying that he is much more like a Healer of America, than some priest. He is a knowledgeable mind, and heart like the sun, I find his sayings always function the best for one's soul, to profit happiness. Yehudah Esecarayot did betray a powerful man at least, and this a question as to why he betrayed yahushua on another thread. Though some claim the Zealots were looking for a Warrior, and expecting bloodshed, but this Yahushua was doing the opposite of this, it seemed? Yet he says in Shem Tob's Hebrew Matityahu 26:53 to his follower Kepha (peter) who struck the ear of a servant of the priests: He clearly made note that the son of man would come on the pillar of cloud in power, and that he can petition/summon Elohim(many deities of a promise; many divine beings) on his behalf. It is as though he is returning to be a warrior? And just what are his mystical teachings? read them, find out, but only if you want to help humankind as a hero, and not someone who will p*** on pearls. For the one who discovers their meanings can not go back from what they know. What do you think? Sources: (USE DISCERNMENT; HEALTHY SKEPTICISM BASED ON KNOWLEDGE AND HEART) Books of the New Testament Hebrew Matthew Gospel.php Gospel of MATTHEW by George Howard - Part One.pdf Books of the Tanakh Jeff A. Benner <<<Google Lost Books of the Bible.pdf <<< Gospel of Nicodemus(ACTS OF PILATE): DETAILED ACCOUNT OF JUDGE AND JURY... Not what you thought... <<< THEORY of Essenes and John <<< THEORY of Theraputae and Jesus <<< Josephus- Antiquity of the Jews (PDF form likely available)<<< DID "Jewish" believers flee to Pella? (***first followers were not christian***)<<< Constantine Damages "Christianity" ...Etc...
  3. It's an obvious fake. Everything looks wrong.
  4. How about paying your workers a decent wage instead of wasting money on robotic dogs?
  5. Tumbling would presumably reduce the efficiency of the thrust, if it meant that the painted half of Bennu faced the Sun less frequently, and sometimes less directly, than it would in the case of simpler rotation. I'm also concerned by the fact that Bennu has a fairly short orbital period. It travels between Mars and Earth most of the time, but also dips inside Earth's orbit.The cumulative effect of slight thrust would increase the size of its orbit. This seems to mean that Bennu could be pushed nearer Earth around the time of its perihelion. Bennu will pass inside Earth's orbit many times in the course of 120 years before the closest approach is predicted, this would appear to present a problem, once we started tinkering with its orbit.
  6. I never in the least bit denied that they weren't 'socialists'. What I was arguing was that to label them as such without placing them within the context of their other political ideologies (which were overwhelmingly right-wing) is incredibly disingenuous. It make is appear as though the Nazis were left-wing when they weren't. You are intentionally cherry-picking their socialist ideologies out of an ocean of right-wing policy positions that they supported, which makes it appear as though left-wing ideologies were the fuel that lead to Nazi extremism, which it inherently wasn't. The majority of their socialists ideologies were carry-over policies that existed in Germany before the Nazi party ever even existed. I've already proven this, yet you ignore it so as to push your BS narrative. You know this, you're just doing this intentionally so as to incorrectly smear socialist policies by associating socialism with Nazis. You're trying to make it appear that it was socialism that caused their evils, when in reality for the most part it was their extremist right-wing policy positions that lead them to support and commit the various heinous acts that they did. I've already linked the sources that prove this over and over, so there's no sense in further re-hashing it. You're not making an argument, you're basically just propagandizing a known outright lie. I don't understand why conservatives don't get this, but we live in a democracy, where we the people control the government. This isn't like a monarchial system where the government forces it's people to adopt socialist policies against their will. If the people vote for politicians to enact socialist policies, then there is no breach of free-will. I've already explained this thoroughly to another member here, but in case you didn't read it (since it is undoubtedly long) I'll quote it for you: Honestly, I genuinely fail to see what is so difficult to understand about this ^
  7. I have been following your argument with that individual. Unfortunately I think s/he is not all there in the head. All your hard work debunking will fall on deaf ears unfortunately.
  8. Including the bit about criminalising non-criminal activities ?
  9. My final post (I hope) when it comes to dealing with narcissists and sociopaths. They hate brightness, positivity, individualism, happiness, and people in their own little world. Switch off from whats going on around you and be super bright, positive, individualistic, and happy in what you do. The narcs hate is as they want your attention to be on them and for to be super miserable in life so they can shine. Smile! Smile when they are around, when you are talking to them (if you cannot avoid interacting with them) and smile when you are focused on your own tasks. The panic will start shortly after (although the initial stages will be hidden from sight). But they will try to deflate you. Keep smiling. Then soon that panic will turn to shear terror lmao.
  10. Vegans just destroy their microbiom and skeletal system. You immune system needs the chemicals found in meat. Your skeleton needs Lactobacillus.
  11. And sorry - I forgot to answer your second question. Sam Newnam, the pawn shop owner did not testify. He made that statement in the A&E series.
  12. Nuking it would be more fun, though.
  13. about 15% of people are real idiots, other 15% are smart, and see world how it really is, the rest, 70% are really neither,
  14. You mean data mining Facebook data? Hillary didn't data moine Facebook like Obama before her?
  15. What storm? I said that in order to hold back walls of water, high wind speeds would be needed. How high? At 7000 feet, about four times the speed of sound. What is the fastest wind speed people can walk upright in? About 85 mph. I then said "obviously they didn't go that way." You should read the post before jumping off the deep end. No evidence of a large Hebrew population in Egypt? In Coptic, the old name of Tell el-Faqus means "Ruin of the Jews." (The name actually comes through Greek and means a flowing or discharge of water, as in irrigation.). Thutmose II ordered its construction right on top of the Darb es Shur. Good thinking there: build a place for your enemies so it blocks your major trading route to the east! Just who do you think the Hyksos were? At the time of the Hyksos "invasion" there was no such thing as "Israel," but there were many fair-skinned "Asiatics" (Semitic tribes). The Nile delta was subject to wave after wave of immigrants and invaders, including hundreds of thousands of light-skinned "Asiatics." Thutmose III brought back 90,000 slaves from Caanan. The Merneptah (1213 - 1203 BC) stele commorates Merneptah's victory over Israel: "Israel is laid waste, his seed is not." Seti I (1394 - 1279) mentions "Israel" on a rock shelter wall. These are among the very earliest mentions of "Israel." Were these slaves? Thutmose III's 90,000 prisoners were. Seti I rounded up as many "lepers and other impure people (meaning Semites) as he could find, intending to expel them from Egypt, but then changed his mind and put them to work building Pi-ramses. Certainly looked like slavery to the victims who had formerly been free citizens and even influencial ones. After the slave revolt (led by Osar-Seph [Joseph]), the people spent ten years "despoiling the Egyptians." The Hyksos Pharaoh Khean (pronouned "John") had a Hebrew name! The last four Pharaohs of the 16th Dynasty were Jacob-baal, Yakbam, Yoam and Amu. Jacob is a Semitic word meaning "follower." Jacob-baal is a follower of God. So is Jacob-Israel from the Bible. The names Yakbam and Isaac have a common origin through Amoritic. The name Amu means father, as does Amram, Moses' father, in Hebrew. I propose that the geneology presented for the biblical Moses is actually a Hyksos king list. The first king in the 18th Dynasty was Ahmose. So he even had the same name as Moses! Does this prove the account of Moses' genealogy as given by the Bible? No. But it does demonstrate some confusion among the writers and it also demonstrates a huge Semitic (later Israelite) impact on Egypt. More than that: Egyptians from around Cairo are lighter-skinned than those from Luxor. Foreigners have even influenced Egypt's genetic makeup. As for "no people in the desert at this time:" Thutmose III reopened the Sinai copper mines about 1500 BC. They continued in seasonal operation until Ramses VI shut them down about 1140 BC. There were numerous mining and smelting operations, incluidng Serabit el Khadim (Pillars of the Slaves); Rephidim (Place of Pillars in the Bible); Elat (Goddess); Punyon; Ebronah and al Mene'ijje. Tell Masos (Kadesh Barnea?) has produced coins with the likeness of Seti II on them and et-Taba (Jotbathah) supplied wood to Elat and Pharaoh's Island (Ezion Geber) to be used in smelting the ore. Estimates are that there were about 4500 people in Sinai at this time and as that is the carrying capacity of Sinai, there weren't any large settlements - just a few small villages. Feiran Oasis, the largest one in Sinai, had a population of about 200. Some of those springs mentioned in Exodus would have trouble supporting ten families, let alone hundreds of them. Wheat shipped from Egypt could have increased the number of people living in Sinai, and probably did, but that is expensive and wouldn't work to support the hundreds of thousands called for in the Bible. So once again, what started as "a feather in the mornin'" grew to be "a featherbed in the afternoon." But the grain of truth is there. Doug
  16. Pacific plastic dump far larger than feared: study The vast dump of plastic waste swirling in the Pacific ocean is now bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined -- far larger than previously feared -- and is growing rapidly, a study published Thursday warned. They found that it now stretches 1.6 million square kilometres and, they warn, it's growing. "The inflow of plastic to the patch continues to exceed the outflow," Lebreton said. What's more, the scale of the largest plastic dump on the planet literally only scratches the surface of the problem. "Levels of plastic pollution in deep water layers and seafloor below the GPGP remain unknown," the study warned.
  17. Interesting how they soft soap what teh Chinese did a few years ago by making it sound like they were trying to deorbit a satellite.
  18. I'm getting rather tired of my recent trend of long-winded responses that involve dissecting every single point from someone's post. So I'll just focus on the one thing that alarmingly stood out the most. I can somewhat understand the argument that overpopulation is a problem. However what you're suggesting here is downright scary. Of course Eugenics was popular a hundred years ago. So were Jim Crow laws, and a myriad of other abhorrent things that we can for the most part look back on with disdain. I mean, it sounds as if you're literally flirting with the idea of outright Nazism here. Overpopulation is undoubtedly a problem that needs addressing, however I don't believe in any way that Eugenics is really the desired solution, nor is it the only solution. Anyway, with that I think I'm done with this thread. I keep getting off-topic anyway, and I've already made my point in regards to the topic many times over. No need to repeat myself essentially...
  19. Your comment makes perfect sense in the context of this thread, but I was saying that in isolation it'd strike you as being very unusual. As to the rest of it, it was just two general comments not directed at anyone in particular. But what I meant by them is that there is a surviving member of the same group this giant bear belonged to, and that's the spectacled bear, which is a very small bear. And as this is the only species of bear found in South America, and Paddington was from 'darkest Peru' he was a spectacled bear, and the Paddington stories by Michael Bond are set in London.
  20. The OP defended this using the "amateur" excuse.....and I'm lying about Native culture.....*sigh*
  21. Podo

    Spirit animals should always be real creatures, like sasquatches, and not purely fictional things, like trickle-down economics.

    1. Piney


      My spirit animal is a 70cc Jonsered .

  22. That's where this whole argument is so old fashioned. What Americans consider as "Socialism" is really old school Communism, which exists hardly anywhere now (except perhaps Cuba). Even still technically Communist countrysides like China and Vietnam are pretty much capitalist economically now. Socialism, in the terms that are being talked about here, is about social welfare and particularly healthcare now. The American way of denigrating socialist ideas because "= Communism" is so outdated.
  23. none of those are really socialist countries, they may have some socialist policies, but socialism assumes no private enterprise,every business is owned by gvmnt, the way it was in real socialist countries ussr and Warsaw pakt countries. owning a business was illegal. reselling something was illegal as well, in ussr there was a criminal charge for that, "unearned income'
  24. I used to be a vegan. Its not a bad choice. However the hungry you have. Plus a lot of beans, fiber, and salads give new meaning to the term "salad shooter".
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