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  2. Nugent is very weird, but we all liked his music.
  3. did you have a diff name then? I swear your mummy down below is familiar but I do not recall this present name is all. No we did not chat much then. Think even then you were more alt hist
  4. More preschoolers to wrangle at church? Have a good night, TC.
  5. I tend to be adversarial...but to stuff that sucks. I think it's warranted.
    • Daughter of the Nine Moons
    • Magikman

    How I wish, how I wish you were here.

  6. That sucks. My Mom had 2 knees and still managed to have 3 knee replacements. Faulty parts and all.
  7. But you cannot hold a book and subsequently be holding the universe. I dig it, it sounds good. Even noble maybe. But... The reality is-we live in a world of finite resources in a population feeding on materialism with utter disregard of sustainability or true concern for one another-a majority of those Jesus freaks or Satanists, Abraham's descendents or Allah's chosen. Go organized spirituality!! We live in a world, witnessed in nature, where stronger hunters take the kill of weaker ones because they can. We live in a world where treatments for disease are given to those with the most money while those in poverty perish without hope. Where mothers sell their children into prostitution to eat for a while. Where our leaders can actually contemplate nuclear war. This is the world we live in, competitive, brutal and unforgiving. That is the reality we must accept and hopefully when enough people realise this maybe we can move past where we are now. Maybe we can learn to value human life again within societies instead of just families, and not even consistantly there. I saw a video a couple years ago, convenience store robbery in New York. A customer is shot and bleeding out in the floor. Robber leaves and customers start coming in shopping stepping over the dying shopper, the attendant rings them up like nothing happened. Blew me away. The world needs to be unified, maybe a common goal. But telling people we are all one does nothing. They have eyes, ears, some even have logic. Marxism looks good on paper, implementation is the beast. Show me on a large scale how this could work, this nice idea.
  8. kind of Intensities In Ten Cities. Like that. About demons and demonics and possession. But, he/she had help in ending up banned. I just do not think it had to become so adversarial as all that back then. But that was then, this is now.
  9. Life explosions suck. I get that.
  10. I can understand that. Lost my dad in 16 and mom decided to finally have a knee replacement got a blood clot and almost died last year. Stable is good.
  11. I kind of remember your original moniker but don't think I posted with you.
  12. It just figures, doesn't it?
  13. TY Boriz, it is good to be back :). I hope nothing new derails it for me again. Tired of life explosions.
  14. There was a JustNormal. "Was" behing the operative word. Banned. I don't know the circumstances.
  15. I get that. I just have a hard time liking bad stuff.
  16. No, it wasnt God who was the progenitor of mass murder, that would be mankind, but you can take the cowardly view and blame God for everything, like a pathetic, hopeless individual would. And the reason why mankind has visited such horrors, because we believe ourselves separate from God. So you are flat out wrong, a belief in a non-separate God would indeed bring about world peace etc.. And all social issues arise from a belief in a separateness, that you and I are separate, that they are seperate from us, this includes gay issues. Overtime society has become more inclusive. A society that sees itself as more together, will have less problems, fact.
  17. Liking can be a way of showing support or sorry, since its the only reaction button we have
  18. can you "like" something like that.
  19. When did man ever live blissfully ignorant? History shows man has always had an agressive streak in him. The want for power is not new and man killed for it over thousands of years. We have evolved for the better, history is reaped with wars and mass killings and all kinds of atrocities. The civilans of America have their arms and they want to keep them, go back even further in history and you will see man around the world had spears....and they only went because better weapons came along. Not sure aware is the word i would use, more like Man himself had to make his own rights and rules, this came from trying to learn how to live in bigger and growing societies. I am not sure what you mean by natural rights. With aĺl due respect, you speak about eating from apples.....i see it as evolving and we are still evolving and still have much to learn. Our society is safer today than is was in the past...the difference now is we have instant communication...when a few people die we hear about it straight the past whole villages were killed and killings were rampant ( be it down to the want of their land or because of their religion ) I disagree. Religion is the cause of much of the unrest. It has been in the past and it is in the present and it will be in the fuure. Religion has been involved in many of the atrocities, be it by an army of men or a lone nutter. There have been many men who have 'gathered' followers because people believed in the religion they are preaching...the people killed and they died in the name of the religion and it is still going on today. Man is evolving for the better, yes we have rights and we need some sort of organized bodies to enforce them because our societies are still filled with people who want to do their own thing and do not give a damn about the next man. Jeeze i just need to go out in my car to see how selfish people can be. How would you feel is someone on your street decided they did not want to follow any government rules and refused to have a car licence or car insurance and insisted they had a right to own a gun without holding a licence for it? How would you feel if people refused to pay for the cleaning of their cities or clean running water? How would you feel if you were persecuted by your neighbours because you were not the same colour or religion as them as the authorities did nothing to stop it because those people thought it were their 'natural' rights ? Jeeze how many years did America go through that....and THAT is still going on in some areas..but no where near like it used be. Things are getting better in the west, but going back to the REAL issue of this thread, psychotic teenagers who are able to get to the stage where they kill even after they have made the threats and advertised their weapons on social media = now this is where the authorities failed...BUT BUT do not want to be dependant on centralized governments. Had the FBI not taken the threats with a pinch of salt because they thought is was just another keyboard warrior who legally owned a gun and it was his right to do so...17 young people could be alive today. I massive mistake was made there, and it was the authorities fault for NOT enforcing their powers. Please note i do not disagree with much of what you say, but when you mention god and go down that route, i am certainly on the other side of the fence. There is no god imo and there never will be, to me the thought that there is a god with the history of deaths and atrocities we have behind us, infront of us and certainly in front of us (only time will let us know for how long) is naive, ignorant and dangerous. Man does not need gods and religion to know what love and goodness is....only man can educate himself and only man can save himself and only man can try to do something about the psychotic loose cannons in our society. Peace.
  20. It seems like it always happens to the good ones. None of the bad ones ever get the shaft Life is in opposition to that, or something.
  21. Lol creepy guy has a ring on his finger, wrong hand but still
  22. sorry ZZ. I was gonna click like to express my feelings and that struck me as sick. It hurts. That is all, really.
  23. welcome to the DA part deux check your sanity at the door, you wont need it
  24. They all died like...tragically. I guess it made me who I am and all.
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