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  2. Meh... I spurn such ephemera. I am on a PROPER computer. Made of Brass. On an oak table ! Made of ... umm... oak. Possibly from a battleship from the Napoleonic wars ! Umm... does that help ?
  3. When I move out and live on my own. I'm going to have a handgun and a shotgun. I have a mace on my keychain and I know that won't stop people/someone that long. Any type of gun would definitely stop someone who wishes me harm in their tracks. I'm mentally sound and I don't like my anxiety take control of me.
  4. Are you on a mobile device?
  5. Also the shadow cars aka black panthers around jackson county
  6. I can ditto all of that Sheri. But let me make it very clear, I do have a lot of resentment towards my dad, especially for what has happened to my sibs. The seemingly irreversible things. I've gotten by it though and don't hold a grudge. I never did. But sometimes, and this is where I made a regrettable mistake the other day when I spouted off without thinking it through long enough, I find it hard not to project what happened to me on someone who from my perspective, isn't totally aware of what it means ti some kids to hear their dad repeatedly insist that it's all a lie, that God doesn't exist. And I'm very sorry about that.
  7. I think my belief sums it up quite nicely. Nothing more is necessary IMO. cormac
  8. Did you opened your eyes before or after booster separation?
  9. When you attempt to bring in various aspects of organized religion as if they apply to everyone, and you have, and they don’t, you’ve effectively invalidated your own argument IMO. cormac
  10. Little late to the party lol. While you all have prolly came across it there was the hopkinsville goblins. Also theres always been rummor of fish the size of vw bettle living under cumberland falls.
  11. Ummm.... how do I do a "status update", so I can be like Vlad ?
  12. Does there really need to be more to it than this. I feel that a lot of people want to overcomplicate something that should be simple.
  13. Based on my observations on the issue, all ppl who claim to have been abducted by alienz, are idiots. If these ppl were really abducted/probed by alienz, the question comes up for what reasons exactly the alienz abduct/probe idiots only. Do they need some? If yes, welcome alienz! Take one and get 1M for free!
  14. I can understand, my mother presented religion/god) in a way that was abusive and harmful. Unlike you I felt immense resentment towards her, yet at the same time conflicted, feeling a burden to excuse her,, justify her behavior, because of "love" for her. The interesting thing is I came to the conclusion that how she went about raising us was harmful, no amount of justification or excusing her changed the harm, or the effort I had to put into correcting it. I allow her to carry the responsibility and weight of her own choice which culminated in not having a close relationship with me for the duration of her life with the exception of the last four years of her life, she asked to be apart of my life and I was open to trying as long as she did her part which was outlined by me and agreed upon, I will say she really gave her best, unfortunately we ran out of time as she died. I do appreciate her efforts though. For me, love doesn't equate making light of harm even when it is our parents. I also carry no resentment, I have let that go, by letting go of the idea that I was supposed to carry the weight of her choices to harm by giving her a free pass is on her not me, she was an adult and I deserved better, she made choices and in doing so was responsible for them. There were things that were lovable about my mom too.
  15. I know you and I have been at odds. So I want to get it in a better place, if that's possible. I think that you think that what I believe is based on something religiously organized. But I don't. What and how I believe falls in the same exact category as you just said above. It's personal to me and I'm not obligated to no other person, no other person's doctrine, nor anything written in any book, except everything I can muster myself about God and how he's real in life. From my standpoint, we have a lot of common ground. Just not enough time spent to get to know each other.
  16. During sleep, i felt as if I m speeding up towards the space with the speed of rocket...the sound of wind was too high..then i opened my eyes and found myself on bed but could not feel any material under if my body was still in air...i shook my leg and hands to feel the bed below..what does this mean
  17. Nope, I see it as a possible explanation. One that makes the most sense to me and one without all the unnecessary religious “feel-good” trappings. cormac
  18. The thing is; are you trying to forcibly validate it? Such as claiming its quantum mysticism or whatever new age buzzword that'll make a belief look valid.
  19. I think it's not likely that scientists have tested for spirit, know where to look or even have the capability to measure something that is non-physical in nature. If the spirit exists then it is separate from the body, and therefore body chemistry/energy. Some people may hallucinate while the are dying. And some, may experience the afterlife. Unlike you, I don't claim to have all the answers, and I am open to all possibilities.
  20. I see my belief as a personal thing and there “may” be some scientific basis for it but it doesn’t come with all the organized religious baggage that such entails. cormac
  21. I really don't know, I don't know a lot about her parents at all to be honest.
  22. Piney has already addressed the erroneous nature of this statement. However, for your edification: Prehistoric Pigments Version 3 PJO.pdf This last is a rather long but informative read. Note dates: You are welcome to present credible information supporting your contention. .
  23. I wonder if the real problem here, is that some are talking to and others are talking at people. I've always felt that both religion and spirituality are a personal thing. That anyone trying to give scientific validity to such beliefs are in fact doubting their own apparent faith. Just my 2 cents.
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