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  2. Hi folks. I’m trying to Reach Connie Willis and Clyde Lewis. I would greatly appreciate if some of you would be so kind to send my messages to each of them via email, Facebook, Twitter or however. Thanks in advance for any help on the matter. Chocolate Cake Guy Connie Willis blue rock talk (YouTube channel) Hi Connie, I’m the targeted whistleblower who has talked to you in the past. I originally contacted you through Facebook in early 2017, pertaining to the underground conspiracy against the populous about the existence of Bigfoot. I also called in and talked to you on the Friday April 21, 2017 “Deception & Lies” C2C show that you were hosting for George Noory. Your guest that night was retired US Marshal Mark McClish. Since then, I have sent stuff to you on your YouTube channel. But now, “they” have shut down my YouTube account, removed all that stuff that I sent to you, and all of my YouTube posts that I had posted to other people’s YouTube channels! Anyway, I want to give you a link to the website that I am currently working in (see below): Website: “” > Forum Tab > Search On > Thread Name: “A great shaking coming March 2018?” Sincerely, David Kenderes from Virginia The Chocolate Cake Guy Clyde Lewis at Ground Zero Hi Clyde, As I have mentioned to you in the past, I can’t send you anything via email, since “they” totally control my email account …“they” decide which emails I receive and which emails reach their final destinations. I have also had trouble calling in to your GroundZero show. I heard you are coming to Richmond, Virginia in late April 2018 and I hope to meet you in person at that time. But in the meantime, I want to give a link to the website that I am currently working in (see below): Website: “” > Forum Tab > Search On > Thread Name: “A great shaking coming March 2018?” Sincerely, David Kenderes from Virginia The Chocolate Cake Guy
  3. God doesn't enslave, mankind and their institutions are trying.. You might like to blame God for these issues but you might also like to take some responcibility for this mess? Blaming God achieves nothing!
  4. Oh well, still makes a good ghost story.
  5. good evening everyone, i have a question which is: should this be my new avatar
  6. It was on another message board. Talk Paranormal. But if you google Alert Christians Forum you’ll see all of his stuff.
  7. Aaaawwww.. TinoAtaahuaAhau ..Beautiful.. Thankyou My Friend.. He ManawaNui, With All My Heart .. Yes the Tipuna is a No Go Zone.. And I understood your reasonings behind what you said.. Passionated is Now a Word. hee hee.. Your Very Formidable ..and a Great Ambassador for Our People and Our Whenua .. Our Tupuna Would be Very Proud of Us, Doing the Due on the World Stage .. Thankyou Hre2breal... Arohanuikiakoe.. MauriOra. xx
  8. Faith isnt blind, I mentioned this before but you failed to acknowledge.
  9. I don't personally like it. When people are suffering having a modicum of normalcy such as using an EBT card to buy a piece of comfort food after a rough day can be a really huge psychological lift. Not to mention that we would be relying on an administration ran by a man who eats mcdonalds on a regular basis, denies science and believes exercise is bad for you to put together food packages.
  10. Oh I so agree that would truly be an asset to own ..Such wisdom an knowledge is hard to come by...Big ups to the UB...Love it ..
  11. It detracts from the discussion by adding inaccuracy and ambiguity. Of course not, that’s what the *snip* denotes in posts. In the ‘bone black’ thread I am leaving large whole quoted posts, because some people seem to get easily confused by who or what they’re replying to, and that thread doesn’t need any more grey areas.
  12. Something that has purpose behind it, like computer code or one combination that will open a lock. Like DNA sequences?
  13. Seriously? I want to read that thread.
  14. Its humid here instead of dry. I swear it feels like someone stole all my energy
  15. Then you need to read more.. I would suggest that a look at what Neale Donald Walsh has to say in his conversations with God.
  16. story of my life :D. It is storming here so if I vanish I got rained offline from the satellite is all. Cookies are nicer than nagas.
  17. This is funny.. "These things cant be measured, though, so they aren't something science is designed to address." Yet all the atheists/materialist on these threads are demanding proof and evidence...
  18. You missed the cookies
  19. Thankyou will .. Yeah I love knowledge and I Love Books, Always have since a wee little lass And I'd like to have a Book in my hands .. Yes, I access my Inner Knowledge, and Trust it very Much, ..still what you speak of in the UB fascinates me, and when I'm fascinated and excited about something, I learn more glad its like No Other Book.. Thankyou again Will .. Mo..xx
  20. You guys are just mean to go into cookies and succubi while I am off running down what a naga is. Just wrong :/
  21. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  22. [LINK] Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design and Peer Review You're wrong here again.
  23. Tome to call it a night. I leave DA in your hands, everyone. Have a good night and hope to see you tomorrow!
  24. I’d like to share a quick unexplained experience I witnessed a few years ago that today I still wonder what exactly happened. So, a few years ago I lived in a different house (a duplex) and I remember I woke up at about 2-3am and I clearly recall seeing a bright small orb like thing flash from my closet which was right by my bed. I sat up and directly stared at the light and saw that it slowly started to die down. It was almost like a camera flash but it was so strange because I felt nothing as I looked at it, I didn’t feel scared. Once the flash orb-like thing disappeared I went back to bed. The next morning I looked into my closet and found nothing. Could it have been some sort of spirit? Possibly even a “guardian angel”? It was so crazy though because the flash was so bright but it didnt seem to light up the whole room, it’s hard to explain but to this day I still wonder what was it that I saw. To add on, my mother apparently kept her own experiences away from me but I have overheard her mention how she used to feel prescences around her at night but it was like a safe feeling as if someone was watching over her...anyway yeah! That’s my little experience
  25. I didnt mention how we would treat them, I asked would we consider them human, in the same way as would we consider AI as being conscious? Put it this was, would a scientist consider a robot to be human?
  26. Some are, he was full on creeper and was cut out
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