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  2. Of course you forget, Toad. I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration.
  3. Luke Borer, a junior at Perrysburg High School in Ohio, accomplished something you rarely see on a baseball field. In fact, what Borer did Monday has never happened in Major League Baseball history. Borer hit four home runs in a 22-14 victory, and they were home runs of every variety. https://sports.yahoo.com/ohio-high-schooler-accomplished-rare-baseball-feat-the-home-run-cycle-152536995.html
  4. I don't believe you

    grow up
  5. The ghost of the grandmother

    Am I the only one who's gotten tired of seeing that?
  6. I don't believe you

    What about a Constitution (like ours) that will outline the basis for a future government of the whole world which will eliminate nationalism? Eliminate wars between nations? Eliminate economic disparities? Eliminate social disparities? You don't think that's a good idea?
  7. The ghost of the grandmother

    its weird how many people who present a crappy, blurry, video of a ufo, ghost, bigfoot whatever have to make a big point to say they were a skeptic but now a believer, i look at this and cant help but think this is all it took for you to believe...this type crap is everywhere. now cue the guy to enter and to use his poopoometer and rate it on the likely paranormal side.
  8. I don't believe you

    Now what = me reporting you and leaving this conversation since you're clearly just being a dumb troll, intentionally trying to stir up trouble. Goodbye.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I believe that Impeachment is now guaranteed. It would be a literal miracle if he was removed, though. It would require 66 votes and the Dems are roughly 10-15 short even in a worst case for the President. I just pray that AG Barr is a man of integrity and that he will give as much scrutiny to the antics that led to the "investigation" as the Dems and FBI gave to their coup attempt. If he creates a "dossier" of facts that lead to real proof that criminal wrongdoing was engaged in by the leadership in FBI, CIA and DNI, and possibly higher, he will be placed under extreme pressure to appoint another SC to let the nation know exactly what happened. There has never been anything like this before and if it slides under the table the rule of law here is dead. You watch how hysterical their tone will become if he announces an SC investigation into this mess. They will begin to scream "Constitutional Crisis" and demand that he be Impeached or indicted. They cannot allow him to present the facts of what they've been engaged in. It might very well destroy the Party.
  10. Impedancer

    Damn full moon i cant sleep


    1. XenoFish


      It's the werewolves again isn't it?

  11. I don't believe you

    oh ok then
  12. I don't believe you

    so don't disrespect those who do know then!! which IMO is exactly what you've been doing= now what?
  13. I don't believe you

    Indeed, I grew up when homosexuality was considered evil and wrong, I never agreed with this mindset and was not afraid to say so, while it wasn’t popular and I made up a small percentage I stood strong because the majority was lagging behind didn’t mean I should too. It was wrong to diminish a person for begin gay and I knew it. I didn’t agree with corporal punishment either and forged my own way on it and now the world has caught up. There are always those that see the bigger picture, some can’t think for themselves sadly, eventually the world catches up with or without them.
  14. I don't believe you

    You didn't rest anything. All you've done is fling insults. You have an absolute mindset. You're right and anyone that doesn't agree is an idiot.
  15. I don't believe you

    you said it= i rest my case
  16. GAS UP THE K12 BABY! I'M ON IT!!!!
  17. I don't believe you

    "You should show a little respect for people you stupid idiot!!" How do I know I don't know anything about plumbing? Or car repairs? Or astrophysics? Knowing what you don't know is one of the easiest things you could ever come to know.
  18. I don't believe you

    Dude. I'm a machinist. I create for a living. I take the things people imagine and make them a reality. I have parts in nuclear reactors, all because of the insane level of perfectionism I put myself under, because I want it right. I am one of those creators. You think I'm an idiot. Then I'm a self-made idiot.
  19. I don't believe you

    to know your limits, one needs a yardstick- what yardstick are you using?
  20. R.I.P. Dr. Roger Leir

    Considering how long ago he passed, fairly RIPE too
  21. I don't believe you

    you should show a little respect for those who make (for example) the tech for us to communicate in this way/ save lives etc etc etc= or are you just bored & being a stupid idiot because you've got FA better to do???
  22. I don't believe you

    Or maybe we humbly acknowledge our human limits and don't childishly adhere to a black-and-white "one or the other" mentality.
  23. Concrete pyramids?

    Hard to tell around here sometimes. cormac
  24. I don't believe you

    I did, but it is meaningless and vacuous in the context you are asking me to consider it. There isn’t any thing more noteworthy then the constitution.
  25. I don't believe you

    As I said: "Depending on your definition of a 'god' that is." I don't think a God that can create a 200 mile coffee cup out of thin air is any more reasonable than the coffee cup itself. It's when people discuss concepts like a more pantheistic "cosmic consciousness" sort of thing, or sort of quasi-sentient entity that sort of "guides" or "directs" or "influences" certain things in the universe that I think could very well be possible. There are so many different ideas of what constitutes a "god" that you really can't just assume anything when someone mentions one.
  26. I don't believe you

    Only on Mondays.
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