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  2. Tengrii can be more described as "Creation", "The Universe" or "The Heavens" The concept evolved into the Chinese concept "Tian" (The Heavens).
  3. Discipleship like yoga?
  4. Give a listen to bible scholar Francesca Stavrakopoulou.....she can explain it quite succinctly:
  5. Overdueleaf

    Found a great price for Strawberries this weekend. Picked up quite a few. Now dehydrating them for the grandkids and food storage

  6. This is the DA Complaints Department. Please vent to your heart's content.
  7. @kmt_sesh On a totally unrelated topic, I saw today that there's a large group of people out there who genuinely believe that there's an ancient super-advanced underground city underneath the pyramids at Egypt... I'm sure you've heard... There's even a whole movie-length video on YouTube detailing this advanced ancient civilization... Egads, what people are willing to believe...
  8. What!?!?!?!?!?!? I haven't done that since 1984 when *69 and caller ID didn't exist.
  9. You read like Elaine or my Aunt Emma. Are you a Quaker or are you actually someone from Princeton.
  10. Yep. Another way I’ve put it is I’d trust a vemonous snake more
  11. I'm glad to hear it Podo.
  12. Lol, Ill post the screen shot when on desktop need to shrink it first
  13. Yeah, I guess if you've been bitten that many times, you don't go back to the cage.
  14. In my profession you have to be completely aware of you surroundings. Especially since we only harvest storm damaged, diseased or dangerous trees. Then the fact that the sawmill has been unchanged since 1949 and there is grabby and sharp spinning things all around you. When your paying attention to all this your mind can't wander or think about other things because that's when you get hurt. I literally use my ADD to my advantage and "splatter" my vision. Because of that and because my Uncle Jimmy taught me meditation when I was a preteen is probably why I can just "shut off".
  15. Nevah! This is the place to be. Or until the mods make us stop. Then we will start over
  16. I'm quoting myself because I'm FOS. They do deliver in certain cities I just did a search. I love the deep dish pepperoni BTW. Ok, back to more serious issues
  17. I was just trying to warn you. The Purge might take a little longer to reach Australia, but it's coming!
  18. Ever considered it might just be flying ants."
  19. Please Lord, when are you going to derail this thread for good?
  20. You'd be wrong with that thought. It takes 21 kJ/mol (5.0 kcal/mol) to break a single hydrogen bond in water. (see ... or any chemistry textbook.) The energy from the light from any star is far weaker than that (as you can see by a thought experiment... if the bonds were that easily affected, NO substance on Earth with hydrogen in it would be able to form... because the light from the sun is a lot stronger and would blast every compound on Earth to smithereens. The spectrum for Sirius is not very different from the Sun (or many other stars) It's a white star... actually a binary star. Nothing in your setup indicates anything capable of generating that much power. Actually, the sun's magnetic field is overwhelmed by the Earth's magnetic field (which is fairly weak (25 to 65 microteslas (0.25 to 0.65 gauss)). The formula for strength of a magnetic field is given here... you can plug in the numbers and see that it's almost undetectable. The other major problem (and it's major) with your idea is that Easter Island was built around 1000 AD... at a time when the Western world (and China as well, and India) had advanced and flourishing civilizations and astronomers who were writing books and recording observations of the sky. Machu Piccu is a new structure, built around 1450 AD and was abandoned just before the Spanish conquered the area. Christopher Columbus and... everyone across the globe would have seen and recorded and marked and drawn and painted any such "band" if it existed. So to prove it, you will have to show that people all across the world (from India to Spain to England to Egypt to Arabia to Turkey and beyond have been writing and painting and studying and documeting it during the time period of 3000 BC to 1500 AD, (that's over 4,000 years) - the time from the building of the pyramids to the building of Machu Piccu --- and that people were using this celestial structure as a guideline or some such.
  21. I was evacuated this morning at 3:00-ish during the tsunami warning. The warning was lifted and nothing was damaged, but it was quite an eventful evening/morning.
  22. A noble Roman would offer more options. To borrow a famous phrase, I never met a pizza I didn't like.
  23. That she’s playing nice til she turns again, her patten of behaviour
  24. Cloudy with a chance of tsunamis. I'm on the west coast in BC, and I was evacuated from my home at 3:00 in the morning due to a tsunami warning. There was a big earthquake in the states somewhere north, off of Alaska, and there was risk of a big wave ripping down the coast. Thankfully the warning was lifted and everything was okay.
  25. How do all crazy people have hair that screams "hi, I'm crazy!"
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