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  2. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Iran Tensions Are Reason to Revoke ‘9/11 AUMF’

    AUMF? is that another one like SNAFU or FUBAR?

  3. Parallel Scratches On the Body

    Looks like a cat scratch.
  4. about 1.2% of the world population get these scratches. That is enough for the medical community to take notice, however they do not have an explanation for it. I have been getting these scratches for many years on and off. the medical community best guess is stress but they don't know how
  5. "Thou hast misspoke the words!"
  6. Salute

    I would like to thank all the British, Americans and Germans who guarded me in my efforts to help the people they weren't trying to machine gun down or blow up. I would also like to apologize to @Iilaa'mpuul'xem for being the only person who ever shocked the SAS.
  7. 5 Must-Watch Films About Demons

    Evil Dead didn't even make the list.
  8. The official version of this song is 10 hours long. It was specifically designed to slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and cortisol levels. It has been proven to reduce anxiety by 65%. It's so effective that it is dangerous to drive while listening to it as it can make you drowsy. Here is an 8 minute version of the song. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/26/us/gallery/memorial-day-weekend-2019/index.html
  9. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Everyone was thinking it, i just wrote it down.
  10. Is that two taps and a beep or two beeps and a tap?
  11. Is that because he has the word Doctor before his name? He could be wrong to...Hell from the sound of this thread I am not sure who is right or who is wrong at this point...But you have held your own that's sure..Good job dude.
  12. i was more thinking "dummkopf"
  13. Like I said. I hate everything Greek and Egyptian. Too overdone, but I do speak Quipchak Turk and Okinawan Ryukyu in my efforts to know Siberian and Japanese Shamanism and I'm starting Korean along with my grandson because his father is. Jay can read it and speak it and although he says Ben is "top shelf" I'm more than certain he can find alternative meanings for various words.
  14. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    answers will be found in the heart of rose growing in abandoned yard
  15. The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards

    This Ian Bremmer guy is a professor at NYU and a columnist for Time magazine
  16. beetlejuice, beetlejuice,.... beetlejuice...damn, nothing.
  17. Captain Risky

    President Trump is winning the tariff trade war because America imports 3 times more than China does from America. 

    1. Piney


      While totally destroying Walmart...which needs to be done.....

  18. gilbert can go nuts telling you everything wrong in that....
  19. i post what i want the way i want. gimlin didnt wear the wig in the PGF he wore it in the unfinished movie. it should still be funny or at least fun to you your remark in bold is derogatory to true believers, ask one here if they see it that way. i get it you recall the PGF details perfectly but other alleged bf encounters not so much, thats just being human, no big deal, after you read everything ive posted on this subject not just here but other forums you will see why im burnt out on it, it hasnt been proven either way and will be very hard to do, and nothing new comes up same stuff repackaged. sure patrerson wrote books and tried to make a mockumentry or movie whatever you want to call it about hunting bf and when that failed made the PGF is was the fall back, but that is far from the epic smoking gun the PGF is a fake film that you want ut to be, just ask one of its dear believers now before you get the wrong impression and start off again keep in mind im not against you i believe the film is fake, just not proven to be to all, i dont take this personal or have the ego involved that you seem to and that is too is fine. if you want to be the PGF expert here more power to you, state you case, not just nit picking others but state your case why its fake, wrap it up who knows perhaps you will sway a dear true believer or two, take on jeff meldrum he theories, he worships at the alter of the PGF being indisputable proof the creature is real. try to have fun dont take anyone or anything all to serious, hey who knows perhaps you'll post something i havent seen or heard before. cheers b
  20. Dumbledore the Awesome

    it looks weird

  21. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Our forecast for this year's UK European elections has... Brex: 24 MEPs (+24 vs 2014) LDem: 15 (+14) Lab: 14 (-6) Con: 10 (-9) Grn: 4 (+1) SNP: 2 (-) PC: 1 (-) https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/may/26/european-elections-2019-results-eu-election-parliament-brexit-party-farage-tories-may-live
  22. Belief in Apollo hoax conspiracy could grow

    I rather wish old Chamberlain had stayed in office long enough (and lived long enough, for that matter) to have a meeting with ol' Uncle Joe. I rather feel his umbrella would have softened the cuddly Russian (well, Georgian) tyrant's heart. No, this is nothing to do with the fact that we never went to the Moon is it. Sorry. I'm always doing this.
  23. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Poll of polls: Europe's centre-right and centre-left could lose 92 seats - polls Europe’s largest centre-right and centre-left blocs are set to lose 92 seats, according to an aggregate of polling data. Officials have just released the first snapshot of what the next European parliament will look like, based on exit polls. Results are not due to until 22.15 BST. On this projection: The European People’s party remains the largest in the parliament, but loses 48 seats. The Socialists & Democrats remain the second-largest force, but are reduced to 147 seats. The Liberals will be the third-largest group winning 102 seats (up from 67 seats) Greens are on course for 71 seats, big gains on the 50 seats they won in 2014. The Conservative Eurosceptic group set up by David Cameron loses seats and Nigel Farage’s group makes limited gains. The far-right Europe of Nations and Freedom group gains 11 seats, but not the breakthrough many had forecast. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/may/26/european-elections-2019-results-eu-election-parliament-brexit-party-farage-tories-may-live
  24. YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Banned for having something against the undead. What have the undead ever done to you?
  25. There's a German word which describes perfectly how I feel about those people. Fremdschämen.
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