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  2. President Donald Trump’s top White House lawyer, Don McGahn, is expected to step down later this year, though his resignation is contingent on the president finding a replacement and several other factors, according to four sources familiar with McGahn’s thinking. McGahn, according to two of the sources, has signaled interest in returning to the Jones Day law firm where he previously worked and reprising a role he had during the 2016 campaign by handling legal matters for Trump’s re-election. Source: Politico
  3. In a case like this, when a person is willing to lose their life to take the life of another, they will almost certainly be successful.
  4. Yes, that would be mind wouldn't it? "The mechanism for intercommunication and interassociation between spirit and matter, between the material and the spiritual." Sorry for the quote but I can't put in words better. Hope you don't mind.
  5. Is that right?! Good grief! Observation: despite Servas having testified, the info re: the issue was elicited from Buehler's testimony.
  6. Two men decided that the best way to get back at an ex-lover was to start a house fire with pasta sauce. Both ended up getting arrested with the police surprised to find one of them dressed up in a Bull outfit. Link
  7. Scientists in the Canadian province of British Columbia have documented what is believed to be the first reported case of an orca whale killing an infant of the same species. “We knew right away that this was a remarkable event,” said Jared Towers, a Cetacean researcher with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, of the encounter he and two colleagues witnessed in December 2016. “We’ve been looking at killer whales for years on this coast and around the world – I study populations in different parts of the world – and witnessing aggressive behaviour between killer whales is almost unheard of.”
  8. Excellent question I really don't have any idea, but presumably people who disagree with materialism/physicalism are proposing that some kind of 'non-matter'/non material something exists.
  9. Awesome. I envy you Piney. I strive to keep my life as simple as possible but parts of it still get caught up in all the bs
  10. I wonder if, if "Utterly Bonkers" Bolton (that's the nickname he's going for, to emulate "Mad Dog" Mattis, for the alliterative value) does get his way and war is the only thing that these hate-spewing fanatics understand*, they'll risk using F-35s over enemy territory, or wouldn't they want to run the risk of what happened with the F-117 in Serbia, and risk one being downed through the treacherous refusal of the enemy to play fair and be properly overawed by America's Overwhelming Technological Superiority? *
  11. Locals struggling up a icy hill.
  12. What is this "non-matter" you're talking about LG?
  13. School of the damned.
  14. Guess I'll be "full bush" and a hunter-gatherer. I live in a cash world....
  15. *rings the bell* Fellow Bods and Bodettes. Mr Newbloodmoon has just put £50 £20 behind the bar! The drinks are onnim!!!!
  16. There is no such thing as an artificial intelligence and there will never be. What on the surface appears as intelligent is in reality only a set of digital instructions executed in randomized or unrandomized way. True intelligence is about recognizing a sense of meaning in environment. So called AI doesnt't posses that and never will.
  17. A form of symbolism and nothing more to read into that. In the not to distant future paper money will be a thing of the past. We're moving towards a cashless society where everything is becoming digitized. Personally I rarely pack cash with me anymore
  18. Right. Well, I think the prominent point here is that their skepticism or doubt cause them to be mistaken regarding the facts of the matter. In this case I testified to an unlikely event, they disbelieved it, and they were wrong.
  19. Imho you are overthinking it. The eagle, together with the Lion is the most common heraldic symbol in Western society, due to the Ancient Romans using it as a symbol of their Republic/Empire. It's used in the official heraldry of Germany, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Albania etc. etc. etc etc. So yes, coincidence. . Also seriously? Isn't " I do recall a story of a God who nailed to a cross said he would return to finish what he started " a needlessly fancy way of saying "the story of Jesus"?
  20. What? I said I accept as fact that the guy swears to his experience, not that it’s a fact he was abducted by a Sasquatch. You misread that one completely.
  21. Two Gods. One with with the eye of providence and an unfinished pyramid and I do recall a story of a God who nailed to a cross said he would return to finish what he started. The God on the other hand and its symbol of the eagle , phoenix, etc. can be traced back to early Phoenician Canaanites and before. Also known as the prince of this world. Anyways, the point is there are the symbol of two Gods on the dollar bill. The question everyone will be faced with sooner or latter. Which "ONE" will you "TRUST"? Coincidence? Thoughts?
  22. There are many "plastic shaman" in Germany. It's one of the places AIM can't reach them.
  23. While all of this is currently true, I'd hope that it teleportation ever arrives, the algorithms used will compensate for this. Otherwise we'll never hear "Beam me up, Scotty!"
  24. It did, They are notorious for tearing up your microbiom and digestive system.
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