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  2. RabidMongoose

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    Thats not what he told you. He told you that making MWI work becomes more difficult because of it, not broken.
  3. sci-nerd

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    I know, that's why I made this OP. To tell you about it. This OP is about the consequence of magnetic fields in the wave state. A consequence that the original authors haven't realized yet, it seems. Remember, I got it validated by a physicist. Are you a physicist?
  4. Doug1o29

    LoneStar Tick Arises?

    I don't know about red meat, but I got STARI from a tick bite. Put me in the hospital for a week. Avoid ticks if you can. Doug
  5. Yeah, that makes zero sense. Some nutjob is trying to get in the house so you nothing but go hide?
  6. Exhibits include: - Photos - Bones/books/casts of footprints, and casts of hands - Human skulls (replica) - bear, gorilla, neanderthal - State maps with Bigfoot sightings - A "killing field" - Visit the "Bone Room" and "Patty & Sassy's Home" - Hear authentic Bigfoot "talking" https://www.visithastingsnebraska.com/things-to-do.html?
  7. Stiff


    My son, who's into astronomy, asked me how stars die.

    I said, "It's usually an overdose, son."

  8. RabidMongoose

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    There is the wave part of the atom, and when it interacts with a measuring device it takes on the properties of a particle. Mass, location, speed, direction of travel, are particle properties and only come into existence as a result of measurement. The wave is the probability field from which the particle properties come into existence from. It also has some wave properties unique to it. That is all that is known about what a wavefunction is and how the particle (the collection of particle properties) comes into existence from it as a result of measurement. With `MWI` the scientists are arguing that all possibilities physically exist as particles unified together in the wavefunction. Again the experiment only proves time symmetry can be broken. It actually says nothing about the validity of `MWI`. Its actually impossible at this point in history to rule out MWI or any of the quantum theory alternatives that are currently taught. Thats why they are all taught. They are saying because the wavefunction contains all possibilities you cannot go back before it to the original starting conditions. Not that any outcomes in the wavefunction (as in MWI outcomes) dont exist. Hence, information about the past before the wavefunction is lost.
  9. Scholar4Truth

    Alien Interview

    In terms of the Alien Autopsy film, I believe the person involved with its production and participation later came forward and stated it was a hoax and that they were paid for taking part in it.
  10. spartan max2

    The house I recently moved into is haunted

    Why in the world did he run to his room and not wake everyone up when some weirdo is leaning on your front door in the middle of the night?
  11. stevewinn

    Another example of BBC propaganda

    now your talking about going from bad to worse. still doesn't excuse or improve the bad though.
  12. Stiff

    "Sooty Faces" replace Blackfaces in Holland

    Won't sooty faces be just as bad?
  13. sci-nerd

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    It cripples it. The MWI is based on one simple principle: If observation makes particles form, then where are they when we don't look? That's it. That's all the basis for parallel universes. This proves they never leave or are elsewhere. They are just in an applicable wave state.
  14. aztek

    Maoris ban 'barbarian' Captain Cook's ship

    brutality and barbarism are not the same thing, a barbarian may be brutal, but a brutal roman is no barbarian
  15. It seems to be more then a Bigfoot museum. More like a mixture of Bigfoot and human oddities.
  16. stereologist

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    A judgement based on irrational methods is an irrational judgement. Not to say it is crazy but it is not based on evidence and reason and logic. The source of the information is a story. That story has not been verified and frankly verifying the story is something skeptics do, not believers because it might show the story to be a hoax and what believer wants that to happen. The basis is indistinguishable from fiction. Applying wishful thinking is not consideration.
  17. RabidMongoose

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    It doesnt invalidate or reinforce it. What the research is saying is that physicists created an experiment which broke time symmetry. In essence, if you were to run time backwards from the end of the experiment to the start then you wouldnt arrive back at the same start conditions. This is because in the middle of the experiment there was a wavefunction (thats a probability wave containing all possibilities). When time is run backwards to that point it cannot be run backwards any further. This is because there is no specific scenario to run backwards too, but rather all possible pasts. So in essence its impossible in practical terms to get back to the original starting conditions of the experiment. Bonkers, but the research you are linking too isn't the first instance of breaking time symmetry. If you are a follower of parallel universes then it means there are parallel histories. If you dont like that theory then you can all pasts existing in the multi-verse, or you can have extra dimensions existing, the choice is a matter of preference. The reason why there are so many quantum theories is that they are all compatible with each other and the existing physicists. So its irrelevant which one you pick. Also, something better might come along.
  18. I moved in with my boyfriend recently and his house and property is pretty busy with paranormal activity. Him and the rest of his family all have ghost stories of their own. I'd like to note that we live in a farming community so small that its a village but the houses are spaced far apart and it's basically in the middle of nowhere. There is a person in work boots that you can hear walking up and down the hall at night. I've heard him a couple of times. The sound starts in the bathroom and ends in the room where this mom sleeps. One night my boyfriend was sitting in the dining room on his laptop and their big motion scensored flood light kept turning on. Every time it did he felt like someone was staring at him though the front door but when he turned around no one was there. Now the front door is a door that is just basically a giant window, it's completely see though except for the wood frame of the door. It turned on again and he turned around to look at the door and he saw a person pushed up against the door staring at him. This thing was wearing dark clothes and you couldn't see it's face except for the eyes. He said he made eye contact with him for a solid 30 seconds and then booked it to his room. All night after that he watched the flood light turn on and off through his window. My boyfriend's sister said that one night she was in bed and heard a low growling coming from under her bed. It sounded like s large dog. She slept on a loft bed and could see out of the room into the hall. At the time they only had one dog and he was laying in the hall sleeping. All she could do was hide under the blankets until morning. We have a ghost dog that you'll periodically see wandering around. It's a smaller/medium sized dog. It was winter time and we were sitting in the dining room. We have 4 dogs and they were all going nuts because they saw something outside. The screen door and the front door were both shut. They both flew open and the two girl dogs ran after something. 30 seconds later they come running back, tails tucked between their legs and they ran inside and hid. We don't know what they saw, but when they run they are gone and usually don't run back. This happened again a couple of weeks ago during broad daylight but the girls didnt run off. My boyfriend and I hear something walking outside of our window and on the deck outside of our room at night. I'll hear little kids playing and talking outside or in the house. Onetime I was in the pool and I was looking over the side at the drive way and I saw a little boy, about 5 or 6 walk behind a car and disappear. We dont have kids that young in our house. There is a not so nice spirit here. I feel unsafe sometimes. It will manifest as a shadow or a small child. I get chills sometimes randomly. This house was built by my boyfriend's great grandparents and as far as I know no one has died in it. So I don't know if we are just all experiencing hysteria/delusions or if something is tied to this land.
  19. TrumanB

    Free energy solutions

    I'm wondering why. I read somewhere that 95% of patents do not find their path to the market.
  20. Scholar4Truth

    Hello from the South Pacific

    Welcome back to the forum
  21. Scholar4Truth

    Long time no see

    Welcome back!
  22. Hammerclaw

    Maoris ban 'barbarian' Captain Cook's ship

    The truth is-our European ancestors invaded and settled foreign lands and over time, wrenched them away from their native inhabitants. It's history and undeniable and an ancient pattern of human migrations, not endemic of just Europeans. This particular group of Maori are, simply, declining participation of the celebration of the event in their land.
  23. Not A Rockstar

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    I am far from a materialist, and have seen and experienced incidents in which deceased pets showed up to say "bye" or even "hi" in one way or other, however never have I seen a ghost of anything cast a shadow. The shadow is the same angle as the fridge behind it. This is not a ghost animal. If she truly lost her pet, I am sorry for her and if this comforts her, that's fine, but to disseminate it out as proof just doesn't fly in the NAR reality. YMMV
  24. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    * I see that Russia's Putin, with his fine grasp of the subtle art of taking the p***, has suggested to the Saudis that they might be interested in buying some of the latest Russian defense systems, since the Saudis' current systems don't seem to be terribly up to the job
  25. Correct observations are not welcome if they suggest anything in favor of a paranormal explanation around here. Geez!
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