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  2. ExpandMyMind

    Open Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Starts 11/13

    You realise trolling is against forum rules, right?
  3. Hankenhunter

    Open Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Starts 11/13

    I didn't read it. It was a obvious a trolling post link with no bearing whatsoever to the topic. If you had it in another thread about the foibles of man, i would have.
  4. ThereWeAreThen

    Ghost messes up sheets

    This. It's like wind clearly cant move a wheelchair.
  5. sci-nerd

    Morgallons disease

    Morgellons is not a real disease. It's a delusion. You need a psychiatrist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgellons
  6. ThereWeAreThen

    Is it unreasonable to believe in miracles?

    Sweet!!! What do I win??? Have I won the internet for today??
  7. Stand by. Flip . . . . . Heads it is. You're a winner!!!
  8. ThereWeAreThen

    Is someone trying to tell me something?

    Oh you do love a necro post don't ya old chap?
  9. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    I was laughing at this because can you imagine Prince Philip going off? He swears a LOT. He's well known for dropping the F-Bomb at people in public, so I can't imagine he'd hold back in private hahaha. I'll bet Andrew copped a huge dose of parental anger over this!
  10. Hankenhunter

    Trumps Twitter Tweets

    Last one for now. Lol No Don, it means you've been taking from the poor to give to the rich. Typical rich mans lament.
  11. hetrodoxly

    Islam sources on Pyramids

    The thread's about Muslims and Islam, why are you bringing anti-Christian sentiment into it? there's many threads on these boards doing that.
  12. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    See? This makes no sense if he was just offing himself, does it.
  13. ThereWeAreThen

    Is it unreasonable to believe in miracles?

    Not at all. It can be explained scientifically.
  14. Imagine if life is a prison simulation, and when our time for release is here we die and are brought out of the matrix? Does that then mean that Serial Killers are actually wardens releasing us from out sentence? Or are they other prisoners who know the truth and want to help us break out early by speeding up our release (death)? Would that make Hitler a person that managed to break out more people from cyber prison than all 5 seasons of Prison Break put together? Controversial but mind-screwing stories can be created if you think too hard about it?
  15. Sometimes, when a person outlines their own beliefs (or knowldge ) this can challenge that of others. This does not mean an attempt to change the other beliefs, just to provide, for all, new and alternative perspectives or knowledge. What a reader does with that perspective or knowldge is up to them. If no one ever spread new knowledge or perspectives, no one would ever learn anything outside of their own personal experiences,
  16. Hankenhunter

    Trumps Twitter Tweets

    It would have been funnier if he used all cap locks again. How many people here have heard others phone conversations because the other party talks really loud or their volume was way up because they're hard of hearing? Probably lots.
  17. Farmer77

    Trumps Twitter Tweets

    Oooh I do like the verbiage he used there though. It seems to show that perhaps the reality of the situation is beginning to crack through.
  18. Gwynbleidd


    Adrenochrome......it's actually being ingested by people. https://medium.com/@expandingessence137/the-soul-is-in-the-blood-e49a86334388 This article is a 13 min read with accompanying links.
  19. Chance? Yeah! Miraculous
  20. Pain, Spasms and intestinal issues from Multiple Sclerosis. While its never been officially diagnosed theres no way some underlying PTSD doesnt drive my decision making so id bet im unintentionally medicating it as well
  21. Hankenhunter

    Trumps Twitter Tweets

    Truly stunning confession, when read through the lens of "literally everything he says is the exact opposite of the truth"
  22. Hankenhunter

    Trumps Twitter Tweets

    Donald has a fundamental misunderstanding of how subpoenas and transcripts work.
  23. Mr Walker

    Humans placed in suspended animation 1st time

    Nup. I have read of this breakthrough in treatment before. I believe it was instigated after the discovery that people immersed under almost freezing water could survive for several hours without oxygen. IMO its the first step in a major medical breakthrough, like heart and lung transplants, or the first open heart surgery, and possibly, eventually, "suspended animation. "
  24. Gwynbleidd

    House Judiciary approves bill for Cannabis

    Woah that's quite the expensive habit you've got going there. Do you need it for pain/ptsd issues? Don't answer if you don't feel comfortable to. I have ptsd and wish it was legal here. I'd love to smoke some weed and just be able to fully relax for once. Oh and @Aztec I know you asked about gun ownership and drugs - I can only speak from an Aussie perspective where we don't have guns, well we're not meant to have guns ie. I can't say I've ever seen a violent stoner to be honest. They're usually extremely laid-back and very very chill at just about everything around them. Hell, we could all use some weed. Disclaimer: I do not use drugs or alcohol of any type.
  25. Ground-penetrating radar is almost useless for finding fossils since they are mineralized and have a similar density to the surrounding rock. Only on rare occasions has it been used successfully.
  26. Hankenhunter

    Trumps Twitter Tweets

    Busy tweet day for trump. So, you were spoon fed good news by your toadies thinking everything was great till you turned on the news? Sad.
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