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  2. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    This is BS. It angers me.
  3. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    She's as much of a monster as he was.
  4. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Wow, she's not backing down is she! For her to be standing her ground like this, she must be telling the truth. As you know, I have had my doubts on and off throughout all of this, simply because I wanted to think that Dershowitz was the "nice old man". Thankfully, I've gotten over that now! The other thing here I just thought of is, perhaps Dershowitz and Wexner go way back. They obviously have the Jewish connection, plus the Epstein one too. What if Dershowitz is confident that Wexner (who would already think he's above the law anyway) would lie for him and provide them with his deposition stating Virginia attempted a shakedown on Dershowitz. Yes, I know it's imaginative, but so are these guys.
  5. I think it's time for you to put up, John. So, on the topics that you say you checked, please provide the details. Being a 'pro' at UFOlogy, you would have kept diary notes - alternatively, you can elaborate below... Show your work, please John. 1. Wind What aspects of the wind were you looking at, and why? How did you get this info? At what altitudes? And how did you know/estimate the altitude of the object? 2. Direction of Flight How did you determine this, and what was your error range? As Peter said, where was the camera (a 1mile or 1.6km radius would be near enough, so feel free to give a slightly false address) 3. 'Man Made Crafts Flight Plans' What source of information did you use, and how did you use it? What delay time applies (if you've done this before you will know what I mean)? Are the dates and times on the video correct? and finally and perhaps most importantly..... 4. What does the term UFO mean to you, John? Is it simply something in the sky you didn't manage to identify? I see lots of those as I drive home each evening - can't be bothered looking them up. And that's even in the time of Covid restrictions - there is still plenty air traffic. So, do elaborate John. If you don't, I will ... and besides, people will learn stuff - better if it comes from your 'pro' standpoint than my lousy amateur attempts, right? And you'll prove your expertise if you beat me to it...............
  6. and then

    John Cleese on life after death

    All true but the concept here transcends the physical. This collection of anecdotes support the belief that consciousness is independent of brain activity. Fascinating.
  7. https://beforeitsnews.com/global-unrest/2020/07/get-ready-for-google-skinmarks-a-smart-tattoo-that-will-turn-your-skin-into-a-digital-touchpad-to-control-your-devices-via-embedded-sensors-2529164.html I thought this might be worth a thread. It seems to be the next step in "wearable" tech. The tattoo can be activated with finger or hand movements and is used to activate other devices like phone or music, etc. It brought to mind a device in a sci-fi book series by BV Larson. Called a "tapper" it was described as a fully functional web access device that was embedded in the forearm and was used for movies or a phone or personal mail or electronic messaging. I also thought the choice of the name seemed a bit odd given today's thinking on a Biblical "mark".
  8. glorybebe

    No link between autism and MMR vaccine found

    I remember reading that fish who live in the ocean near the drains have stopped swimming away from predators because of all the anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants in the water. So, this would not surprise me
  9. seanjo

    Lai Arrested Under National-Security Law

    They're sending their Moslems to death camps, they are responsible for a worldwide pandemic and the jackboot is descending in Hong Kong...Thaaaaaat's Communism...
  10. and then

    Trump Threatens To Kill Social Security

    That's okay... when the indictments start dropping in a few weeks, all will be fine and dandy. Trump has seen most of the results of the investigation and characterized the facts as "breathtaking". He refers to Obama's actions as treasonous. https://theblacksphere.net/2020/07/timeline-of-obamas-treasonous-attempt-to-get-trump/ The Left's propaganda arm is already squealing about the coming indictments being all political. The thing is...Barr doesn't get rattled by these punks. He's the one who causes others to be rattled Rumor has it that the actions of the court should be seen by Labor Day. We'll see. Between indictments on well known former members of Obama's thugocracy and the push by Democrats to bring the electoral results into serious doubt, it's shaping up to be a very active autumn.
  11. glorybebe


    Went out to watch the Perseids.  Only saw one, but got some great night shots.


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    2. glorybebe
    3. and then

      and then

      I just got back from a walk and I saw a couple of really bright ones.  

    4. glorybebe


      we got quite a few clouds.  Hopefully tomorrow at their zenith it will clear up.  I am considering driving up to the ski hill to see if the view would be better 

  12. papageorge1

    'Countering Digital Hate'

    I don’t like rudeness but I dislike censorship more,
  13. jaylemurph

    Quantum Dot Tattoos...mark of the Beast?

    You’re quite right. The world ended in December 2012, the Clintons have been jailed for years, Obama was proven a Nigerian and forced to step down, there was a wave of high-level pedophile arrests and Queen Elizabeth is widely known to be a lizard. And Trump is looking down the barrel of a successful, GOP-backed second term. So, yeah: good couple of years for conspiridiots. Hence my conviction conspiridiots are unreachable by logic or even able to objectively look at the world around them. —Jaylemurph
  14. Golden Duck

    Quantum Dot Tattoos...mark of the Beast?

    Dr Karl is a polymath and international award winning science communicator among other awards. He is an atheist; but, I don't recall him ever being rude or mocking. Personally, I find jokes about prayer and divine intervention particularly nasty. When you see that the intention behind the next round of chemo, to suppress an immune system, is essentially just turning it of and on again - well, why not let people hope in their own way regardless of whether God is in the gaps or someplace else.
  15. and then

    US Angers China with Taiwan Visit

    The ability to strike first and without warning is already a reality. A sub launching nuclear tipped cruise missiles could decapitate the CCP in minutes. They are fully aware of this and know they are powerless to stop it without risking everything. Xi needs a little touch up to his attitude. Starts at 2:45
  16. Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  17. Today
  18. seanjo


    So Bill Clinton has been named by an Epstein pedo island victim, outrage anyone?...

    1. and then

      and then

      Giuffre will testify of seeing him there, with a couple of underage girls.  If he were a Republican, he'd be in prison without a trial.  The next few weeks could see some serious fireworks coming from Barr and Durham.  The wailing and gnashing of teeth is long overdue.  After listening to Barr's interview on Levin's Fox program, I think the PTB that have been gunning to take Trump out are beginning to seriously squirm.  All it will take is ONE to roll over and it's going to look like a judicial train wreck :w00t:

  19. Manwon Lender

    US Angers China with Taiwan Visit

    I remember the Cuban Missle crisis very well. Some one asked earlier how this current situation could turn into a Nuclear War. Well the Cuban Missle crisis is a great example, Kennedy was ready to do the unthinkable but thank a God that Russia Binked, and turned there ships around, the World has never been closer to a Nuclear War than that. I was alive when that took place, don't remember much because I was very young. With US --- Chinese relations like they currently are and with all the accusations and innuendo being thrown in China's direction things are not looking good, and the current situation with Taiwan just further exasterates the situation. I think some people think this is a joke, well I don't see it that way, I hope tensions settle down.
  20. seanjo

    Could racism be genetic?

    No, culture and upbringing form the person, not race.
  21. and then

    US Angers China with Taiwan Visit

    Those re-education camps for a certain religious minority are just fun and sun and good times, I guess. Maybe he'll be blessed to make it onto one of their lists in the future. Fair is fair, after all.
  22. Peter B

    'Countering Digital Hate'

    I agree that, ideally, censorship in a free society should be kept to a minimum (with shouting 'Fire!' in a crowded theatre an example of the obvious need for some limit). My main disagreement with you is the "not forced to listen to" bit. Sure, if the hatred is spewed on TV or online then you can turn it off. But there are a number of circumstances where you can't switch it off - when you're being subjected personally to abuse, such as when you're travelling on a bus or train, or operating a business, or visiting an abortion clinic, or, as AndThen mentioned, subjecting children to this sort of abuse. These are cases when where you're trapped by your circumstances, and the abuser knows it and takes advantage of it. It's made worse if the subject of the abuse is in a weak position compared with the perpetrator - such as belonging to a cultural or religious minority, having a disability, or being a child.
  23. and then

    Current rioting

    It's definitely going to cause some cognitive dissonance with those voters. I hate that average citizens are being endangered but as they say, elections have consequences.
  24. Tatetopa

    US Angers China with Taiwan Visit

    Yes men instead of qualified public servants.
  25. Tatetopa

    US Angers China with Taiwan Visit

    When you think about world war, remember Cuba and the missle crisis. Cuba is an independent country but the US did not want Russian Nukes in Cuba. Kennedy laid it down and was apparently ready to go to war to keep from having missiles in Cuba. From 90 miles away missiles would just about be hitting their targets before we could respond at all. We couldn't let that happen. I am guessing China feels the same way. Plus, for a couple of thousand years until 1949 , Taiwan was part of China. Trade wars are not easy to win and nether are hot ones.
  26. third_eye

    US Angers China with Taiwan Visit

    They don't care. ~
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