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  2. Change to the platform was made prior to Manafort's resignation. But I suspect Gates may have some interesting tales yet to tell.
  3. On top of which traffic was less congested and cars were better made to withstand a lot of impact ... these days a wrong bend on the road will total a vehicle and mangle whoever is inside, regardless of driving skills ... ~
  4. Speaking of arming people in schools: Philando Castile Was a Role Model to Hundreds of Kids, Colleagues Say
  5. i'm too awake on tea which means i could crash at any moment. i did write something though! i achieved my goal i mispelled every word while writing this post, that's a good sign i think
  6. Everyone is leaving me, goodnight see you tomorrow
  7. Haha is Trump just living out his movie dreams? ‘Back to the Future’ Writer Confirms Donald Trump Was Inspiration for Biff Tannen
  8. 'Night, Aquila. Sleep well. And now my turn. I'm going to climb into bed and conk out. Hope to see everyone tomorrow!
  9. night well, and dream of chickens dipping themselves in sauce
  10. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  11. Well folks, it's off to bed for me. Goodnight everyone.
  12. I think seaturtlehorsesnake could fix it for ya.
  13. SecretSanta the answer to your question is contained in the PDF. Just to show and prove, for the hopes that a moderator is seeing this. 2nd supporting my claim that you guys are not reading things through and through or are missing stuff conveniently which is possible when all you want to do is nip pic, split hairs, be fickle and "get the last word. I know my PDF backwards and forward - I wrote it. I stand by it. You're clearly not reading it, if you did you wouldst be asking your question. I'm done answering your questions about the why this? and why that? See the pictures (attachments below) and re-read the PDF provided and all the videos therein. You got time to login into this site and post and etc, then you got time to read a PDF and watch a video. I've provided them to you -- thats why they're there. They've been there for almost two years. READ. provided by the anti SOS corp.
  14. I want pizza but I have chicken breast to make
  15. Aquila King


  16. So I'm reading an article and this paragraph stuck out to me : The reason this sticks out to me is : 2016 RNC Delegate: Trump Directed Change To Party Platform On Ukraine Support As the liaison between the campaign and the RNC perhaps Gates has insight into why that change in the platform was important to Trump.
  17. It can be different in any given situation, but DHS, IRS, EPA, FBI, DOJ, and DHHS. At least what we know now. Here it has failed for now. I would imagine that it would be similar in OZ and Kiwi. If it wasn’t that easy, then there wouldn’t be any dictatorships in the world at all, but there are. Perhaps many more fail than succeed, but enough that end up costing millions of lives. Well yes and no. It was a bad joke in order to make the point and it is proof of my claim. It is an axiom of the unarmed. Both. It is an uprising of the people for acts of tyranny by the government. It’s a cat-n-mouse game. Who’s going to blink first? The government has to play it close to the vest. If it is too overt, then the uprising will grow. They can’t afford a massacre but that is usually what happens and at that point, it is lost. I’ve already laid that out in the post you replied to, in part and what I have already added in this reply. Again, this isn’t something happening in a vacuum. Something is driving it. And what that is, is the tyranny of the government, as all government in time becomes tyrannical. Our Founding Fathers made it our Right and our duty to correct that usurpation of our freedoms by the government. They gave us two means to make corrections, either by the ballot or by the bullet. Luckily or by the grace of GOD, the ballot won this time. As I’ve brought up a few posts ago, Colonial America, France, and Russia are probably the best known. We’re not talking about armed civilians that want to take down the government for “light and transient causes” but as a duty to remove a government that has become tyrannical. Well, that’s the point. When you no longer have a say over the government, then you just might want the well armed militia to speak for you. That’s why we have the 2nd in the first place.
  18. Funny. My husband and I do the same thing. You learn a lot about a place looking at it's cemetery. I had much joy pointing out the old convict part of the cemetery where I grew up. It's just bush, and completely unmarked.
  19. Was being the operative word... Now it's just brown...
  20. Which reminds me. I have to use the bathroom. Be right back...
  21. haha Aquila, or those mud pies from a couple days back :))
  22. Hey, at least the one I gave you was a pretty color.
  23. Is that a poop bucket
  24. probs a higher cyber tax bracket is all
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