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  2. The Bats ghost theory....

    I was exposed to ghost stories about the 6th grade I believe..My library teacher's father wrote a book called "Ghost of the Gray Man"....I don't know if anyone has ever heard of it or not...Myself I have never had an encounter with one....I am kind of on the fence about this. I cannot say they don't exist and I cannot say they do...You can watch all these ghost reality tv shows you want but that does not prove ghost..
  3. New Show Portals to Hell

    Thankyou. These are not newspaper articles though. Please can you provide the newspaper articles not paranormal sites. NOTE None of those links mention anything about Charlie or a hot tub in the basement. Unless i have missed it can you just post that part. But i would like the newspaper article about it too.
  4. The Bats ghost theory....

    They are a mental construct. https://www.time-loops.net/Experiment_Philip.htm The idea of a spirit or ghost can have a strong effects on the mind. Even the faintest of belief can "create" supposed paranormal associations. The reason I think this is so is because of how servitor creation works. In other words when I practiced chaos magick I created my own "ghost". So I figured that this principle works for everyone on some level. Even if the artificial entity is create because of belief and rumors, as in a place is "haunted". Typically if a location is "haunted" there is always some story about who, what, when and where. What ghostly think occurred and the end result is that people haunt themselves. I know how easy it is to induce a head-trip through belief.
  5. The Bats ghost theory....

    it doesnt make a person blind and deaf not to believe someone elses theories and claims. when you start with a disparaging disclaimer like that some people will listen to you with a different mindset...they might make you feel about your ghost theories the way you make many true believers here feel about their theories...the door swings both ways, but after reading many posts from you i am hoping you will share your ghost theorie.
  6. Personal opinion. Inka makes me think of Henk. When looking more into detail about 'HENDRIK', most conclude it means something like king, 'ruler' of the place or in general stemming from good family. INCA: it was used widely among the Incas for "man of royal blood"
  7. New Show Portals to Hell

    Same reason I started going on Lantern Tours in my city a couple of years ago. I love hearing about the history of the buildings in our city, plus there's a tour of 2 or 3 different buildings to look at the architecture as well.
  8. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    If you club them first dont club them too hard though ;-) this work for both sexes :-p
  9. I don't believe you

    After reading the last several pages of discussion I am glad I wasn't here last night while it was all going on. Today though it seems somewhat funny like two guys clinging hopefully that they could support their flaccid stances. jmccr8
  10. The Bats ghost theory....

    xenofish, if you believe ghosts are the departed dead, okay, weve been there but if you have something new please share, only one ear is almost deaf, occupational. no mumbo jumbo, ones "mind" is their brain, yeah, boring neurons firing, and limited to that. and "dowsing" rods, your detailed rundiwn assumed i never heard of them or touched one, wrong yet again, there have been a lot of studies on them and peel away the hype and embelishments they have never been proven in any scientific way, in the early 80s a very kindly elderly lady gave me a big hug and offered me tea when in first entered her new age shop, all i wanted was real Patchouli oil, amber and a couple others, she had to give me the full 2 dollar treatment, i grew to like and respect her. she tried to show me how a person can feel a crystal, i humored her, a study unrelated to her was conducted, people were asked to see if they could feel the engery released by a special crystal, nearly 100% felt some thing or another, the special crystal was polished glass, people believe things that are real to them, it doesnt make it real across the board. this is where i fit witching rods, if you believe in them thats your mind not mine.
  11. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    And the death toll is rising :(.
  12. Let's talk history

    Chuckle! Your boredom with topics related to Atlantis and Egypt is showing. Disclaimer: While having formally studied and utilized four languages, linguistics is not my forte', nor a research focus. Thus, any comments will be simple observations. It is interesting to note that other, currently more central Algonquian languages, traditionally have neither an R nor an L. It is also interesting to note that a brief review indicates that the Nivkh language contains forms of both the R and L, though expressed with, to us, unconventional vocalizations such as a trill (R). It would appear that there was contact between Nivkh speakers and, amongst others, the Ainu. From a bioarchaeology/morphology perspective, the Kennewick recovery presented Ainu-like cranial characteristics. We then have the Beringia Standstill hypothesis, extended timeline, the malleability of languages, and the comparatively recent origins of proto-Algonquian. My thought would be that additional research into linguistic construction and so on may be worthwhile. For example, agglutinating synthetic (Nivkh) compared and contrasted to polysynthetic (at least some Algonquian). And yes, there is overlap. Given the timeline, a daunting task from my limited perspective. Edit: Typo.
  13. I don't believe you

    I leave large carbon footprints, myself-- but only four cylinders worth
  14. Climate change protesters Rebel in the UK

    Tree huggers hate bathing...
  15. Doing God's will.

    Hi Dany I guess I don't question it as for me as I am a fairly stubborn and do not allow for the devil made me do it kind of attitudes so I find it difficult to conceptualize how people feel that they are powerless in their lives for their actions. Kind of reminds me of people who are imprisoned for a crime and cry I was framed. jmccr8
  16. New Show Portals to Hell

    I enjoy these shows for the history, I like hearing the stories. It gets boring seeing only a handful of places. New spots are fun. Maybe they will find some new places after they hit the usual ones. What a name, though, LOL. Seeing inside the Lalaurie Mansion will be interesting. I don't think I have seen that one yet.
  17. The Bats ghost theory....

    No one has to agree with anyone. I could explain what I think ghost are but the whole thing would probably fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.
  18. The Bats ghost theory....

    I don't agree with you about the brain and the mind but you make a good point.
  19. Doing God's will.

    It matters to most. Now a days people blame influences on their bad choices and never learn a God damn thing from their mistakes.
  20. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    How many poor people do you intend to march off to war to fight and die for your ideals?
  21. The Bats ghost theory....

    That's exactly what it is. However the value and worth of such meditative efforts depend on the person. If you meditate for the purpose of relaxation, calming your mind, or "enlightenment". Then that's the individuals priority. Just because there is no woo involved doesn't make such things pointless and meaningless, it is meaningful to you (used indirectly) because it is meaningful to you. Mediation can be used to communicate with the subconscious.
  22. The Bats ghost theory....

    Of course I don't know you. The trick is how do you define "ones mind". Is it just the nuerons firing in your brain causing chemical reactions or could there be more to it than that?
  23. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    abscess -> jasmine
  24. Climate change protesters Rebel in the UK

    Well, that and a serious lack of environmental regulations and oversight. You don't create "smog cities" by leaving too many lights on. We are bickering about solar panels and CFL bulbs while Mexico dumps blue jean dye in to the local river and China literally dumps boatloads of garbage in to the Pacific ocean on the daily. How many millions can I donate to offset that? "Green energy" isn't going to save us but stopping wanton pollution by the developing world might.
  25. Word Association from the Last Letter

    deadlock -> kale https://locksnmore.com.my/product/kale-3-bolts-deadlock-mortise/
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