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  2. Ok we have established your native language now what?
  3. Yes. I haven't really thought about that too much, but i remember. I can only say that it is almost impossible to be a coincidence.
  4. Vlad the Mighty

    May we have your attention please. Please do not ride a bike or cycle along the platform. Thank you. 

  5. Perhaps the promise of an all loving God is too much for some folk, perhaps some folk see all the suffering in the world and then blame God, which is quite ironic seeing as they dont even believe in Him/Her, (actually I see God as above gender), anyway, nobody would have to question God if they only made an effort to reach out. We have free will - God will never take that away.. Imho.
  6. Yes that was very intuitive that was I believe a message of some sort or a hello fom experience tho
  7. With Osiris as 'the Pyramid Akhet' then the above is perfectly understandable. Osiris [the Pyramid Akhet] rises with Re But sometimes Re presents a 'Green Flash' as he rises (and sets): The Green Flash of the Sun
  8. A person familiar with the matter says that there's a problem with the accompanying entourage ... slowing things down a bit so they had to go back into a low gear -
  9. Glad you like his work too.
  10. I have a lot of time for Rudolf Steiner.. From spiritual mysteries to education, architecture, agriculture, dance, music.... There are plenty of audio books on YouTube if anyone is interested.
  11. Russia has much religion. My father was Russian. He was very religious. Said he even saw Mary on the battlefield.
  12. The most unselfish an caring we have in our exsistance..Yet so questioned..
  13. Vlad the Mighty

    But me no buts!

  14. Right move, I believe. It's about time Syria starts pushing back foreign invaders. They need to protect their airspace and borders against further agression. In this case, the Kurds are still part of the Syrian state and should receive assistance. Erdogan might not like it though.
  15. LOL did you read your link? God is one big appeal to authority!! People just don't like it when others don't recognise their chosen authority then we get wars and a splintering of mankind.
  16. Interesting il look him up thank you for that..I read one about a bird flying in your apartment once..was that the one?
  17. Nothing else makes any sense..
  18. Nvm.. it's ok.. I mentioned it in a few posts
  19. Cant say I have sorry..I wouldnt have asked ...sorry dude..
  20. I only had one truly mystical experience in my life, if was something which can not be rationally explained, i also found alot of interesting stuff in various books on spirituality. My preference is Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy.
  21. Hey mac. Good to see you still around buddy. Hey I just wanted to ask ya something. I'm not sure if it was you, but pretty sure, were you the one who made the thread about hearing rustling, like a paper or plastic bag rustling, at least what sounds like that as evidence of a haunting? I wanted to talk about it but these guys had the thread shut down before I even knew it was there. If it wasn't you, my apologies. I had a real crazy haunting experience when I was 18. That thread reminded me of how it started. I was disappointed to see it closed. Again sorry if it wasn't you.
  22. Have you had any experiences of your own so to speak?
  23. Well maybe you haven't read my previous posts about that.. yes, i firmly believe in an afterlife and reincarnation.
  24. Good for you..I personally do..Just had to verify for my own pie e of mind...
  25. And you might be correct. But since you and I are not really in any position to assume and / or speak for everyone (as in millions) of other people and what they may think in regards to this investigation (outside of UM Vlad)... well it's still more or less a wait-and-see what else this investigation might dig up or not. Basically, it doesn't really mean squat what you or I think in the larger scheme of things...but that's fine, there's nothing wrong with having an opinion. We have to remember, that we (the common people) aren't privy as to know all that is going on behind closed doors with this particular probe concerning what the 'top dogs' in federal law enforcement might know. You think they are going to tell the public every little detail before this investigation finishes up ? ....nope, they only declare what they want us to in drip here, drip there, at this time.
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