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  2. aztek

    4yr-old caught with knife at UK school

    true liberal will always find a problem where there isn't one, and will fix it and create a problem. which is what we see happening
  3. Podo

    Defining God/s.

    There's no ego involved in "show me the evidence."
  4. itsnotoutthere

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    Re - the bint that started this thread, the head of channel 4 news. Just watched channel 4 news item on the democracy protests in Hong Kong falling over themselves to (rightly) criticise the Chinese government for trying to squash the demands for democracy. Now compare that to their falling over themselves to squash the democratic process in this country over brexit. The word hypocrisy doesn't come close. The woman is a disgrace.
  5. Podo

    Defining God/s.

    That just means they have priority issues. It sounds like people who have such blind faith that they think that dying and suffering is somehow a better option than simply...not. Anyone being tortured or persecuted for their faith could easily stop the persecuting, they choose not to. To not simply decide "hey, I'm going to stop believing the thing that is an active danger to me" is absolute lunacy. A religion is not something that is unchangeable or immutable; religion is a choice, and we all deserve to reap the consequences for our actions. I am in no way condoning religious persecution; while I hate religion I'm a firm believer in freedom of religion. But if you have the misfortune of being persecuted for your beliefs...just change them. They aren't nor should they be as important as your life and safety. It sounds like fear of god, which is worse. Just because people have experiences doesn't mean those experiences come from anywhere but their own experiences, thoughts, and expressions. I think the IDEA of a deity can have very measurable effects, but that doesn't mean that the entities are in any sense "real."
  6. aztek

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    when i hear it from them i'l believe when it comes from extreme left site, nope. i'm not sure why you trying to twist my words to make it look like i said left is not Americans. they are, but you know who is not? YOU. so maybe you should not accuse me of those things, or talk about what side of america is more valuable, it is just not your place
  7. Wes83

    Defining God/s.

    That’s part of the point, the fact that you are here to say what is or isn’t divinity, how divine. How can we not be in wonder not knowing if there is a purpose of our existence? If there is a meaning at all to anything-minus our simple little minds concoctions. My reality includes quite everything to be of divine inspiration and origin. I don’t recommend your reality follow the same settings.
  8. Stubbly_Dooright

    Defining God/s.

    Yup! How would it? What would indicate that our existence and it's experiences would be evidences of divine dealings? For the basis of how I see it, growing up secular, I see my existence being the product of two people, who are considered by me, as not divine. I mean, that would be the first clue of natural and not divinely. What would be the tie in? How so? I can see how we can seldom realize it, because there doesn't seem to be any objective evidence to show it to be true. How would you logically link up, with proof, evidence, and such, that our experiences and that in our existence is definitely inseparable from divinity itself?
  9. Tiggs

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    What do you think someone's personal account of their experiences are, exactly? I believe your kids aren't scared of guns. I also believe some kids are scared of being shot at school. It's like two different American kids can believe two different things -- and still be American. Almost as if there's more than one valid American experience. Weird, huh?
  10. Podo

    Defining God/s.

    Knowing oneself is a matter of introspection or philosophy, and need not be attributed to gods. You choose to make that connection, bereft of any evidence. Other civilisations will likely have some form of religion, but the way they deal with their insecurities need not have any similarity to how we deal with ours.
  11. Stubbly_Dooright

    Defining God/s.

    Faith comes first. The logic of faith comes later. When it's wholehearted. Is wholehearted faith the end result of third degree burns on the bottoms of your feet, when you use faith to walk barefoot over burning coals and expecting that faith to keep your feet safe? Because the logic of the situation would be, you'll still get third degree burns on the bottoms of your feet, no matter how much faith you put into it and it expecting your feet to be burn free. I would think, it would be backwards for you. The logic would be, that faith didn't protect you, and the opposite of faith would be what becomes wholehearted. So, in other words, I don't see how.
  12. aztek

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    wow, you never had a case here, all you have is a hearsay from extreme left site, at best, you are actually much worst that i thought, you are correct i do not trust extreme left sites, and i do dismiss their stories, as they are most likely made up for people like you you OTOH dismiss real world experience of my kids, who do go to american school, why?? because their father is a conservative???? that is a hypocrisy loud and clear. you are now in the same position as you were in Russia collusion threads. you stand behind a lie and soon enough you will see
  13. Fact- The Han were bias against the Iranian nomadic tribes, especially for their looks and certainly wouldn't let one rule Fact- No document about Han philosophy or politics has been found written in Sogdian, Tocharian or Orkon. Fact- the Iranic tribes hated cities. Their shamanic religion was based around nomadism, war and the hunt. Fact- There is a great distance between the Iranic Tribes and the center of Han Culture. Common sense- There was never a Iranic emperor.
  14. Tiggs

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    So -- her account of her personal experience as a left-wing American isn't valid because you think she's lying? Your honor -- I rest my case.
  15. Last I checked, aircrafts have to fly with three lights on them, red on left wing tip (forward) green on right wing tip (forward) and white in rear of craft. So if this was an aircraft, we should see the green light on the right wing, unless the "airplane" is going backwards. In fact, I fit is an airplane, it should also have a right wing LOL
  16. Desertrat56


    The zombies are out today, trying to drive but not being very successful.

  17. It's hard to say, I think few people would like to come up with this to be under suspicion. In addition, a lie can be checked on a lie detector and everything will open quickly. Those who flew or saw a UFO have a confident look and are not confused in describing events, and deceivers knowing that they can lie to think on the go to make their story look more convincing. In addition, if there are many eyewitnesses one event then collective fraud will not work.
  18. I have made the claim in here and in other threads.... Asteroids have a high gold content in them and asteroids are quite numerous in our solar system. I am meeting resistance from three posters - none of whom should be so foolish as to try to argue that out because it is simply correct. So it goes.
  19. Pettytalk

    When God talks back

    Are you telling us that those elite Stanford students can easily be mentally manipulated to have them believing of receiving ghostly visitations? Who visits them, Jr. or Sr. Stanford? I'm glad I did not elect to send my daughters to Stanford. One is enough in the family who receives visitations from the great beyond, me. Very good expression of thoughts on the matter, and with a nice breakdown for the sake of the lesser gods around here.
  20. If there is a mistake it is in the link, not anything I am worried about because my thrust is 100% correct and you need to admit your mistaken belief of otherwise.
  21. acute


    Piney's visiting soon, on Yorkshire Airlines. :D


    1. Piney


      :lol: LMAO!!!! 

  22. You have moved the goal posts to start an argument. that's all
  23. aztek

    AI creates "photoshop" for written articles

    i do not see a big issue, we already have army of "reporters" that write lies and manipulation. it wont make any difference to those who believe, and it wont make anyone switch sides either. so lies will get a bit shinier. so what,
  24. I posted multiple links showing where NEAs are located. You don't have to lie about me posting links. You need to take the time to fix your mistake.
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