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  2. Saudis crucify a man

    maybe your definition of what is civilized , not entirely correct, again you just proved that what you feel about yourself is more important than consequences of your actions, that si not being civilized
  3. Eldorado

    I heard today that Twitter only became popular in France after they learnt they could retweet.

  4. These myths are recorded, you know. All you have to do is look into it. This: is fake. Now, a person might have "faith" in a liar, but that doesn't mean the lies can't be pointed out. It's not like it's religious faith. It's faith in some guy that made a meme. Harte
  5. Coca-cola coffee to hit markets

    interesting, unfortunately that drink will also have as much sugar as in coca cola. we actually have similar drink here in nyc, for decades, called Manhattan special, made in Brooklyn, very sweet, and has plenty of caffeine,
  6. There is no evidence they're talking about either the same place or real places.
  7. Doing God's will.

    What if in heaven we all will be discussing God's will and Atlantis in eternity? Would that be considered heaven?
  8. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    To be fair, I've seen more than a few doorknobs smart enough to keep their mouths shut at all the appropriate moments. Can't say the same for Joe.
  9. Saudis crucify a man

    i don't care for scum and my motivation for seeing justice go beyond being civilised.
  10. Doing God's will.

    Let me tell you that I know God really well, and recently he is not spending any time with me. How do I know this? Because when he is with me I always win at chess. Right now God has deserted me, because I just got checkmated by Danydandan. But perhaps God is spending time with Dany lately.
  11. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    i have an application in at a co-op! i could pretend to be a hippy if i got paid to
  12. Robot news presenter launched on Russian TV

    No my apologies. What I meant was the first thing I thought of when I first read this was Max Headroom. And I was checking to see if anyone else hadmentioned him. Channel 4 Friday night.
  13. Saudis crucify a man

    why? cuz you think it makes you civilized? it does not, only makes your criminals bolder, and more people suffer, all over the way you feel. when you slap a murderer on a wrist no one thinks you are civilized, we think you are stupid, and quite the opposite of civilized
  14. Saudis crucify a man

    i agree but my point is that there should be middle ground between both positions.
  15. Hate Crime at Major US University

    Darling, have some dignity and style .... FLOUNCE OFF.
  16. Worldwide Walls

    geez are people that stupid, we build walls for thousands of years cuz they work, we do not build square wheels, because they do not work.
  17. how do you know what some other intelligent life form can and can't cope with or what their technology can do to mitigate any effects of aerodynamic pressure on their bodies? you can think what you like. but i fail to see how a more modern lifestyle or society could be responsible for people seeing things that according to you don't exist. I've already said that any UFO sighting 1000 years ago it would have been a religious experience. and i stand by that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1561_celestial_phenomenon_over_Nuremberg
  18. Irish Origins of Civilization

    No doubt you've seen the AA/AC bit suggesting that the eye of Balor was some sort of advanced weapons technology? (And yes, that's from a 2-parter where the Avengers fought the Fomor, in Avalon.)
  19. Worldwide Walls

    Be my guest. Nice excuse. Consider it expanding your craft then. Not one bit. But I do remember seeing something about the number for Israel’s walls. The numbers had dropped drastically. Don’t recall where it was?? You can start there. I did. If you have an open border, human nature is such that people *WILL* cross. That is just basic understanding. That’s not just me. If you don’t do it, no one else will. It doesn’t bother me. I understand the scope already. Granted, the burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. But proof is more than just the numbers. You are making a claim too. You’re making the claim that some element of grammatical logic applies to a specific situation and it simply does not. A wall is comforting and popular because it works. It is effective because others are seeing that it is effective and they are trying it. Don’t need the numbers to prove that it is effective (or the general public does not need to know the numbers). I think it was Acosta’s stunt that backfired that showed how well walls work.
  20. XenoFish

    Breaks over, back to grass cutting...

  21. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    labyrinth -> toolhead
  22. Doing God's will.

    Why not? We've been putting up with you this long. What's another quadrillion years?
  23. Saudis crucify a man

    now tell me what country has greater deterrence for crimes, that beheads criminals on the spot, or the one who slaps murderer on the wrist? a hint, look at the crimes rates of SA vs let say UK
  24. Hate Crime at Major US University

    Deer meat is where it's at. Especially zombie deer meat.
  25. You suggest that initial reports of "speeds and manoeuvrability beyond the limits of physics" must be correct. That is not necessarily the case. Remember that aliens are subject to the same physics as we are. There is no alien physics. If you want to make such claims then you should consider pointing out specifics. You have not shown an instance of people 1000 years seeing anything. I am not claiming that there is anything more than a lot of recent reports most of which are mundane for the reasons I gave as to why I think that alien reports are rather recent.
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