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  2. Yes I do. But when it comes to programming a machine to be self-conscious and self realizing like humans are, how do you program self-hood (personality) into it?
  3. Then I won't bring up the allegations from various female secret service agents that say he likes to skinny dip in front of them in his pool.
  4. Not yet. I'm gonna go back and look at his posts, and start from there.
  5. I don't like touchy-feely people either Zee. And others should always keep their hands to themselves, unless otherwise invited. Irrelevant of that tho, has this man ever been charged with actual crimes concerning paedophilia? You know, I bet I could muster up a heap of images from other politicians from around the world whom have also kissed babies, hugged kids, and have shown a certain affection by also touching their mothers....especially when they are on the campaign trail. In all honesty tho, I think it's best that they stop doing this, as they open themselves up for slander and possible wild speculation.
  6. The aircraft the video is taken in is moving from left to right at several hundred MPH in perspective.
  7. Put up with but you is DA FAM
  8. Ruby, sorry you have to put up with just little ol' me. I'll give you a break and have some dinner.
  9. The video starts out with the object (or exhaust trail) slanting well over to the right. It moves fairly quickly over a range of angles, until slanting well to the left, then continues the process until pointing almost horizontally to the left. Rockets roll over from vertical to a slant, on their way to orbit. I've never heard of one that slanted first one way, then vertical, then slanting in the opposite direction, as this object appears to do.
  10. Turkey have F4 Phantoms...old dirty jets. Great aircraft though don't get me wrong.
  11. I posted the first two studies that I found via Google. I can and will link to more sites. I will include incontrovertible support for my claims (as I just did). I know that you lack the character to acknowledge a correction of your gibberish, but some individuals might find the articles to be of some interest.
  12. So then if a machine is programmed to be self-conscious and self-realizing, it will develop individual characteristics the same way we do.
  13. I'm a Trump fan really, not a personal fan, just a fan of the big **** off voting for trump gave to the establishment and all of those lefty liberal morons and disaffected commie morons that think making the same mistakes every left-wing ideology has made is a good thing and they can do it better.
  14. YEAH all the Mummy mod has spoken
  15. The sad thing is that extremists are enabled by some Democrats and some media to give them the heft that they would not ordinarily have. The irrational is made to seem reasonable, which is one reason why we now live in a funhouse version of reality. The only way out of this problem is to not give a millimeter more to them. They won't stop until they're stopped.
  16. Yeah that's the article I said he referenced. It's not NOAA. You were wrong. Now 1) this article is behind a 1 day access $36 paywall and 2) even if it did reference NOAA data in the article in 2013 that data is obsolete because NOAA's changed the temperature record about 6 times or so since 2013!!! At any rate even if that paper did cite NOAA data that was certainly NOT why Reinhart cited it!
  17. Well some people might, I mean, how would you know? Heck if I know, I've been under the impression that even Graybill wasn't certain.
  18. That's a scary thought. The most basic human survival drive is reproduction and elimination of competition.
  19. Well, Aquila, make that headache go away. Shadow, come out from hiding and put your wood away. TC, Chaos, Xeno, jmccr8, Rockstar, seaturtle, Piney, Boriz, and all the others... Where are you?
  20. Sometimes I get worked up about these things while other times I see a big fat dude with aqua hair trying to look like Malibu Barbie telling me I’m a Nazi and a facist because I think, no, I know that men and women are different and just laugh it off because even at my worst I’ll still be happier and better at life than that idiot will ever be at his best.
  21. Piney


  22. I guess I've been busy lately and missed this news. Do you have a link? It sounds like wonderful, long-overdue news!
  23. So you understand that Consiusness is a series of connections? Won't that depend on the programmers? It would not be an evolved consciousness, it would be artificial. It never had to outrun a predator or climb a tree, our development will always have individual characteristics
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