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  2. Question about perspectives.

    Similar to me so. Kinda, I often think which one?
  3. US government covered up UFO incidents

    It's no secret that any or most people who have an interest in UFO's claim some kind of government cover up and Friedman was no different.....Basically what your posting is old frigging news....I do not get into bashing those who have passed on so I will not do it here....The article was basically taken straight from Wikipedia if you read the Wikipedia page on Friedman....
  4. Question about perspectives.

    The OP wasn't about proving God. It's simply, when someone says God, what's the first thought in your head. But if I'm reading your post correctly you infer our mathematics and scientific research to be God?
  5. Question about perspectives.

    Yep, not quite as detailed in my head everytime of course, but a cultural character nonetheless.
  6. The George And The Dragon is now open.

    Plops down £1000 to drink my woes away, since my footie team lost.
  7. Question about perspectives.

    That's that your initial thought when someone says God? That's interesting.
  8. Talk about getting shitted on. Out of the whole experience the only thing the poor guy remembers was **** being thrown in his ears by mother nature
  9. Best States for a chance to see bigfoot

    There certainly is some truth to what you say, NW, especially for single person sightings. But things like a man in Michigan coming across BF footprints in the middle of the woods, or an army platoon from India that found Yeti prints at high altitude in the Himalayas. one cannot make that claim. These were both topics here at UM. Also, voiceprints that cannot be matched with any known creature or DNA from a pond in the highlands of Bhutan that was 99% human. These things cannot be so whimsically dismissed so saying "false memories, legend-tripping, wishful thinking, exaggeration, fabrications" surely does not apply in many cases. And anopther way to explain sightings of BF by people is... they actually saw BF!
  10. Question about perspectives.

    I see the diversity of culture. The Abrahamic God is predominant in our culture just as Brahma is to Hindus, Allah to Muslims, Baiame to Australian Indigenous and Tangaloa is to the Polynesian people. Its the colour of our species, some just take it a bit too seriously.
  11. US government covered up UFO incidents

    And so what? It is not written here when this information was provided. Just public date of the article...
  12. Question about perspectives.

    Whatever the human perception or idea of god it's limited by our imagination. If a god exists it could be so vast or so omnipotent so as to be completely unrelatable to describe. My closest approximation of a "god" or evidence of one existing is math and physics. They are the underpinning of reality as we know it and set the parameters for our existence.
  13. I don't believe you

    I notice it, it doesn't attract me.
  14. Game of Thrones

    The end stunk! when the dragon queen was killed
  15. I don't believe you

    And I quite like him.
  16. US government covered up UFO incidents

    Well Friedman passed away 5/13/19 for one....
  17. Hey. I have 3 questions. 1. What does my ex think about me now? He is 33 years old and his forename starts with a T. (my forename with an M, I'm 28 years old) 2. How come unknown and known people in my life get mad at me for no reason? I feel most people don't respect me. 3. When or where do I meet the man who I'll have kids with? I really hope you can answer my questions with your good intuition or tarot cards. Thank you so much. I'll reply back to you.
  18. Some evidence that aliens exist.

    That's a good way to look at it.
  19. Some evidence that aliens exist.

    'We have the conclusion, now go find the evidence'
  20. Question about perspectives.

    A domineering and controlling "father figure", basically an abusive parent.
  21. Climate Change is a Hoax

    See if you can't persuade them to go to Canada instead. They can then meet up with all those American celebrities who promised to go to Canada if Trump was elected.
  22. Love

    I really like the way you've dissected tribalism and conformity and I think it adds further weight to my previous post, thank you. However, there is one thing here that I wouldn't say I disagree with, but I would call it a slight shift in emphasis: I think the "megaphones" work both ways. From the megaphone side - you've got the agenda that serves a certain purpose - marketing, consumer-culture, trends, whatever else it may be and to whatever end. From the other side - the "listener" side - you've got the diminished ability (not necessarily correlated to "capacity") of the individuals to actually "make up their own mind" about what they are hearing. And I think the latter is of greater importance by far. This is because there will always be someone, or some group, with some agenda, trying to gain some kind of advantage over people or a specific group of people. This has not changed throughout human history. It is people's ability to "filter out the crap", to think as an individual, the courage to stand alone with their opinions, the insight and the self-awareness - that will determine how, where and to what end the "message from the megaphone" lands. This is every person's OWN responsibility. Not everything (most things, actually) can be delegated and distributed to the all-pervasive and seemingly always elusive "sinister powers" that hold that megaphone. I see this trend of blame-shifting just as a way of dodging individual responsibility. It used to be the devil, then it's the aliens, then it's the Illuminati and then it's finally "the media". My point is that the strong individual needs to persevere IN SPITE of all the opposition from the group AND the devil AND the aliens AND the Illuminati AND the media AND whatever else. The existence of these external factors does not relinquish the individual of his own responsibility and the power and pervasiveness of these external factors is not an excuse for not doing the necessary work that one needs to do with oneself.
  23. Simple one. When I say God, truly what is the first thing that comes into your mind? I see an entity that programmed the laws of nature, pressed play and just observes. Do people adhere strictly to the Abramic God, to the various Gods of Greek/Roman/Pagan/Norse/Old Irish/Native American/Hindi/ Asian God/s etcetera.
  24. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    no, i was told that by a Iranian uber driver when we were stock in traffic due to street closures on the day of a gay parade. this is what i found in the wiki,
  25. ("It's certainly not Rome, because the features don't match," says site superintendent Eugenio La Rocca. "Also, it's not London, as has been suggested.":) To me this ancient city could be from Spain, Trajan was from Spain. ! (Plato Here was Poseidon's own temple which was a stadium in length, and half a stadium in width, and of a proportionate height, having a strange barbaric appearance) this building measures it , so what is this building?
  26. Today
  27. Best States for a chance to see bigfoot

    How about: 9. Anomalous Experience. Encounters with Bigfoot are experienced as real even though the biological creature is not. Pareidolia, false memories, legend-tripping, wishful thinking, exaggeration, fabrications (unintentional and otherwise), etc. Fits the data: Lots of compelling subjective reports, zero objective evidence. A uniquely human experience (there is no evidence Bigfoot is impacting upon other species)... ???
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