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  2. Let's see you post something peer reviewed instead of your absurd word games and unsupported stories. Your claims of wiki fiction are a failure. I posted more than the wiki.
  3. Do you have any evidence that the Hebrews were in Egypt? The lack of evidence is why archaeologists have labeled that story as fiction. See links and quotes I posted.
  4. Citation please. No, the Hyksos DID NOT descend from Semites, the Hyksos WERE predominantly Semites, an ethnic group which covers much more than just Hebrews/Israelites/Jews. And no, the Israelites DID NOT descend from the Hyksos, that's just as wrong as the first claim. The Hyksos, heqa khasut, were Semites and this much is known but there were already Canaanite Semites living in Egypt when the Hyksos arrived, which means at least for a time there were two Semitic groups vying for position/power in Northern Egypt. It should also be pointed out that Ahmose's pre-emptive destruction of Sharuhen, the last holdout of the fleeing Hyksos, ended with that cities complete destruction. cormac cormac
  5. I agree with Danydandan's observation. This fellow has zeal but is impressed by walls of words versus truth that speaks to the heart. Native American heritage and belief systems may resemble other ones, and vice versa, as we all tried to answer similar questions on the same world, however the NA system does not need to be linked with Israel's to somehow be more "real" or "old" or "special". It is beautiful on its own.
  6. Yes, and no one knows what it is. We can describe some of its behavior, but not what is behaving.
  7. So the story goes. But that's the Bible, not history. Doug
  8. It would be nice if OUR OWN farmers got a bit of love from the government, maybe some financial aid. Maybe not having the water they need diverted to stations owned by the Chinese.
  9. Please present your evidence. Try peer-reviewed journals. Wiki fiction doesn't cut it. Doug
  10. The AE army was drowned or did you miss that portion of exodus?
  11. Like I said, if you would care to read it: the Exodus is a legend. Part history, part fiction. The whole thing is a role-your-own account. Doug
  12. Exodus appears to be all fiction. That seems to be your problem.
  13. Reality does not care what we like or don't like. It is what it is.
  14. Do you have any evidence that the Hebrews weren't in Egypt? After all, they're next-door neighbors. How are you defining "Hebrews?" Supposedly, the name comes from "habiru," a term for bandits that raided the established cities of Cannan in the late eleventh and early tenth centuries. The name didn't even apply while they were in Egypt. Doug
  15. I looked it up and I see you are making up stories for your roll-you-own fictional history. You claimed hot stones in Egypt, not an ash fall. It seems you are waffling here. I asked for tephra and I received a comment about deposits far away from the location of the Pharoah. I am not sure I accept your claim of 3 inches of deposit at the shores of Egypt. The reworked studies of Thera show that the ash spread mainly over water and the Mediterranean islands, but also onto modern Turkey where the ash fall was accompanied by increased water and increased tree ring growth although wheat crops were down. Thera did not and could not have sent hot stones into Egypt. It might have brought some ash especially to the delta region. It is clear you are making things up. You've provided almost no links to support your stories. Pretending that there is something wrong with the wikipedia without poiinting out errors is a dead end.
  16. Can i hire the back room out for the night a fortnight Saturday it Billy fingers & stinky Sues wedding anniversary they been married 23 years and I was gonna give the a party to remember
  17. And bar Mr Moon too - its probably for the best.
  18. is that what you see? then you wont change your mind no matter what i say. yes i do understand how socialism is different from capitalism with few social policies.
  19. their about face, forward, lurch
  20. Lots of explanations for Jesus. Most are that he didn't die on the cross. He was drugged, taken down and revived. That idea has several different incarnations. And I have no problem with destroying all miraculous claims. A miracle is something that can't happen. Let me know when you find one. Doug
  21. I'm stepping in here, as linguistics are a great passion of mine and something I'm rather educated about. To suggest that there is a connection between a semitic language such as Hebrew and ANY new-world indigenous language is blatantly and objectively false. New World languages are comprised of dozens of entirely unique language families, and are incredibly ancient. They make Hebrew, which is only a few thousand years old (5 or 6 thousand) seem like babies by comparison.
  22. I dunno. Guess I'll have to ask a conservative how they do it. That was the most unmitigated, confusing pile of unverified male bovine excrement I've ever had the displeasure of reading. You insult the readers of UM by posting it. Hank
  23. I have my doubts about a military confrontation at the Red Sea. The Bible explains the escape rather well: by keeping a torch going, the "Israelites" degraded the Egyptian's eyesite. Behind that screen, during the dark of night, Moses escaped to the east shore. There was no battle, thus no loss of military might, thus no reason to make a historical note of it. For that matter, the first description of battle tactics hadn't been written yet. So why would you expect there to be a mention of it in anybody's history? Besides, the evidence fits better with this having been a military/mining expedition that got caught by two opposing wave trains. "Pharaoh's army" and the "Israelites" were on the same side. Why would they fight? Doug
  24. To me it looked like the reflection of a bird off of the water....
  25. Are you deliberately not understanding just for the sake of being obtuse? Do you absolutely refuse to understand that socialism, in the sense of social and healthcare policies, does not necessarily automatically mean Soviet-style communism?
  26. Either I'm getting old, or turning into a zombie. I'll keep an eye on things and alert y'all. It's a known thing here in Florida.
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